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Li Jun smiled after hearing the question and explained:

“You probably wanted to break through the Supernatural Realm during a life and death situation. However, the success of such a thing is almost impossible.”

“Why is that?” asked the Iron Fist Kingdom with genuine concern.

Although he managed to successfully cultivate to the peal of the Divine Altar Realm, his cultivation technique method did not have the method to break through to the next realm.

As such, when he received the due invitation, he accepted without hesitation as he believed this powerful Extraterrestrial Demon could give him just the right amount of pressure that allowed to break through.

Unfortunately, he seemed to have not only underestimated the difficulty in breaking through the Transcending Mortality Realm, but also how strong his opponent actually was.

“It may be possible to use life and death situations to break through the Body Refining, Divine Sea, and Divine Altar Realm. However, the Supernatural Realm is actually a transformation of life level.”

“Cultivators will go from the Early Phase of Cultivation to the Middle Phase. A perfect example is the fact that a Supernatural Realm will have at least 10,000 years of life span–which is ten times that of the Divine Altar.”

“You still did not explain how it is impossible to break through?” asked the Iron Fist King.

“In order to reach this realm, a cultivator must catch a ray of Good Fortune Qi from Heaven and Earth. When this qi blends in with the Divine Altar, an ancient lamp will be formed to hold the Good Fortune Flame.”

“The Good Fortune Flame is actually quite the magical thing. It allows cultivators’ origin qi to transform into origin essence. It allows cultivators to open their Niwan Aperture and have their own Sea of Consciousness, thus granting cultivators access to their soul.”

“Now, imagine that you have to do all these transformations and baptis.e.m.e.nt while in the midst of battle. Without a peaceful environment full of spiritual power, this very precise process can fail with the tiniest of mistakes.”

The Iron Fist King frowned after hearing this. He realized that his plan was actually quite dangerous. Not to mention whether his enemy would give him time to make his breakthrough, even if he did, he might still fail.

First of all, he did not even know what the Qi of Good Fortune was, let alone find it and catch it to make his breakthrough.

Even if he did, how long would such a wonderful and powerful transformation of the essence of life take him. Probably years if not decades. How could he do such a thing while fighting for his life.

The Iron Fist King sighed after realizing his errors due to lack of knowledge and inheritance. After pondering for a while, he looked at Li Jun and asked:

“Why are you telling me this? Something tells me it is not because you are absolutely sure of your victory?”

“You are indeed right,” responded Li Jun with a smile. “My big brother wants you to acknowledge allegiance to him.”

“Big brother? You mean the Emperor Of Xia wants me to become a general under him?”

“No, you misunderstood. To us, this world is nothing but a trial for which we will eventually leave. My big brother acknowledged your abilities and wanted you to follow us back to our world when we leave here.”

The Iron Fist King’s eyes lit up after hearing this, He knew that these Extraterrestrial Demons came from a very powerful world. There are even rumors that their world actually has Great Emperors.

After pondering for a few moments, the Iron Fist King then said, ” I can agree to your request, but I have a request.”

“What is it? As long as it is in my power, I can do my best to help.”

“I can see that you did not use all your strength during this fight,” said the Iron Fist King with a dangerous light in his eyes. “I want you to attack me with your most powerful attack.”

“Are you sure about this?” asked Li Jun with a frown on his face. “With your current situation, you will probably not survive my strongest attack.”

“It’s alright. Anyway, it’s just death,” replied the Iron Fist King with a nonchalant att.i.tude.

Li Jun looked at the determined look on his opponent’s face and he could guess the reason for the request.

Although the Iron Fist King believed the words he said previously, he was not convinced before trying. After all, he is a man with strong willpower, how can he easily change a decision he has made–especially when it comes to his future cultivation path.

As such, Li Jun did not try to persuade him anymore. He gathered all his strength and rushed towards the Iron Fist King. His spear lit up red and he yelled “[Blood Riot]” before stabbing his opponent.

The Iron Fist King’s eyes lit up when he saw this attack. A sudden dread of death overcame and he could feel like he would die if he was. .h.i.t by this attack.

With a strong will, the Iron Fist King overcame his fear of death and began to mobilize his last remaining strength to fight back. However, to his horror, he discovered that his body could not move.

He suddenly felt that all the blood in his body was not under his control and he could not move. Then, all his blood started to move backward from his body, destroying anything in its path in order to return to the heart.

Once all his blood reached his heart, it condensed into a small ball, then exploded.


The Iron Fist King heard an exploding sound in his mind, then looked at Li Jun’ spear that was only a few centimeters from his heart.

He vomited a large mouthful of blood, however, immediately afterwards, blood started to come out in every orifice in his body. Whether it was his eyes, noses, ears, and even the pores in his skin.

With an incredible look on his face, the Iron Fist King fell on his back with his body looking quite stiff.

Li Jun looked at him on the ground and shook his head. He took a pill from his s.p.a.ce ring and a look of pain could be seen on his face as he looked at the pill.

Well, he could not help as this was a High Grade Earth Tier Pill that Primordial Spirit Realm cultivators can use.

It’s not that Li Jun did not have access to higher levels of pills, but this was the highest level of pills allowed in the trial. What’s worse, this pill was actually a healing one–which made it even more valuable.

However, Li Jun did not hesitate much to feed this pill to the Iron Fist King. Another reason that he chose such a valuable pill was due to the fact that it could help alleviate the Iron Fist King’s problem with his life span.

After feeding him the pill, he carried him back to the Military Barrack.

While the Iron Fist King was resting, Li Jun was reviewing the last attack he made during this fight.

As a matter of fact, this move was not actually a part of the [Heaven Fighting Scripture] that he cultivated, but one he created himself after years of study.

When he started to cultivate, his big brother w.a.n.g Wei warned him to not strictly follow the scripture and to think of his own Dao instead.

Although the [Heaven Fighting Scripture] provided a step by step guidance on how to cultivate the Dao of Fighting, Li Jun chose his main Dao to be Slaughter.

His dream, or should say goal is to be a fierce general that slaughters all the enemies in his big brother’s Path of the Emperor. Although Li Jun knew that this was probably an unrealistic goal, he will give in all his effort trying.

So, this [Blood Rebellion] technique is his first step on cultivating his Dao of Slaughter and he is satisfied with this result.

Just like that, four days pa.s.sed and the Iron Fist King finally woke up from his coma. He looked around and muttered in a weak voice:

“I’m alive?”

He raised his hand and immediately noticed something different. His hands were not as wrinkled as he remembers them to be. He even noticed that his voice was also different, it was full of vitality.

A few minutes after waking up, Li Jun walked into the medical room and said, “It seems that you are recovering rapidly.”

“I guess I owed all of this to you.”

“Well, as long as you do go back on your promise, everything will be fine.”

“I, Tie Gang, is man of his words. Since I promised to surrender to his majesty w.a.n.g Wei, then, I will do so.”

Li Jun nodded in satisfaction after hearing this. He chatted with the Iron Fist King for a while before leaving him to rest.

Meanwhile, in the Great Shu Dynasty, National Teacher Feng Heng was walking with a frown on his face.

After checking all the Taoist Temples in the capital, he realized that the Incense power contained there had mysteriously disappeared. Even after checking thoroughly, he could not find the reason.

While walking around, someone approached Feng Heng and handed him a paper and the frown on his face increased after reading.

According to the information he just received, this situation was exactly the same in the other temples around the Great Shu Dynasty.

Feng Heng knew that the Taiyi Profound Gate had a strict and severe rule when it came to absorbing Incense Power.

Although he himself knew that he did not do such a thing, however, if one of his compet.i.tors used this event as an excuse to attack him, he would be in quite the tough spot.

As such, Feng Heng started to mobilize all the power of the dynasty to investigate the situation.

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