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Chapter 2304 – 2304 Successful arrival _1

2304 Successful arrival _1

The sky above defense area 153 was now filled with wars.h.i.+ps of all sizes, completely locking down the surrounding area.

This was an absolute forbidden zone. As long as a void monster appeared, it would suffer a destructive blow.

The void monsters ‘devouring ability was too terrifying, and they definitely couldn’t be allowed to stay in a certain area. Otherwise, it would only take a very short time for them to gnaw at the s.p.a.ce until it was in tatters.

The holes in the void that were being gnawed at would become the most dangerous traps.

More void monsters would find a way to enter the G.o.d’s kingdom, and it was impossible to guard against them.

The command center concentrated their firepower to seal off the nearby s.p.a.ce, so that the void monsters could not stay and approach.

This defense method was very effective. Even though the surrounding s.p.a.ce was damaged, the area controlled by area 153 showed no signs of destruction.

At this moment, the void monsters had already entered the ocean. They were devouring with great pleasure, and the sea disappeared into thin air.

Because of the void’s repulsive force, even if there was a hole in the void, the sea still couldn’t flow in, but it also made the ocean full of traps.

The frightened sea monsters would occasionally charge into the void hole and disappear completely.

As the ocean had been completely abandoned, the void monsters could devour as much as they wanted here without having to worry about the attacks of the cultivators in the city.

For void monsters, this kind of hunting ground where they could devour leisurely was undoubtedly more suitable for them.

It was precisely because of the existence of the vast ocean that the void monsters on the land were less than 30%. Otherwise, Tang Zhen and the others would have to fight a b.l.o.o.d.y battle before they could send the native G.o.ds to defense area 153.

These ocean monsters had tried to attack the land before, but they were blocked by the cultivators in the city.

The other areas could be caved in, but area 153 could not be lost. There was no doubt about that.

After paying a heavy price, these void monsters became smarter and determined not to get close to the defense area.

This was actually better, as they could save a lot of ammunition for the final battle.

As the teams retreated one by one, the 153rd defense area became lively and full of cultivators.

Due to the limited s.p.a.ce, most of the cultivators in loucheng had already entered the teleportation channel and were waiting slowly at the mid-turn.

If there was a need, they would return to their G.o.d’s kingdom to provide support to their companions.

The battles.h.i.+ps of various sizes that had followed the operation earlier were left behind to form the last line of defense.

As they continued to acc.u.mulate, the number of battles.h.i.+ps increased until they covered the entire sky.

The huge and pitch-black cannon muzzles emitted a heart-palpitating aura. With just one volley, they destroyed a group of void monsters. The destructive power was terrifying.

The cultivators of loucheng city had already controlled the intensity of their attacks and didn’t dare to use their maximum firepower. Otherwise, the area that was attacked would be directly turned into nothingness.

In the center of this super steel fortress was the impenetrable defense area 153, which could be said to be the safest place in G.o.d’s kingdom at the moment.

After identifying the ident.i.ties of Tang Zhen and the others, a safe pa.s.sage was immediately opened in the originally sealed s.p.a.ce, allowing Tang Zhen and the others to enter.

The wars.h.i.+ps of all sizes in the other areas locked onto the void monster that was following closely behind, and the fierce firepower once again crossed and fired at the same time.

The aggressive void monsters seemed to have knocked down an invisible wall and were instantly torn apart.

Under the Super firepower of the cultivators in the city, the void monsters were unable to advance even half a step and were firmly blocked outside the defense line.

After the escort team charged into the defensive area, four figures suddenly rushed out. They were Tang Zhen and the other three overlords.

Previously, in order to protect the indigenous G.o.ds, they had been restrained and had been suppressing their anger.

Now that they had finally arrived at their destination and the indigenous G.o.d had been sent into the portal, there was no need to worry about their safety.

Soon, there would be someone in charge of receiving them and bringing the indigenous deities to the world of loucheng. The mission of Tang Zhen and the others had officially ended.

The four Lords who had completed their mission left the team at the same time and rushed to the periphery of area 153.

Firstly, it was to receive those teams that had yet to return, and secondly, it was to let loose and prepare for a ma.s.sacre.

Only in this way could his thoughts be clear.

In the eyes of those void monsters, Tang Zhen’s group of four were no different from ants. They did not place them in their eyes.

However, in the next moment, they experienced the terror of ants. Just one of the cultivators could kill a group of void monsters.

The cultivators of Lou Cheng who were watching the battle from afar finally experienced the power of the Masters of creation. The terrifying battle scene was far beyond their imagination.

It was like sweeping with a broom or painting with a painter’s paint. The result was that groups of void monsters kept disappearing.

The believers and Warriors were also dumbfounded by the battle scene. If it were not for the cultivators of loucheng urging them, they would have continued to watch.

Tang Zhen and the other three killed to their heart’s content. The corpses of the void monsters fell to the ground and piled up higher and higher.

“Have you calculated how many cultivators in loucheng have not returned?”

When Tang Zhen killed the void monster, he contacted the command center directly. However, the reply he received was not good.

Up until now, there were at least 100000 Lou Cheng cultivators who had not returned. They were scattered all over the divine Kingdom.

As for the number of believers and Warriors, it was impossible to count them. Compared to the cultivators in Lou Cheng, there were definitely more.

The cultivators of loucheng advanced and retreated together. It was absolutely impossible for Tang Zhen to abandon his subordinates. Therefore, no matter how critical the situation was, he had to wait for the cultivators of loucheng to return.

ask them again if they need any help. Remember not to force yourself!

There were still three masters of creation on the battlefield. If they needed help, they wouldn’t just stand by and watch.

Moreover, there were cultivators from other territories among them. Under such circ.u.mstances, the three lords couldn’t just sit by and do nothing.

It didn’t take long for the command center to send back information.

no team has requested for a.s.sistance. They said they can handle it and will return at the stipulated time.

Tang Zhen and the others were initially stunned when they heard the feedback from the command post. Soon after, they chuckled and shook their heads.

“Don’t tell me that this bunch of fellows are trying to take the opportunity to fight?”

Looking at the icons on the screen, the teams had already gathered together and were rapidly advancing toward area 153.

Surrounding these teams were densely packed void monsters that were launching attacks at the cultivators in the building.

In such a critical situation, the cultivators of loucheng city didn’t ask for help. It was obvious that they were competing with each other.

Whoever requested for help first would lose.

“This bunch of guys, always making trouble regardless of the occasion!”

The star Spirit horde leader shook his head slightly, his tone carrying a hint of blame. It was obvious that he did not like to see such a thing happen.

Compared to the scarred territory, the strength of the star elves “territory and the battle maniac’s territory were undoubtedly much stronger.

Competing under such circ.u.mstances would give people the feeling that the strong were bullying the weak, and it would obviously be an unfair victory.

Clearly, in Star Spirit Lord’s eyes, the cultivators from the cracked territory and the sacred Dragon Warzone were no match for the cultivators from the two territories.

The cultivators in his territory probably had the same idea, and as a result, they angered the cultivators in the loucheng under Tang Zhen.

When a group of extremely capable and unruly guys met together, it was inevitable that they would have a compet.i.tive heart. Once they really started to compete, they would only stop after they had determined who was better.