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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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Fang Lijuan was standing on top of a city wall looking at the Great Xia resting outside. She looked at a handsome man in a black armor that had a terrifying fighting intent in his eyes.

However, Fang Lijuan could feel that the terrible fighting intent was slowly transforming into a slaughter will. Her cold eyes scanned the black armored general up and down and asked:

“Is that him? The owner of the Battle Maniac Physique?” she asked one of her personal maids.

“Yes, G.o.ddess Empress, that’s Young Master Li Jun. As long as you are able to defeat or stop him, our people can take care of his other subordinate.”

Fang Lijuan nodded her head, then jumped off the more than 300 meters city, landing lightly like a feather falling from high ground.

Afterwards, with just a few steps, she traveled a few hundred meters, arriving not far away from the Great Xia army.

When she arrived in front of the army, she saw Li Jun standing there with his spear on his shoulder waiting for her. She was not that surprised. If this Battle Maniac Body could not even keep up with her speed, then, she would expect this fight to go as quickly as possible.

Li Jun was surprised by how beautiful Empress Fang actually was. Although he had seen an image of her, it was nothing compared to the real deal. After all, an image could not capture her n.o.ble and divine temperament.

However, Li Jun will not take her lightly as an opponent. Although he loves beautiful women, he still knows when to control himself.

“This G.o.ddess has been very upset with what you have done to my dynasty. So; show this G.o.ddess how capable you are.”

Li Jun just smiled and did not say anything, He activated his origin qi, turning his spear deep red, then he rushed towards Fang Lijuan and pierced her throat.

Li Jun did not show mercy, nor did he hold back his strength. He knew that Fang Lijuan was a true Heaven Chosen just like him and he needed to do his best in order to have a chance to win this battle.

Fang Lijuan in the order hand did not flinch by this attack. She gently waved her delicate hand, then a white crystal wall appeared in front of her.

Li Jun’ spear hit the crystal wall, however the wall was not immediately destroyed, but cracks appeared on it. After a few seconds, the crystal wall burst into countless pieces.

However, the pieces did not randomly scatter all over, but floated in the air, turned into countless sharp sticks and flew towards Li Jun under the control of Fang Lijuan.

Li Jun frowned as he looked at all the numerous crystal shards covering the sky. He moved his spear in a circular motion to block the attack.

The pointy crystal shards fell on Li Jun like drops of rain. With the rapid spinning of his spear, he managed to block the majority of shards, but a few bypa.s.sed his defenses and penetrated both his armor and his skin.

However, Li Jun ignored such minor injuries. As soon as he finished defending from the shards, he immediately waved his swords, creating a ma.s.sive slash that traveled towards Fang Lijuan.

The G.o.ddess Empress waved her hand again and another white crystal appeared in front of her blocking the slash attack. However, immediately she noticed something was wrong: Li Jun had disappeared from his position.

Suddenly, Fang Lijuan felt a sense of danger from behind her and turned around. Her pupils immediately dilated as she saw Li Jun’s red spear approaching her throat.

With the slightest hesitation, she raised her arms–which also instantly turned crystal white like an armor was encasing them–to block the attack.

Most of the attack was blocked, however, Fang Lijuan’ skin was also pierced, thus injuring her. Furthermore, the force of the clash pushed her a few meters away from Li Jun.

Fang Lijuan looked at her bleeding skin and frowned, then she looked at Li Jun and said, “I cannot believe that you actually injured this G.o.ddess’ divine body.”

“If you do not wish to be injured, do not partic.i.p.ate in battle. With your background, it is quite easy for you to spend the rest of your life living a wealthy and luxurious life.”

“You are right,” responded Fang Lijuan with a cold and cruel smile. “Alright, let’s stop with the warm up.”

After saying this, her eyes suddenly turned completely white, the divine temperament of hers increased. Everyone who looks at her will have the urge or desire to kneel down and wors.h.i.+p her.

Afterward, a crystal armor encased her entire body, leaving only her eyes that can be seen. However, even her eyes started to s.h.i.+ne like crystals. One thing that was different about the crystal that formed the armor was the fact that it was blue instead of white.

The blue crystal armor resembled the most beautiful piece of art; it was as if G.o.ds themselves took their time to carved it.

Li Jun looked serious when he saw this. He knew that Fang Lijuan had just activated the power of bloodline. Meaning that she was taking this fight seriously.

As such, he prepared to take things more seriously as well, however before fighting, he said, “It’s fine to fight seriously, but, it is better to move the battlefield somewhere else.”

After hearing this, Fang Lijuan looked around and noticed how their short confrontation had destroyed the terrain around here. There were crystals scattered everywhere, and the wall she previously was still there.

More importantly, the soldiers of the Great Xia had to run far away in order not to be killed by the aftermath of their battle.

Fang Lijuan understood Li Jun’s concern for his soldiers, so she agreed to move the battle to the forest nearby. Of course it was not because of the goodness of her heart that Fang Lijuan agreed.

She knew that if she insisted on fighting in order to injure the Great Xia soldiers, Li Jun could just run in the direction of her own army to kill them. At that time, Fang Lijuan will have to decide whether to stop him or continue to kill these soldiers.

And as prideful as Fang Lijuan was, she refused to use such underhanded methods. As such, she just agreed to move the fight to another location.

After the agreement, the two of them traveled to a forest not far from the city to continue their battle.

Li Jun was the first to attack as he thrust his spear, then a more than 100 meters spear manifested from him and rushed towards Fang Lijuan, who was not to be outdone.

She waved her hand and a gigantic blue crystal sword also manifested it and clashed with the oncoming spear. The two attacks canceled each other out, but the two of them did not stop afterwards.

They rushed towards each other and clashed head on. Li Jun swung his spear, while Fang Lijuan took out a sword from her s.p.a.ce ring as a weapon.

After coating the sword with her blue crystal, she directly clashed with Li Jun’ spear.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The clash of these two made the air tremble and the ground quaked. The shockwave of their clash blew away all the trees in a more than 500 meters radius, killing all the animals living nearby.

Clouds of dust could be seen in the path they traveled through, along with many broken trees. However, none of these two people care about this kind of thing.

Li Jun did not take any advantage during the clash against Fang Lijuan, however, he kept scanning and observing her moves in order to find a flaw. Unfortunately, there was none. So, he decided to make one himself.

He clashed with Fang Lijuan’ sword again, but this time, he suddenly increased the amount of origin qi used to slightly move her swords out of trajectory.

This move created a short pause in Fang Lijuan’s action. However, this short pause was all that Li Jun needed.

So, without hesitation, he swung his spear and hit her on her stomach, thus throwing her flying away.


Fang Lijuan flew away and hit countless trees in the process, thus destroying anything on her way. Then, she landed straight into a river that was a few hundred meters from their fighting place.

Despite successfully landing a powerful hit, Li Jun was not happy as he could feel that the crystal armor defended most if not all of his attack. And he was right.

A few seconds later, Fang Lijuan rose up from the bottom of the river with a few cracks on her crystal armor. However, there was not even a scratch on her body.

Her crystal eyes looked in the direction of Li Jun and rushed towards him without any pause. The battle had just begun and it was not clear yet who would be the final winner.

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