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While Li Jun was slowly healing the injuries he suffered from this battle, far away from him, on top of a mountain stood a person that was observing the battle from a far distance.

This person was a handsome young man with grey hair and eyes. He had a relaxed and easy going temperament, a temperament that says that this person was capable of doing anything he wanted, and nothing between Heaven and Earth can stop him from doing so.

This person was of course w.a.n.g Wei and the reason he was there was to make sure that nothing happened to his brother Li Jun.

w.a.n.g Wei could guess how powerful people with bloodlines can be in the early stage of cultivation. Depending on how pure their bloodlines are, their advantage can be ever more exaggerated than people with special physique.

During the battle, w.a.n.g Wei was worried about Li Jun–especially after Fang Lijuan’s last attack. He was ready to intervene at any time, and he almost did.

However, seeing the non-panic look on his little’s brother’s face, he gave him the benefit of the doubt and let the battle continue. And it seemed that he was right to do so.

Not only was Li Jun able to find a way to counter Fang Lijuan’ secret method, but he also grew more powerful during the moment of life and death.

w.a.n.g Wei sighed while looking at Li Jun who was sitting cross-legged to heal his injuries. He knew that as his main general, Li Jun will be responsible for cleaning up many obstacles for him during his Emperor Path. And in doing so, Li Jun will also face many powerful enemies.

As such, he cannot always protect him. However, w.a.n.g Wei can still try to ensure his survival no matter the circ.u.mstances.

After thinking about this, w.a.n.g Wei flew into the sky and left unnoticed by anyone or anything.

Meanwhile, after healing for more than an hour, Li Jun opened his eyes and exhaled a black gas from his mouth. He stood up and clenched his teeth. He could tell that he was only back to 40% of health, however, this was more than enough for now.

Without hesitation, he headed straight for the Great Xia army a few hundred meters in the distance.

Once he arrived, he saw that the battle had just finished. Many soldiers were carried to the infirmary to treat their wounds.

Li Jun frowned after seeing the situation as he noticed that the amount of casualty was unusually high for this battle.

“Was the Fang Divine Dynasty’s army so powerful?” muttered Li Jun to himself. After that, he headed straight to the main military barrack to meet the Five Number Generals.

After entering the barrack, the upper echelons of the army were quite happy to see Li Jun. So, they quickly asked him about the result of the earth-shaking battle that just took place.

“Her Majesty Fang Lijuan will not be a problem to our expansion from now on,” replied Li Jun with a calm look on his face. “More importantly, what happened here? Why are there so many casualties?”

General 1 sighed after hearing this before answering, “After Grand Commandant left, the winning balance was tilted towards our army as we five and General Tie Gang held back the powerful cultivators from the Fang Divine Dynasty.”

“However, something unexpected happened mid-way through the battle. A h.o.a.rder of demonic beasts suddenly came out of nowhere and started attacking both armies without any reserve.”

“We temporarily stopped fighting against the Fang Divine Dynasty to focus on the demonic beasts, however, there were too many of them.”

“If it was the Iron Fist King…I mean General Tie Gang who led a suicide charge against the horde, our casualties would have been much more. Of course, the greatest credit has to go to Chancellor Yan Liling to use a powerful pill forcing the demonic beasts to kill each other, we might have not survive.”

It was after hearing this that Li Jun noticed Yan Liling sitting somewhere in the corner of the room. He smiled at her before continuing the meeting. However, Yan Liling was not bothered as she knew the proper time for them to talk to each other.

Li Jun held his chin while pondering, then he asked, “Wasn’t there a report a few months ago of demonic beasts acting up all over the Great Xia’s territory?”

“Yes, Grand Commandant,” replied General 2. “After investigation, the reason was not discovered. However, the Fate Shadow Guards believed that a new ruler among the demonic beasts might have been born, and it is currently fighting for supremacy with the old ruler.”

‘Could it be the people of the Herd Raising Valley?’ though Li Jun to himself. However, he did not focus too much on this issue as he had more important things to do.

“What happened to the people of the Fang Divine Dynasty?”

“After the demonic beasts attacked, they suffered a great deal of casualties. So, they returned to the city and used the walls as a barrier. However, after the demonic beast left, the Fang Divine Dynasty’s army quickly left the city as well,” answered General 3 this time.

Li Jun nodded after hearing his news, then he gave his order:

“Now that Fang Lijuan will not be a problem temporarily, we need to occupy as many territories as quickly as possible. Tie Gang, you are in charge of the army during this expedition.”

Afterwards, all the people in the room left to execute their orders. Meanwhile, Li Jun started to cuddle with Yan Liling.

“Why are you here? Asked Li Ju with a smile on his face.

“I was worried about you, and it seemed that I was right to worry. Looking at your pale complexion, you are probably more injured than you let on.”

After saying that, she took out a few Low Grade Earth Tier Pills and handed them to him. Li Jun swallowed all of them without hesitation.

“Where did you get so many Earth Tier Pill?” asked Li Jun.

“Big brother w.a.n.g Wei wanted me to refine them for him, but I kept a few after handing the majority to him.”

Li Jun nodded, then began to enjoy this rare peaceful time with his companion. After spending months amidst war and slaughter, Li Jun enjoyed those rare moments of tranquility.

“Aren’t you worried?” suddenly asked Yan Liling.

“Worried about what?”

“Worry that Tie Gang will replace you as Big brother w.a.n.g Wei’s right hand man. After all, he seemed very popular in the army.”

Li Jun was surprised by the question, then he shook his head with a smile.

“Not to mention the bond that me and big brother w.a.n.g Wei shared, I still believe in myself. No matter the time, place, or circ.u.mstances, I will be strong enough to suppress Tie Gang.”

“Furthermore, way before big brother w.a.n.g Wei decided to select a few more generals under him, he talked to me about it beforehand. He even promised me that I can also directly tell him if I did not like a candidate he chose.”

After saying this, Li Jun looked in a certain direction: this was the direction of the mountain where w.a.n.g Wei observed the battle.

Although Li Jun did not see anything, he could feel someone watching over him in that direction. This feeling was not the extreme perception that cultivators had that allowed them to notice it when someone observed them for too long.

It was like he had a mysterious or unknown connection to whoever was standing there. It was then that Li Jun realized that his big brother was watching over him during this battle.

This was one of the reasons that Li Jun did not panic during the moment of life and death in that battle.

For one he believed in himself to get out of this situation. On the other hand, he also believed that if the worst were to happen and he failed, his big brother would show up and rescue him.

After thinking about this, he smiled, however, immediately afterwards, he felt someone pinching the little flesh on his waist. He winced in pain and looked at his companion with confusion.

“What are you smiling about?” asked Yan Liling with a ferocious look on her face. “Are you thinking about how beautiful Fang Lijuan was?”

“Of course not.”

“So, you do think that she is beautiful.”

“I never said that.”

“You did not correct me when I called her beautiful, meaning you agree that she was in fact beautiful,” replied Yan Liling coldly.

“Ling’er, you cannot just place words into my mouth.”

“Li Jun, I did not say anything about all the other women since you knew them way before you met me. However, I am warning you. There better not be anymore, otherwise, I do not mind turning you into a eunuch when you are sleeping.”

Li Jun swallowed a mouthful of saliva and clamped his legs together after hearing this. So, he just kept nodding his head repeatedly.

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