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Chapter 736: Spy!

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In the afternoon, Ai Meng went to ask for more ice cubes.

These two days, Consort Dowager was especially afraid of the heat.

After she was done with her work, she walked back to the palace.

When she pa.s.sed by the imperial kitchen to get the iced bird’s nest pear soup that Zhu’er had prepared for the Consort Dowager, she was informed that it had already been taken away.

She Imew that both of them had returned!

When she returned to the bedroom, she had just entered the main hall when she saw Wu Zhu’er in the inner room. She was serving the Consort Dowager and reporting something at the same time.

The Consort Dowager hadn’t had the time to change out of her long robe. It seemed like she had just returned.

Ai Meng never listened to things that she shouldn’t hear. Seeing this, she obediently retreated from the main hall and didn’t let the other palace maids disturb her.

“You are really loyal to the Consort Dowager.” A palace maid came over to Ai Meng.

Ai Meng glanced at her. “It’s our duty to serve our master. Why are you gossiping here?”

The palace maid took a few quick steps to catch up with her. “You have been with the Consort Dowager since she was young, but what is it that you’re after? Didn’t you hear? They all said that Her Highness is pregnant, and we don’t Imow whose child it belonged to…”

“What nonsense are you talking about?!” Ai Meng’s eyes widened, and her sweet little face was filled with anger. “If you dare to spout nonsense again, I’ll immediately tell the Consort Dowager and have her tear your mouth apart and skin you alive!”

The palace maid’s face turned pale, and she shrank her shoulders in fear.

“Why are you so fierce? Is a master like the Consort Dowager worth protecting like this?”

After muttering to herself, the palace maid left with a dejected face.

Ai Meng was so angry that her face turned red and her chest heaved.

How could a palace maid like this serve Her Highness?

In fact, Ai Meng didn’t know why she was protecting Consort Dowager. Perhaps she was just doing her duty as a palace maid, but she felt inexplicably close to the Consort Dowager.

She was still angry when she thought of the palace maid’s words.

She did not believe that Consort Dowager was that kind of person. Although Her Highness hadn’t spoken much to her in the past six months…


A familiar voice sounded from beside her, and Ai Meng turned around abruptly.

The woman standing on the porch had a small bundle on her arm. She was clean and her clothes were much better than the last time they met.

Ai Meng was overjoyed. She walked over and held the person’s hand. “Why are you here? Isn’t the laundry bureau still busy at this hour?”

Ai Yan held her hand happily. “It’s the Consort Dowager. Her Highness transferred me out of the laundry bureau. In the future, I’ll also serve Her


“Really?” Ai Meng had just mentioned that her sister was in the laundry bureau. She didn’t expect her to really take it to heart!

The two sisters hadn’t seen each other for a long time. They jumped up and down in the corridor, stomping their feet excitedly.

Ai Yan felt warm and touched.

Why did so many people not want to see her goodness?

Others might not know, but Ai Meng had already decided that even if Consort Dowager was really pregnant, she would never betray her!

In the room, Wu Zhu’er asked the servants to take away the bowl. She went inside to help Su Ji change.

“So, Imperial Physician MO was summoned into the Si residence today?” Su Ji changed back into the beautiful light gauze dress. Her two hands pa.s.sed through the sides of her neck and smoothed out her long hair that was pressed down at the collar.

Her black hair spread out like a waterfall, making a rustling sound on her dress.

“This is indeed the case.” Wu Zhu’er glanced at her master. “Although Imperial Physician MO goes to the Si residence every once in a while to diagnose the two weak and sickly young masters, this time, it was seven or eight days earlier. He definitely had to ask Imperial Physician MO for information.”

Actually, Imperial Physician MO was also treating the two sickly young masters in the modern world.

He was the one from the Central Hospital, the number one fan of “The Billion Stars” and the loyal fan of Su Ji. Not only did he know how to sing the theme song “Love Contract”, but he also knew the dance. He was Director MO of the Cardiology Department!

However, Su Ji did not have much of an impression of this person in the modern world. He only heard about her from Si Jingchuan.

Since Imperial Physician MO was Director MO, then it was obvious who the two weak and sickly young masters that he had been taking care of were…

And Si Zhengliang was their grandfather who had pa.s.sed away in the modern world, Pei Qingshen’s arch-enemy.

The eldest son in the residence was Si Ke.

In this life, everyone’s timeline was different from the present world.

Here, the two frail and sickly young masters were still toddlers. They were one year apart in age and were like twins. They were super cute.

Su Ji nodded slightly.

Zhu’er was right.

Fortunately, Prince Huai had already helped her, so she shouldn’t have to worry about Imperial Physician MO not being able to withstand the pressure.

“By the way, Zhu ‘er.” After changing, Su Ji turned around and sat back on the chair. “Has there been any news about that thief called Zhou Zicheng?”

“Zhou…” Wu Zhu’er was stunned as if she was not familiar with him. It took her a long time to remember who he was and shook her head. “I’ve never heard of that person. Why? He is just an ordinary person.”

Su Ji smiled mysteriously.

At first, she also thought that this person would not be able to achieve anything, so she fell into his trap.

Su Ji rubbed her chin. Thinking about it carefully, she had died in her previous life because she had received the wrong information. Therefore, she was certain that there was a spy among the people around her who was working with Zhou Zicheng from the inside.

And that person…should be someone she trusted…

She looked at Wu Zhu’er. “Help me keep an eye out for anyone in the palace who often mentions Zhou Zicheng.”

Wu Zhu’er blinked. “Yes, I will do as you say.”

After a while, Wu Zhu’er did not leave immediately. Su Ji turned to look at her, and Wu Zhu’er looked worried.

“Her Higness care so much about Imperial Physician Wu’s movements…Did Imperial Physician Wu tell you why you fainted for no reason a few days ago?” Su Ji did not tell anyone about her pregnancy.

It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Wu Zhu’er, but that she didn’t trust anyone. She had to be more cautious this time.

“It’s nothing serious,” Su Ji said casually.

Wu Zhu’er said, “how can it not be a big deal if you fainted? Her Highness must take her health seriously…”

Wu Zhu’er nodded.

“Wait. ”

She stepped out of the door and Su Ji called out to her again.

Wu Zhu’er turned around. Su Ji took out a small square wrapped in paper from the robe she had changed out of and placed it on the table.

“This is for you..”

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