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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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By the time that Fang Lijuan had arrived in front of Li Jun, the cracks on her crystal armor had already healed completely. So without pause, she attacked him again with her sword.

The two of them clashed against each other again, further destroying what little was left of the forest.

Li Jun wanted to use the same tactic he did before, however, Fang Lijuan did fail for the same trick twice.

As soon as Li Jun increased his strength to try to move the direction of her swords, she also increased hers to counter-attack the force generated by her opponent.

However, it was more than this. Fang Lijuan antic.i.p.ated Li Jun’s attack, so when he tried to use the same attack again, something unexpected happened.

Countless crystal spikes suddenly appeared from Fang Lijuan’s armor and headed straight towards Li Jun, who tried to react in time by the sudden change of event.

He instantly activated all his 365 Veins and controlled the spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth to create a barrier around him. Unfortunately, his reaction speed was still too slow.

Numerous crystal spikes still managed to break through his barrier and armor to pierce his body.

Li Jun vomited a mouthful of blood and he started to breathe with difficulty. One of his lungs has been pierced.

Any injury to the internal organs are considered dangerous in this cultivating realm, so Li Jun wanted to remove the crystal spike in his body, however, Fang Lijuan did not give him the opportunity.

She rushed towards him with her swords to finish the job she started, however, Li Jun was also prepared this time.

Without hesitation, he waved his spear in the ground with tremendous force.


The ground exploded, then a cloud of dust appeared between the two of them. This cloud of dust managed to hinder the sight of Fang Lijuan, providing Li Jun with enough time to move more than a few hundred meters away from her.

An act which made Fang Lijuan quite unhappy. If she was in the Supernatural Realm and had a divine sense, this kind of low level tactic would not have worked.

Meanwhile, Li Jun had already removed the spikes from his body. However, his lungs were still bleeding, so he mobilized his origin qi to stop the bleeding.

Unfortunately, the process did not go as smoothly as he expected. He discovered that his lungs have started crystallizing, and his origin qi can only slow down the process.

Li Jun knew that if given enough time, he could heal himself properly and stop the crystal from spreading throughout his internal organs. However, now, he was in the middle of battle, so he can only slow down the process in order to continue fighting.

After doing this, Li Jun looked at Fang Lijuan with a sharp intent in his eyes, then he rushed towards her without pause and pierced her. This time he instantly used his created technique [Blood Rebellion].

Fang Lijuan sneered under her armor and thought that this was the same attack from the previous rounds, however, when she was about to swing her sword again, she discovered to her horror that blood was no longer under her control.

She tried as much as possible to control them, however, her blood started reversing the trajectory they usually travel and returned to her heart, then exploded.

Fang Lijuan knew how severe such an attack would be, so he immediately turned her heart into a blue crystal to protect it.

Fang Lijuan then threw a big mouthful of blood, staining her beautiful armor all red. Although she managed to minimize the effect of the explosion through crystallizing her own heart, she was still injured.

Afterward, Fang Lijuan looked at Li Jun full of coldness and killing intent; she was furious beyond words. She has never suffered from such injuries in her life.

As a member of the Fang Divine Clan, she was born with the purest of bloodline. As such, she easily swept her peers with her overwhelming strength.

Throughout the entire Divine Dao League, there are only a few people of the same generation that can compare to her. However, she was still confident that those people could not injure her like this.

Although she has been injured before, these were nothing but skin injuries. In that last attack, if she did not react quickly enough, she might have died.

Thinking about this, a great fear suddenly enveloped Fang Lijuan, followed by shame and anger.

Meanwhile, Li Jun could guess what she was thinking through her eyes, and he shook his head.

This is the difference between these Divine Clans and other Aristocratic Family like the Li and w.a.n.g. They did not pamper their descendants and used brutal means to train them.

Li Jun does not know how many real life battles that he and w.a.n.g Wei faced in the Battle Tower. Many times they have come close to death.

However, judging by the way that Fang Lijuan reacted, Li Jun could tell that this was the first time that she actually came close to death in a fight.

In Li Jun’s opinion, this method of cuddling their descendants is actually very harmful to them. When many of them come across death for the first time, the usual reaction is to be scared and break down.

However, given the look on Fang Lijuan’s face, he guessed that she might be one of the few good seedlings of the Divine Clans as she managed to put away her fear so quickly.

Suddenly, a crystal path appeared under Fang Lijuan’s feet bringing her into the sky, then she looked down at Li Jun with fury in her face. Then waved her hand.

Countless crystal swords appeared in the sky, almost covering the clouds in the sky. Furthermore, these crystals were not blue, but green.

Li Jun looked at Fang Lijuan standing in the air with a spiral crystal path holding her up and said, “This is not fair. You know that Divine Altar Realm cultivators cannot fly–especially in this Small Thousand World with low spiritual qi.”

However, Fang Lijuan just snorted coldly and responded:

“There is no such thing as fairness in a fight. Furthermore, it is not this G.o.ddess’ fault that your ancestors did leave you people with no bloodline abilities.”

“You are right about fighting not being fair,” replied Li Jun. “However, I will not get into an argument with you about bloodline.”

After saying this, Li Jun stepped into the air by creating places for his feet to step on. This was the method w.a.n.g Wei used to fly and it was taught to Li Jun.

After reaching the same height as Fang Lijuan, Li Jun had a smirk on his face when he saw the surprise look on her face.

However, deep inside, he was a little worried. After using this technique, he realized how much origin qi it required to maintain it, not to mention the stamina requirement to always maintain a balance in the air.

You should know that Li Jun has cultivated the [Nine Nirvana Blood Qi] up to seven nirvanas, making his Divine Sea extremely large compared to his peers and his origin qi is also large in quant.i.ty.

However, according to his estimate, he probably won’t last more than two hours fighting in the air like this. So, Li Jun wanted this battle to end as soon as possible.

With a wave of his spear, he controlled the spiritual qi around him and turned them into countless weapons: swords, sabers, spears, guandao and halberds.

With a wave of his spear, all the weapons rushed towards his enemy. And Fang Lijuan did the same. With the wave of her hand, all the crystal swords clashed with the oncoming attack.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

All these weapons clashed together, then exploded. The aftermath created powerful shockwaves that traveled for miles on. All the surrounding grounds were destroyed, the clouds in the sky were blown away.

Even the Fang Divine Dynasty’s city that was a few thousand of meters away trembled slightly from the shockwave of the battle. And the two armies that were still in the midst of battle stopped for a few moments and looked in the direction of the fight.

All they could see was that countless weapons were falling down from the sky like the Heaven was raining weapons, followed by powerful explosions. Even at this distance, the soldiers could feel the power of these attacks.

Many people suddenly realized why these people decided to have this battle so far from them.

Meanwhile, after a few minutes, the attack of these two Heaven Chosen finished, and the clouds of dust created by their attack also blew away.

Both Li Jun and Fang Lijuan were on the ground, breathing heavily.

Li Jun had countless cuts on his body. His armor was mostly destroyed, revealing his injured muscular body. He stood there with blood slowly falling from the few crystal swords that pierced his body.

As for Fang Lijuan, she was in even worse shape. Her crystal armor was also broken with pieces scattered all over and she knelt in the ground with one knee.

Her beautiful and divine face grimaced with pain while blood slide from them.

She had different kinds of injuries all over her body: some were sword slash, saber cut, or spear’s pierce.

However, this was not the reason that she was so heavily injured. During the attack, she realized that all the attacks that hit her contained a powerful will that bypa.s.sed the defense of her armor and destroyed her inside.

She realized that this was her opponent’s fighting will, however, even trying to use her crystal ability to increase the defense of her inner organs proved to be futile.

The fighting seemed to completely ignore her crystal and just proceeded to just destroy the crystals themselves.

Fang Lijuan raised her head and looked in the direction of Li Jun. Her eyes had a terrible killing intent in them. Li Jun suddenly felt something was wrong, however, he was too late to react.

Fang Lijuan bit the top of her tongue and screamed, “Crystal World.”

Immediately afterwards, the entire environment around her in a thousand meters radius turned into crystals.

Whether it was the ground, trees, animals, river, and dust. Even the spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth started crystallizing.

This also included Li Jun, who was not too far from her.

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