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In the Great Shu Dynasty’s border, Ji Song was still fuming over the fact that someone tried to him. However, he did not throw a temper tantrum like previously.

Suddenly, he thought of something and asked his brother, “You said that w.a.n.g Wei was also attacked?

“That’s right.”

“Did he get injured?”

“…The information we received did not say anything regarding this,” responded Ji Su with a calm look on his face.

“He was not injured, right?” replied Ji Song while looking deeply and intensely in his big brother’s eye. However, Ji Su did answer him this time.

“This can only mean two things,” continued Ji Song with a sharp look on his face. “He is either stronger than me, or his perception is way above me. Well, not just me, but even you, a Divine Body Realm cultivator.”

After a few seconds, Ji Su said, “It’s probably the latter. After all, he is known for his powerful soul.”

After hearing this, Ji Song clenched his hands, making all the huge muscles in his arm bulged. However, he did not act out this time around. Instead, he looked in the direction of the Great Wu Dynasty with a fierce killing intent in his eyes.

After that, Ji Song popped up a few pills in his mouth, dawned on his armor and started his conquest of the Great Wu Dynasty.

With a fierce momentum, he used his own overwhelming strength to conquer cities after cities of the Great Wu Dynasty.

Monarch Sun Wen started freaking out after hearing the constant news of his territory shrinking. As such, he quickly drafted all the military power of the n.o.ble clans in his dynasty.

Unfortunately for him, the n.o.ble did not completely listen to him. Although they accepted being drafted into the war, they decided to drag the process as slowly as possible, thus hindering Sun Wen.

An act which made his majesty Sun Wen quite angry. For once in his life, he realized that his younger brother was right. These n.o.bles are a bunch of cunning foxes. Without placing the fear of Heaven deep in their bones and soul, they will start acting presumptuous.

As such, he mobilized his own power and arrested all these n.o.bles, then took over their military power by force. Unfortunately for him, this act was soon proven to be useless.

The army refused to listen to his order. They claimed that they are only loyal to the n.o.bles and the true royal family.

It was then that Sun Wen realized that he had made a grave error. When he first came to this world, he used the promise of taking the royal family of the Great Wei Dynasty back to their world in exchange for them to hand over their dynasty.

A trade that the former royal family happily accepted. Sun Wen then happily thought that he had made a wise move as this allowed him to be the first of all the Heaven Chosen to create his own dynasty.

However, his so-called “dynasty” was in fact created on thin air. The event with the n.o.bles proved to him that the foundation of the dynasty he created was actually very shallow.

Over the years, Sun Wen has tried many ways to take both the political and military power of the dynasty from the royal family and the n.o.ble clans. And he believed that he had succeeded.

According to his original plan, after taking over all the power of the Great Wu Dynasty, he would use the people of the Death Order Palace to take out the two most powerful Heaven Chosen of this trial–w.a.n.g Wei and Ji Song.

Then, he would sweep over the world with his powerful army and slowly weed out the other partic.i.p.ants.

However, his plan was nothing but him dreaming. Everything was merely his illusion. Not to mention that his plan failed, all the power he thought he had was just an appearance, it was a show to blind his eyes.

All this time, all the power of the dynasty was still held in the hands of the n.o.bles–and maybe even the royal family.

All these times, Sun Wen thought he was quite clever and cunning when dealing with these n.o.bles; that he was a master tactician playing chess with the whole kingdom. However, it turned out that he was the one being played with by these n.o.bles.

After coming to this realization, Sun Wen became even more aggrieved. By this time, it was already too late for him to reorganize the army to be able to fight against the rapid advancement of Ji Song.

So, without a choice, he asked his brother Sun Jiaolong to lead the army that was especially trained by them and a group of freshly recruited peasant army to defend against the Great Zhou attack.

Unfortunately, this was just a stopgap measure, and one that can barely reach said standard. Sun Jiaolong was no match for Ji Song, let alone their half baked army. So, the advancement of the Great Zhou continued, albeit at a slower pace than before.

And just like that, a few weeks have pa.s.sed.

Another war started in the Eastern Region. After calming the people of the territory, Li Jun, the Five Number General and the Iron Fist King who was now referred by his name–Tie Gang–were starting their conquest of the Fang Divine Dynasty.

Their advancement was even more rapid than the Great Zhou people. With puppets or constructs that are based on modern military equipment and strategy also inspired by modern warfare, the process was fast, easy, and efficient.

As such, in just half a month, the Great Xia Dynasty conquered more than a quarter of the Fang Divine Dynasty’s territory. Of course, this was due to the fact that this time, w.a.n.g Wei decided not to slowly let the people adjust to the rules of the Great Xia before continuing to conquer more territory.

The plan that w.a.n.g Wei decided was to quickly swallow the Fang Divine Dynasty, then slowly digest it by soothing the people and putting down rebellions.

However, the rapid advancement of the Great Xia Dynasty was brought to the attention of their ruler, Monarch Fang Lijuan.

Fang Divine Dynasty, Imperial Palace, a court meeting took place.

One official said with a sweet and melodious voice, “G.o.ddess Empress, the situation of the border is quite perilous, We need to take actions as soon as possible.”

“Can you tell this G.o.ddess the reason that we have lost so much territory in such a short amount of time?” responded a nice voice, however it was full of coldness and alienation. The voice came from Monarch Fang Lijuan.

She was sitting on a Dragon-Phoenix Throne–which is a throne carved with both dragons and phoenixes intertwining with each other.

Despite the artistic beauty of the throne, it paled in comparison with Fang Lijuan’s beauty. She was wearing a red phoenix gown with a crown on her head.

She had skin as white as the purest jade, and eyes that s.h.i.+ned brighter than the most beautiful of jewels. However, those eyes were cold and indifferent.

And it was not the kind of cold from a person devoid of emotion, but the coldness from despising everything and everyone around. In Fang Lijuan’s eyes, everyone was beneath her.

She exuded a n.o.ble temperament, a temperament that said that she was born above everything and everyone, a sacred and divine temperament.

After asking the question, the female officer who previously spoke handed a scroll to the G.o.ddess Empress–as that was the way Fang Lijuan liked to be addressed–that explained how the Great Xia Army used constructs to rapidly transport their army to anywhere in their territory.

She was surprised as she was surprised by how novel and ingenious this idea was for a Small Thousand World like this one that does not have teleportation for transporting troops.

“This w.a.n.g Wei is not a simple role to come out with such a smart idea,” said the Empress with her cold voice. “However, this should not be enough for our territories to be lost so quickly.”

“You are correct, G.o.ddess Empress. Another reason is the fact that we do not have anyone who could stop General Li Jun from breaking through our cities,” replied another female officer.

“Wait a minute,” said Fang Lijuan. “Are you saying that w.a.n.g Wei did not show up? And this Li Jun was the one who led the army against our dynasty?”

“…That is the case, G.o.ddess Empress.”

“So, what you are saying is that a quarter of this G.o.ddess’ dynasty was occupied without w.a.n.g Wei–the opponent that I am supposed to compete against–showing up?”

The room instantly became quiet after the Empress asked this question. The majority of people lowered their heads and dared not face those cold and indifferent eyes.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, one official mustered the courage and said:

G.o.ddess Empress, you should not underestimate Li Jun as he is the Successor of the Li Family. He has grown up with Sacred Son w.a.n.g Wei since they were young and are closer than brothers.”

“More importantly, he possessed the 20th Heavenly Physique, the Battle Maniac Body.”

After hearing this, Fang Lijuan started thinking. She knew that anyone who possessed a special physique was not simple as their talents were on par if not greater then their Divine Clan’s member with pure bloodlines.

However, she was still not happy about this. Fang Lijuan felt that she was underestimated by w.a.n.g Wei and she will never allow anyone to look down on her.

She is the only one who looks down on people.

After thinking about this, Fang Lijuan gazed at all her officials. The majority of them were women with a few men here and there.

She smiled coldly and said, “This G.o.ddess will head to the border personally and see what is so special about this Battle Maniac Body’s owner.”

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