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Journey of the Fate Destroying Emperor

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For once since this trial, Ji Su agreed with his little brother. Throughout its long history, the Death Order Palace has created trouble all over the world. You could say they are the single reason that all sects in the Myriad Emperor World cultivated “intelligence personal”.

After suffering numerous loss at the hands of the Death Order Palace, many sect created their own section responsible for intelligence gathering, counter-intelligence,, and

While the Dao Opening Sect has the Shadow, other Emperor Lineage have their own spy agency–like the Brocade Guard of the Great Zhou Imperial Dynasty.

The reason that Ji Song said those words was because the Death Order Palace was almost destroyed.

Back in the Ancient Emperor Era, the founder of the Death Order Palace was the founder of the Dao.

During her generation, all the people of the world suddenly discovered that all the major Heaven Chosen did not appear when the Heaven Will Battle arrived.

She suddenly appeared, easily killed at the cannon fodder in the battle, took the Heaven Will, proved the Dao and claimed the name of Unseen Emperor.

After investigation, the cultivators in that era discovered that all the Heaven Chosen of that era were secretly killed by the Unseen Emperor right before the Heaven Will Battle commenced.

Unfortunately, it was too late. By then, she was already the winner. And just like that, the process of the Unseen Emperor proving the Dao was the easiest beside the Heavenly Son Emperor.

The Unseen Emperor was in fact an for a mortal kingdom before starting on the path of cultivation. She used to the political rivalry of the kingdom she served.

In order to commemorate her origin, she created the Death Order Palace after proclaiming herself Emperor.

The Second Emperor of the Death Order Palace was very different from the first. He did not believe in hidden

He believed that a true should have the power to kill their enemy in frontal combat even without hiding in a corner to sneak attack. His whole Dao evolved around the idea that I’m going to you and I’m telling you beforehand, so try to stop me.

So during his Heaven Will Battle, he showed up and faced all the Heaven Chosen of his generation head on. However, no one could stop his dagger.

After proving the Dao, he took the name of Untouched Emperor

The reason for the Death Order Palace’s almost extinction was because of the Untouched Emperor’ son named Wu Ming.

After the Untouched Emperor proved the Dao, his son partic.i.p.ated in the Heaven Will Battle of the next generation.

An Emperor having descendants after proving the Dao was actually a very rare thing due to the fact that they belonged to a higher dimension of life. So, most of their descendants will either turn into ugly and disturbing monsters, or will have terrifying talent.

This was the case for Wu Ming. Unfortunately, despite how n.o.ble his birth was, he still lost during his Heaven Will Battle–however, he survived.

An act that made him terribly bitter. After that, he started acting out and made radical reforms to the Death Order Palace.

The Death Order Palace–who was a respectable sect with a bottom-line–turned into power hungry hyenas that only recognized money or origin sources.

As long as someone had money, they could hire from the Death Order Palace. It reached the point where even mortals could hire as long as they had origin stones or sources.

Because of this, a reign of terror began in the Myriad Emperor World. All sects and factions began to hire people from the Death Order Palace to kill their enemy’s Heaven Chosen. It reached the point that someone once hired an to go after a Great Emperor.

That Great Emperor was furious and decided to destroy the Death Order Palace, unfortunately, that Emperor could not deal with the two Emperor Formation of the Palace and left in anger and shame.

In fact, there is a reason that this Great Emperor did not have the power to even break the array of the Death Order Place.

Due to the reign of terror created by the constant, the majority of Great Emperors born during that time were actually pitifully weak due to the fact that the majority of true Heaven Chosens were long killed before they could grow up.

The situation continued like this until all the sects had enough. Thus, all the Emperor Lineages bonded together to form an alliance. All the Emperor Lineages activated their Emperor Artifacts in order to break through to the defense of the Death Order Palace.

Unfortunately, after they did so, a will of the Untouched Emperor appeared after disappearing for millions of years and stopped the cultivators. The Emperor did not do anything to the sects as he only came to right the wrong that his son had committed.

As for the cultivators of that time, they knew that they could not destroy the palace with the arrival of the Untouched Emperor. However, they refused to back down so easily.

They demanded that the Death Order Palace sign a treaty that prevents their older generations from the younger generation of other sects. Otherwise, they will destroy the palace at any price.

The Untouched Emperor nodded in agreement, So, under the witness of Heavenly Dao, the treaty was signed, thus sparing the Death Order Palace from extinction.

After this incident, the Death Order Palace remained low-key and abided by the treaty.

.. .

While the Ji Brothers were discussing the Death Order Palace, a similar conversation also took place somewhere else.

In the Endless Void, close to the Warring Kingdom World, many True Monarchs sat cross-legged in the emptiness arguing about something.

“Are you not going to say anything?” asked Retired Prince Ji Han, who had replaced Ji Qiang after he returned back to the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty to heal his injuries.

“Say what?”

“You Great Wu people are always up to something sneaky. It is obvious that it was you people that hired the Death Order Palace. Shouldn’t you explain yourself?” retorted True Monarch Ji Han.

“Since it is the younger generation that took action, we did not violate the hidden rule.”

“Don’t try to be sneaky. The problem is the fact that you did not solicit the permission of any of us before allowing the people of the Death Order Palace to partic.i.p.ate in the trial.”

“As such, we deserve an explanation!”

“I must have forgotten,” replied the True Monarch of the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty with a nonchalant look on his face.

“Our Divine Dao League also demands an explanation.” said one of the True Monarchs of the Divine Clan.

Despite this, the True Monarch of Great Wu did not say anything.

“Aren’t going to say anything, Yan Chen. After all, your Heaven Chosen was also attacked?” asked Ji Han.

“It does not matter,” replied Yan Chen. “In the end, my young master will still suppress all of you and become the biggest winner of this trial.”

Ji Han just snorted after hearing this and did not say anything. He looked in the void and shouted, “I guess you should be around here, Diamond Death. This trial no longer welcomes you.”

Soon after saying these words, the void fluctuated and a person appeared. He had a mask on his face and looked illusory or non-existing.

Diamond Death did not say anything, but waved his hand in the void, then two people appeared in front of them; they were the two sent into the trial. Afterwards, Diamond Death opened a s.p.a.ce channel and left.

During the whole process, the True Monarch of the Great Wu Imperial Dynasty watched all of this while secretly gritting his teeth.

He wanted to say something, but he did not dare. Not to mention it would be useless. The rule of the Death Order Palace is that they will take on any job, but they will not refund the money after failing.

And if you want to the same target again after failure, you have to increase the price by at least ten times.

Ji Han looked at the departure of Diamond Death without interfering, then he looked at the True Monarch of Great Wu and said with a sneer, “Now that your crown prince does not have people to do his dirty work for him, I want to see how he fends for himself?”

“After this attempt, you people have greatly angered our crown prince. And soon, he will bring his wrath to the door of your Great Wu Dynasty.”

The Great Wu True Monarch’s face became ugly after hearing this. He knew the capability of their crown prince, and he could immediately tell that he was not the opponent of Crown Prince Ji Song.

Instantly, he wanted to forfeit this trial and leave with his partic.i.p.ants, but looking at the look that all the other True Monarch were given him, he knew that they would never allow such a thing to happen.

He sighed to himself and prayed that the third prince, Sun Jiaolong, would have enough strength to fight with Ji Song. Or at the very least, be able to hold him back long enough for Crown Prince Sun Wen to come up with another scheme.

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