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I Have A City In An Alternate World

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Chapter 2303 – 2303 Full evacuation (1)

2303 Full evacuation (1)

speed up! Don’t hesitate! Don’t fall behind!

After sending out a warning through the spiritual network, the huge and bloated guard team was suddenly pulled into a slender snake.

The narrow hole in the void was easily pa.s.sed through, and it went straight for the light.

“I’m out, hahaha Yingluo”

After they rushed out of the void, all the cultivators in the team heaved a sigh of relief. Some of them even laughed out loud.

Although the inside of the G.o.d Kingdom was equally dangerous, the cultivators would rather face the ferocious void monsters than the endless darkness.

When fighting in the void, cultivators would encounter too many restrictions, and they would not be able to use their full strength.

When they had crossed the void earlier, the pressure they had endured was not ordinary. They did not dare to make any mistakes during this period of time.

Firstly, the void was indeed dangerous. To cultivators who entered it, it was simply a hopeless situation.

The second was the existence of the mental network, which allowed Lou Cheng’s cultivators to share their senses and the psychological pressure of the members of the network.

Without the spiritual network, the low-level cultivators in the void were no different from cripples. No matter how many of them there were, they would be useless.

This was originally a good thing. When the pressure was evenly distributed, it would make those who were originally under pressure feel more relaxed.

However, before getting used to this spiritual network, Lou Cheng would feel uncomfortable all over, as if there was a huge stone pressing on his heart.

Therefore, when the spiritual network was disconnected, the cultivators in loucheng felt relieved, as if they had finally climbed out of a swamp.

“Everyone, continue forward!”

It was still the same order to move forward, but this time, his tone was more relaxed.

The most difficult part of the journey had been safely pa.s.sed. If there were no accidents, it was only a matter of time before they reached area 153.

The route that was marked at the beginning had been completely cleared, and the cultivators of loucheng city were trying their best to stop the approaching void monsters.

The escort team moved quickly. Everyone knew that even a second’s delay could lead to new changes.

As for the cultivators who were blocking the void monsters, it was time for them to retreat after the escort team pa.s.sed.

The command center in area 153 had been keeping an eye on the guards. They gave a new order.

All cultivators are not allowed to fight, just follow the group. The final destination of this trip is the 153rd defense area. Upon arrival, we will immediately leave the divine Kingdom!”

The divine Kingdom was already in ruins. The longer the cultivators of Lou Cheng stayed, the higher the possibility of them being trapped here.

This world, which was riddled with holes, was already in a state of being sc.r.a.pped. Moreover, there was no way to collect resources normally under the interference of the void monsters.

Since that was the case, it was better to leave early and avoid unnecessary casualties.

After receiving the order from the headquarters, the cultivators of Lou Cheng immediately pulled back their line of defense. After the escort team pa.s.sed by, they immediately gave chase.

Those void monsters were originally just wandering around and didn’t have to attack the route they were taking. However, the cultivators of Lou city didn’t allow them to get close, so they took the initiative to attack and drive them away.

Most of the void monsters that were attacked avoided their path of advancement to avoid being attacked again.

However, when the wars.h.i.+p carrying the indigenous G.o.ds pa.s.sed by, these void monsters seemed to be stimulated and chased after the team.

As mentioned earlier, to the void monsters, the Aboriginal deities were the most delicious food.

Every void monster was afraid that they would be too slow and the Aboriginal deities would be eaten by their own kind.

However, they didn’t know that this was a poisonous bait. Although they could see it, they were destined not to be able to eat it!

“Brothers, beat him up!”

The cultivators at the back of the team naturally blocked with all their might, not allowing these void monsters to approach.

As if he was. .h.i.tting a target, he poured out his ammunition without any worry. He could hit the target without aiming.

Along the way, more and more void monsters were being sucked in and chased behind the guards.

The corpses of the void monsters that were shot to death were scattered all over the place, as if a mountain range had reappeared.

In fact, if time allowed, the corpses of these void monsters might really become a brand new mountain range.

However, as the divine Kingdom collapsed and disappeared, all of this would no longer exist, even the corpse of the void monster.

The situation was getting more and more dangerous. The entire sky was occupied by void monsters. Everywhere they pa.s.sed was pitch-black, forming a huge void pa.s.sage.

It was like a sharp blade that split the divine Kingdom in half. It was a shocking sight.

The believers who followed Lou Cheng were at a loss. The situation in front of them had completely exceeded their expectations.

The ones who destroyed the divine Kingdom were not sea monsters or martial artists, but these void monsters that had appeared out of nowhere.

Their only choice now was to leave with the cultivators of Lou Cheng. There was no other way out.

At the thought of the situation that they were about to encounter, the believers and Warriors were filled with confusion, not knowing what kind of fate awaited them.

Of course, most of the believers and Warriors were thinking about how to get through the difficulties in front of them and not what to do in the future.

The command center had already given the order for everyone to retreat. At present, other than the teams that were guarding the forward route, the other teams had all retreated to area 153.

There were at least ten million cultivators and believers in the city. It would not be easy to leave the divine Kingdom at the same time.

The slightest mistake would cause endless trouble.

Fortunately, the cultivators in loucheng were very disciplined and carried out their orders to the letter, so there were not too many problems.

As for the believers, they only needed to follow and follow orders.

At the moment, they could only rely on the cultivators of Lou Cheng. Furthermore, the Aboriginal deities were also being escorted away, so they naturally had to follow closely.

Wherever the Aboriginal G.o.ds were, the believers would follow.

After so many years of brainwas.h.i.+ng, the believers had long developed a reliance on the indigenous G.o.ds. Even if they were angry after knowing the truth, they would still choose to protect them with their lives when danger came.

When the indigenous G.o.ds woke up, the believers might still follow them and seek new development.

Other reasons aside, the strength of the indigenous G.o.ds alone was worth the followers.

Regardless of whether such a situation would occur or not, it would all be a matter for the future and not for the time being.

As they encountered more and more void monsters, the entire battlefield was in chaos. There were violent rumbles everywhere, and huge figures kept flas.h.i.+ng in the sky.

At this moment, most of the void monsters had already transformed into a physical state. They had all kinds of strange appearances and looked extremely ferocious.

They swam around in the sky and played from time to time, completely treating the G.o.d’s kingdom as an amus.e.m.e.nt park.

After eating and drinking to their fill, some of the void monsters simply floated in the air and entered a state of sleep.

When they woke up, they would continue to devour and then fall into a deep sleep.

The initial feast of devouring had ended. In the following time, the void monster would slowly enjoy its spoils of war and even use the G.o.d’s kingdom as a nest for reproduction.

Tang Zhen involuntarily rejoiced when he noticed this. It was fortunate that the void monster did not know about the effect of the colorful cloud. Otherwise, it would definitely devour it in a crazy manner.

If they could obtain that kind of abnormal reproductive ability, the number of void monsters would once again increase explosively. No one could say for sure how many times it would increase.

If that really happened, then the fifth battle area would be shooting themselves in the foot.

The void monsters that were reproducing crazily would spread all over the void and become a major threat to the cultivators in the city.

Wherever the cultivators of the City Tower went, the void monsters would follow. The two of them would compete and kill each other, just like the current scene.

Fortunately, the worst case scenario did not happen. The fifth battle area had indeed achieved their goal, turning the G.o.d Kingdom into ruins.