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After giving his orders, Feng Heng returned to his own main temple. When he reached his cultivation room, he suddenly saw a middle-aged man standing there waiting for him.

The middle-age man had a calm and serene look on his face. His eyes radiated a profound wisdom that made anyone who approached him instantly have a good impression of him.

Despite the man’s unusual temperament, this was not the thing that caught people’s attention when first meeting.

His most noticeable or recognizable trait was his short black hair. Unlike most people who keep their hair long, this man had very short hair.

Although it was to the point of being completely bald, it was quite close to it. However, this short somehow accentuated his calm and peaceful vibe.

Feng Heng looked at the man with a surprised look on his face and asked, “Master?”

The man just nodded to Feng Heng, who rushed to meet him with an exciting smile on his face.

“Master, you seemed…alright now. No, you seemed better than alright.”

“Yes. I have found something that stabilized my Primordial Soul.”

“Really? Huh, who would have thought that such a small world would have such a powerful thing,” responded Feng Heng, genuinely happy for his master.

“Yes, who would have thought,” nodded the middle-aged man. “Disciple, how are things going recently?”

“I just received an envoy from the Great Zhou Dynasty asking us to not interfere in their battle with the Great Wu Dynasty.”

“So, what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to accept, after all, remaining neutral was our original plan. However, the people of the Great Wu Dynasty need to pay certain prices to buy our neutrality,” responded Feng Heng while looking out a window in his room..

Feng Heng’s master nodded after hearing this, then he suddenly asked, “Something seemed to be on your mind. What happened?”

“Master, I just discovered that a large portion of Incense Power was absorbed in the temples throughout the dynasty. I’m just worried about this.”

A gleam of light flashed from s.h.i.+ Fuyu’s eyes after hearing his disciple’s words and asked. “Did you find the culprit?”

“That’s the problem, Master. I have not found anything despite personally searching with, well, you know what.”

s.h.i.+ Fuyu nodded as he understood the meaning behind his disciple’s words.

“Do you think that one of your compet.i.tors in the sect did it?”

“It’s unlikely. As the Dao Child of the sect, I am the only one chosen to partic.i.p.ate in this trial.”

“Disciple, you are too tender. Do you think your compet.i.tors will easily give up the position of Dao Child? Even if they cannot attend the trial, with the supporters they have, they can easily sneak in a few of their subordinates into this world in order to cause you trouble.”

Feng Heng frowned after hearing this and started thinking.

The Taiyi Profound Gate way of choosing a successor is different from the Dao Opening Sect.

While the Dao Opening Sect was decided purely based on strength–w.a.n.g Wei being the only exception–The Taiyi Profound Gate’s process is more complicated due to it being a religious sect based on taoism.

Beside strength, its successor–aptly named Dao Child–is chosen based on the amount of people supporting them in the sect and more importantly, their understanding of the sect’s philosophies and teachings.

In the Taiyi Profound Gate, this is called Dharma Heart or Dharma Perception.

One of the reasons that Feng Heng was able to become the Dao Child was due to his profound Dharma Perception. And the reason he had such a deep understanding of Taoist Dharma was because his master, s.h.i.+ Fuyu, personally explained it in great detail to him.

As such, Feng Heng has a great deal of respect for his master. Not only because of his powerful origin, but because of his profound understanding of taoism.

After his master pointed out the possibility of his compet.i.tor sending spies to try to sabotage his trial, he realized that this was actually a possibility.

Even if he failed this trial, his status would not be affected that much. As the sect’s Dao Child, he is the Heaven Chosen selected to fight for the Heaven Will in this generation.

One failure is not enough for him to be disposed of his position. However, if he was ever caught in possession of Incense Power, then he would be in a difficult situation–even if he did not personally absorb it.

After thinking about this, Feng Heng decided to spend more resources focusing on finding the spies his compet.i.tor sent in this world. At the same time, s.h.i.+ Fuyu nodded with a smile after this.

Great Zhou Dynasty, Imperial Palace.

Ji Song sat in his Dragon Throne and looked at the envoy that had just arrived back from the Great Shu Dynasty.

His bulging muscles could be seen from his dragon robe and he emanated a majesty at all times.

“So, what was the result?” he asked.

The envoy trembled a little after hearing the question before answering, ” Your majesty, they agreed to not interfere, but…but they have some demands?”

“What demands?” asked Ji Song back, who had antic.i.p.ated this outcome.

The envoy took out a paper with a list of the demands and intended to hand it over to someone that would then give it to his majesty. However, the paper suddenly flew from his hand and landed on Ji Song’s hand, who immediately started reading it.

After taking a brief overview of the list of demands, Ji Song frowned for a little while before going back to normal.

The list mostly demanded population. Although the quant.i.ty was quite large, it did not go over his bottom line.

As such, he readily agrees with the terms.

Immediately afterwards, he stood up from his chair and said, “Now that everything is ready, let’s start the war with the Great Wu Dynasty. I never like these cunning snakes.”

“I will personally lead the battle for this war.”

After saying this, Ji Song ignored the dissuasion of his ministers and headed straight for the military barracks. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Ji Su sighed and did not say anything regarding this matter.

Back in the Great Xia Dynasty.

The Iron King Fist–who has just healed from his injury–was sitting in a Soaring Phoenix Construct flying back to the capital to meet w.a.n.g Wei.

“Is it true that people can become Great Emperors in your world,” asked the Iron Fist King with a cunning gleam of light in his eyes.

Li Jun noticed this gleam and he could understand the reason behind this, but he did not say anything, but just smiled and said, “It’s true. Our world has given birth to countless Great Emperors.”

“I wonder what it is like to be so powerful,” muttered the Iron Fist King under his breath.

After a few hours, the two of them reached the capital and went to see w.a.n.g Wei who was sitting on his dragon throne.

After entering the meeting room, the Iron Fist King looked at the officials around and ignored them. He glanced lightly at w.a.n.g Wei before bowing. “Tie Gang has seen his majesty.”

w.a.n.g Wei nodded to him to rise and he took a good look at this charismatic mad king. Due to the precious pill Li Jun used to heal, he looked a lot younger than the image he saw of him.

He no longer looked like a decrypted old man, but more like someone in his 60’s.

After close observation, w.a.n.g Wei discovered that this Iron Fist King did fully respect him. Or to be precise, he seemed to have some ideas that he should not have.

As such, w.a.n.g Wei suddenly used the Power of his True Will granted by his Transcendent Dao Foundation and he looked the Iron Fist King straight into the eyes.

Suddenly, the Iron Fist King felt tremendous pressure from w.a.n.g Wei’s eyes. He felt like every secret on him had been seen through, then he saw countless strings attached to him and started to strangle him.

The Iron Fist King felt a supreme pressure that wanted him to kneel down in allegiance, however, he refused to do so. He bit the tip of his tongue to alleviate the pressure, however, it was of no use.

He suddenly coughed off a mouthful of blood and knelt in one knee on the ground. However, he was still resisting the pressure, the supreme will that enveloped him.

However, to his horror, he discovered that his Divine Altar started making creaking sounds, and more new cracks started appearing. He could feel that his Divine Altar would be destroyed if he resisted anymore, but he refused to give up.

As a man who can easily accept death, being crippled was nothing to him. Nevertheless, the Iron Fist King still felt humiliated.

Not at the fact that he was forced to kneel down, but at the fact that his opponent just needed one look to make him into this severe situation.

After resisting the supreme will for a few seconds, the Iron Fist King was eventually forced to his knees.

He sighed and stopped resisting. He realized the vast difference between him and these Extraterrestrial Demon.

He quickly erased the ambitious thought he had in his mind. Or at the very least, bury it deep until he has the strength to do so.

w.a.n.g Wei nodded after seeing this and said, “Although your foundation is weak, you have a strong will and you are also a person who knows when to bow to circ.u.mstances.”

“Well, welcome Tie Gang to be a member of my group.”

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