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Li Jun’s face became ugly after seeing Fang Lijuan’s attack. Instantly. He realized that this must be a bloodline secret technique that is only used when a person is in dire circ.u.mstances.

He also knows that only a person with the purest of bloodline can do such secret technique–and a price must also be paid.

Unfortunately, knowing all of this does not provide any help to Li Jun. As soon as he saw the approaching crystals, he tried to move out of the way, but he was not fast enough.

Li Jun suddenly notices that his feet were frozen or crystallized. Then, in just a few breaths, all the blood, muscles, and bones of his legs were also crystallized.

He mobilized all origin qi to prevent the process, however, to his horror, even his origin qi started to crystallize. In that brief moment of resistance, the crystallization process had already reached Li Jun’s Divine Sea.

All the vast ocean of origin qi in his body started to also turn green. As such, Li Jun did not have a lot of time to think of a solution.

So without hesitation, he activated all his Divine Veins and started to rapidly absorb the spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth.

This method had little effect as it slowed down the crystallization process of the Divine Sea.

Li Jun knew that the reason that this method worked was because of his perfect Dao Foundation. As such, he looked at his Divine Altar that resembled the Battle Tower and he sighed.

The reason that he and Yan Liling could achieve a perfect Dao Foundation was all because of w.a.n.g Wei. In order for a person to achieve a perfect Dao Foundation, they need two things: enough talent and an absurd level of control of origin qi.

In order to have a perfect Dao Foundation, a cultivator must perfectly carved the Divine Veins in his altar. However, the divine veins are small and complicated, it is very hard to control origin qi to such precision.

Li Jun knew that he did not have such ability, however, his big brother allowed him to reach such a level.

w.a.n.g Wei refined a little game that allowed a cultivator to inject their origin qi in a cube shaped origin artifact, then they have to control their origin qi. The first few levels asked the cultivator to make some normal shape like square, triangle, and so on.

At a higher level, cultivators have to control their origin qi to become as thin as wings of cicadas, then as small as strings a few millimeters. Then, after reaching that standard, they have to make all kinds of strange and complex geometrical shapes that are interlinked together.

Li Jun remembered how terrible that game was. Every time, he failed to reach the standard of control required by the game, the Words “YOU ARE A BIG LOSER” would appear on the screen, then a powerful lightning thunder would zap him.

Forget how painful the lightning was, Li Jun always felt that this game was mocking him the way it called him a loser. Although Li Jun knew that the game was designed or programmed to act like that, however, he always felt that somehow that game had gained some level of sentience and was mocking him personally.

So, he would throw it on the ground every time he failed, but picked it up immediately in order to prove to it that he was not a failure.

So, just like that, with years of practice, Li Jun managed to reach the standard required to forge a perfect Dao Foundation.

Despite what Li Jun felt regarding that game, he still knew how precious it actually was. This was essentially a game that taught people how to have a perfect Foundation. In fact, even if someone never reached such a high level, just being able to exercise control over origin qi made it an invaluable a.s.set to the sect.

So, when w.a.n.g Wei invented it, all the high levels of the sect were alarmed and arguments about how to properly use it happened for a while. Before this game, all the people of the sect only believed that only people with a certain level of talent could achieve the perfect Dao Foundation.

However, this game proved that talent was not absolute. That hard work and persistence can also allow people to have high achievement as well–given that an opportunity is provided to them.

As such, most people wanted to use it as a way to train disciples, however, the w.a.n.g Family did not want to hand over such a precious thing so easily–despite the fact the other three factions placed pressure on them.

In the end, with the interception of w.a.n.g Wei, the w.a.n.g Family decided to refine the game for the other factions, but the refining method will stay in the hands of the w.a.n.g Family.

Of course, the other families had no choice but to accept this condition as when they tried to refine similar products, the final result was too far from the one that w.a.n.g Wei personally refined.

All of these thoughts appeared in Li Jun’s mind in just a blink of an eye,, before he concentrated on how to deal with his current situation. Although his perfect Dao Foundation slowed down the crystallization process of his Divine Sea, the same cannot be said for Li Jun’s inner organs.

In just a short time, intestines, stomachs, and kidneys. He spewed out a mouthful of blood, however, chunks of green crystals came out of his mouth instead.

Without hesitation, Li Jun mobilized his slaughter intent to fight the crystallization process, and this method was useful. However, this method was also just a stopgap measure that slowed down the process.

So, Li Jun began to use his slaughter will to fight against the green crystals. He focused all his spirit in order to muster all the strength possible.

Unfortunately, it was still useless. In just a few seconds, the crystallization had reached his lungs, spleen, and heart. From the outside, Li Jun’s entire body–beside his head–had turned into a green crystal; he looked like a beautiful sculpture.

Despite the fatal situation he was in, Li Jun did not panic. Instead, his mind started to move quickly in order to find a solution.

Suddenly, he moved his rigid head to look in a certain direction. At a distance of a few thousand meters, Li Jun saw the army of Great Xia battling the army of the Fang Divine Dynasty. Then, an idea came to his mind.

He opened his mouth and made a swallowing motion. Suddenly, countless red lights from the army heading towards Li Jun. These red lights came from both the Great Xia soldiers and the Fang Divine people.

Meanwhile, Fang Lijuan who was sitting on the floor on her knees removed the smug smile she had on her pale face after seeing these red lights. Her intuition told her that something bad was going to happen and she should stop it.

So, she tried to stand up, but she did not have the strength. She tried to mobilize her origin qi, but her Divine Sea was empty. She sighed as she realized that she became as weak as a mortal after using the secret method of her bloodline.

So, she instead took out a pill from her s.p.a.ce ring and placed it on her mouth, hoping to heal as soon as possible before her opponent accomplished whatever he was doing.

Meanwhile, after a few seconds, all the lights from the battlefield had arrived in front of Li Jun. These red lights were actually the slaughter qi that all the soldiers acc.u.mulated through countless killing during war.

Li Jun controlled all these slaughter qi and fused them into his own slaughter intent. All the red lights entered Li Jun’s body, turning his eyes a deep and scary red.

Suddenly, Li Jun felt the urge to kill anything and anyone in his sight. He began to have visions of all the people these soldiers had killed; whether it was man, women, or children.

Li Jun guessed the memories of killing women and children belong to the people of the Fang Divine Dynasty as the Great Xia soldiers have strict military rules not to kill unarmed and weak civilians.

Li Jun bit the tip of his tongue in order to regain his clarity, then used his strong willpower that was cultivated during the PaG.o.da Trials to gain control of all the slaughter qi.

After succeeding in fusing these slaughter qi with his spirit, a giant face appeared behind Li Jun. The giant face was wearing a mask with three sides on it: each side had another face on them.

Although the giant face had a mask on, its eyes actually resemble Li Jun’s to an unnatural uncanniness.

Then, the frontal face on the mask opened its mouth and roared, following which, a powerful will suddenly entered Li Jun’s body forcefully destroying the crystallization process that took place.

In just a few seconds, all the green crystals in Li Jun’s body–in both the inside and the outside–were instantly destroyed.

L Jun started coughing afterwards. A few green crystals were spewed out of his mouth, followed by red blood. He took a deep breath before looking at the three-face masked image behind him with a happy smile on his face.

With a wave of his hand, the Three-Faced Mask Head turned into a deep red-black spear. Then, Li Jun threw it with all his force towards Fang Lijuan.

The spear rapidly traveled through the air while making whistling noise before piercing straight through Fang Lijuan. Luckily for her, right before being impaled, she took out a talisman from her s.p.a.ce ring that provided her with some protection.

However, she was still thrown away by the sheer strength of the spear. Meanwhile, Li Jun watched as his spear [Slaughter Spear] carried Fang Lijuan away flying until she was out of sight.

Li Jun then spewed another mouthful of blood and pieces of internal organs. After seeing this, he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and threw a bunch of pills in his mouth.

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