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Li Jun rushed towards the Iron Fist King and stabbed him. His spear turned red and headed straight for the Tie Gang’s head, however, the mad king was not to be outdone. Without hesitation, he swung his halberd to block the oncoming attack.


The two weapons clashed together creating a powerful shock wave that destroyed the ground around them. Despite this, the two of them did not move an inch.

After the first attack, the two of them continued to rapidly clash against each other. The air trembled and sparks could be seen when their two weapons met each other.

From a distance, the soldiers could only see two shadows overlapping with each other. The weapons of the two of them also left only afterimages, signifying the fact that the two of them were moving faster than the ordinary eyes can capture.

At first, the Iron Fist King could match with Li Jun, but after more than ten clashes, he started to feel the pressure.

Each strike of Li Jun seemed to become heavier and heavier. By the 30th clash, the Iron Fist King started to move backwards.

With each step he took back, he managed to neutralize some of the force from Li Jun’s spear. However, he knew that this was not a real solution to his situation.

By the 40th clashes, the Iron Fist King started to expire profusely. His breathing was rapid, his steps were weak and his arms trembled with each swing.

More importantly, his vast origin qi was running out faster than he expected. He looked at the normal and relaxed behavior of his opponent and sighed.

‘These Extraterrestrial Demons are as strong as I antic.i.p.ated,’ thought the Iron Fist King in the midst of battle.

He knew that this was not the way to go, so he changed tactics.

When Li Jun attacked him again, he did not collide head on. Instead, he moved his halberd sideways and blocked the attack. Then, he used the recoil of the attack to move a few meters away from his opponent.

Li Jun looked at the Iron Fist King a few meters away from him and did not chase after him. After all, his purpose was to subdue him, not kill him. As such, he will also allow his opponent to use all his cards and defeat him with absolute strength to show the difference between them.

After taking a few seconds to breathe heavily, the Iron Fist King managed to regain some strength and stamina. More importantly, all the 270 Divine Veins inside his body absorb the spiritual qi around him to replenish his origin qi.

The Iron Fist King was surprised by the fact that his opponent allowed so much time to recover, but he did not care about the reason. As long as he managed to have a satisfying battle, he did not care about anything else.

After recuperating his strength, the Iron Fist King decided to use a different method. He raised his halberd in the air and swung down.

With a swish sound, a more than 30 meters vertical slash headed straight towards Li Jun. The slash destroyed anything that was in its way: the ground and the air.

When Li Jun noticed the green slash coming his way, he did not falter. His spear turned red and directly pierced the slash.


An explosion occurred after the two attacks touched each other. The ground around Li Jun exploded into countless pieces with debris flying everywhere.

However, Li Jun did not care about this. What he cared about was the fact that this was not a normal attack, but a spiritual one.

After clas.h.i.+ng with the slash, countless images suddenly appeared in his mind. He saw the death of all his concubines, his companion Yan Liling, his mother and father–he even saw w.a.n.g Wei’s death.

For a brief moment, a deep fear suddenly enveloped Li Jun. Fear of losing the people closest to him, fear of being alone in the world.

However, after a brief moment, these images disappeared. As a person who pa.s.sed the PaG.o.da Trial, Li Jun has a powerful Dao Heart and Willpower. What’s more, his spirit is way more powerful than the Iron Fist King.

The Iron Fist King watched with a frown how his opponent easily destroyed his attack. This move was one of his most powerful and proud methods.

Being able to bring out the inner fear of his enemy, then weakening their combat ability. The Iron Fist King has always been proud of how strong his spirit was as it was cultivated through countless battles.

“Spirit attacks, huh?” said Li Jun with a smile on his face. “Why don’t you try mine.”

After saying that, Li Jun also used a flying attack from a distance. However, his attack was not a slash, but a more 40 meters long spear manifested from the origin weapon in his hand headed straight for his opponent.

After seeing this, the Iron Fist King’s face changed and he mobilized all the origin qi in his body to prepare to defend.

Instead of using another flying attack, the Iron Fist King clashed heads with the oncoming spear.

His halberd turned green as he clashed with the upcoming red spear.


The halberd clashed with the attack, creating a powerful explosion in the surrounding/

Nevertheless, the Iron Fist King still managed to stop the attack for a brief moment–however, it was only for a short while.

Immediately afterwards, the spear pushed him backwards leaving skidding marks on the ground. However, the Iron Fist King was still trying to stop the attack.

He vomited a big mouthful of blood and his old face became pale. However, he did not stop. A hint of excitement flashed across his eyes as he used more strength in order to stop the attack.

He mobilized all the origin qi possible and strengthened the muscles in his arms to increase his power. This method was somewhat useful.

With this newfound power, the spear slowed down dramatically, but it still did not stop completely. As such, the Iron Fist King was miserable.

He threw up countless mouthfuls of blood. His armor was mostly destroyed and he seemed to have aged considerably.

After being pushed for more than a few hundred meters, the spear was stopped and disappeared. However, before the Iron Fist King could breath a sigh in relief, an intense desire to slaughter invaded his mind.

He secretly cursed as he realized that he was affected by a spiritual attack. The Iron Fist King’s eyes suddenly turned red as he felt his mind slowly being swallowed by the desire to kill.

He tried to fight the urge by himself, but it was to no avail. As such, he tried physical pain to wake him up. He clenched his teeth and hands until both his mouth and palms were bleeding.

This pain seemed to be useful, so the Iron Fist King sought to use this method. Without hesitation, he stabbed the pointy end of his halberd straight into his thigh.

He screamed out loud in agony. However, the intense throbbing pain managed to distract him from his desire to kill. Immediately afterward, the Iron Fist King knelt in one knee to support himself.

Despite his act of self-mutilation, the Iron Fist King realized that even this level of pain was not enough to completely free himself from Li Jun’ spiritual attack of slaughter.

As such, he started to twist the halberd that was still stuck on his raised leg. Blood squirted out his thigh as the Iron Fist King screamed out loud. However, he did not stop for even a second.

After a few minutes, he stopped his actions as he could feel that he already got his bearing back. The intense urge to kill all things in existence slowly faded away until it was completely gone.

The Iron Fist King breathed rapidly as he felt exhausted both physically and spiritually. He looked at Li Jun with a little bit of fear in his eyes.

However, immediately afterwards, his fears were replaced by a desire for battle–even though he was not in the shape to fight right about now.

“Your plan will not succeed,” suddenly said Li Jun, who watched all the Iron Fist King’s actions with a calm look on his face.

“What do you mean?”

“I figure out the reason why you are so young, yet you have so little life spans left. You used battles between life and death to break through the cultivation realm quickly,” said Li Jun while placing his spear on his shoulder.

“Is there something wrong with that?”

“Well, there is. If you do it once or twice, it will be fine. But, if you do it constantly, you will use your lifespan to pay for each break through.

The Iron Fist King’s eyes lit up after hearing this. He has been pondering the reason for his rapid aging. He thought it was because there was something wrong with his cultivation technique, but it seemed that it was not the case.

The Iron Fist King then sighed after realizing his mistake, then he asked, “What do you mean that my plan will not work?”

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