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Chapter 2302 – 2302 The magical cloud (1)

2302 The magical cloud (1)

The sea monster race was able to reproduce wildly due to the ability pa.s.sed down by the sea Emperor. In a very short time, they could become a huge group.

Neptune had this ability, but it was not an item from the superior plane.

In the divine Kingdom, this was not a secret. The sea tribe had even deliberately publicized it to put pressure on their believers.

However, no one knew that the magical treasure that Neptune had obtained was actually only a part of the colorful cloud.

To the colorful clouds, it did not cause much damage, but it benefited the indigenous G.o.ds greatly.

Even if it was only a small part, it still gave him a terrifying reproductive ability and could pa.s.s this ability to his own race.

Neptune was straightforward and directly pa.s.sed on this ability to the sea monster nests, making them crazy reproductive machines.

He would create elites and think of ways to improve their strength, making them his trump card.

Thousands of years of preparation was nothing in the face of a truly powerful force.

At this moment, the gorgeous cloud that was blocking Tang Zhen’s eyes was the true body of that special treasure. It looked like a cl.u.s.ter of clouds and mist.

After a thousand years of nurturing, its size had already expanded by who knows how many times compared to when it first started.

Tang Zhen was able to know the origin of this multicolored cloud because the two items in his divine Kingdom had actually transmitted the same information to him.

This thing is very important, so don’t miss it!

That fiery red Bird even wanted to fly out. However, it was suppressed by Tang Zhen.

The current environment was special, and he didn’t want to cause any trouble. It was better to observe the situation first.

After knowing the origin of the colorful cloud, Tang Zhen would definitely not miss it even if he did not receive a reminder.

This was a weapon that could help a race reproduce, and at the same time, it would not leave any hidden injuries. It was simply magical.

This kind of thing was very wonderful. Whether it was for personal use or for trading, there would definitely be no lack of market.

There were some races in the world of loucheng that had very low fertility. If he traded this treasure to them, he might be able to get a very rich return.

As this thought flashed across his heart, Tang Zhen prepared to take action and attempt to subdue the colorful cloud.

avoid the area ahead and continue to move toward the marked location. Try to leave the void in one minute!

Tang Zhen had already charged forward when he gave the order. At the same time, he raised his hand and waved it forward.

The giant hand formed by World Energy moved toward the colorful cloud like a giant pocket, trying to take it in.

The colorful cloud seemed to have sensed danger and began to move slowly, preparing to avoid Tang Zhen’s capture.

“You want to run?”

Tang Zhen increased his speed and controlled the huge pocket to continue closing up, tangling with the colorful cloud.

At the same time, a red flame rushed out of his body. It was the Supreme plane’s treasure that had taken the form of a bird.

After the bird appeared, it let out a long cry, as if it was summoning its companions.

After hearing the cry, the colorful cloud trembled a little, and then an obscure spiritual power swept over.

Tang Zhen was clearly aware that this was the colorful cloud’s doing. It was trying to confirm the little bird’s ident.i.ty.

The other divine Kingdom item that Tang Zhen had obtained, the special crystal that could conjure heart demons, also emitted waves of special fluctuations that spread out after penetrating the divine Kingdom in his mind.

After the aura of the two treasures appeared, the colorful cloud no longer moved and began to allow Tang Zhen to gather it.

This confident approach was undoubtedly showing Tang Zhen that it was not afraid of encountering any danger.

Actually, it made sense when he thought about it. To be able to give all kinds of creatures abnormal reproductive abilities, it must have a super strong vitality.

It would be extremely difficult to kill him.

Because the multicolored clouds were extremely compatible, it only took a short time for Tang Zhen to gather them together.

The pocket condensed from heaven and earth energy then compressed the colorful cloud until it was only one cubic meter in size.

After he finished gathering it, Tang Zhen extended his hand and sent it into the divine Kingdom in his mind.

In this short period of time, the escort team had already gone far away, but the spiritual force network was still connected.

However, Tang Zhen chose to block it one-way. In this case, no one would know what he had done.

Tang Zhen did not waste any more time after collecting the colorful cloud. He quickly caught up with the escort team.

As he returned to the team, the previously blocked spiritual power network was instantly reconnected.

“Lord Tang Zhen, have you already collected the colorful cloud?”

As soon as the spiritual power network was connected, the star Spirit Lord’s voice was heard with a hint of curiosity.

that’s right, but it wasn’t forcefully taken by me. It was voluntary, which is very interesting.

Tang Zhen did not expect that the colorful cloud would not show any signs of resistance after sensing the aura of its kind.

The process of subduing the multicolored cloud was so smooth that it was a little ridiculous. It had far exceeded Tang Zhen’s expectations.

“I heard that this cloud is related to Neptune’s reproductive ability. If that’s the case, this thing’s value is extraordinary!”

There was a hint of envy in the star Spirit Lord’s tone. He had clearly seen the value of the colorful cloud.

However, when they encountered the colorful cloud, Tang Zhen was the first to recognize its origin. After that, he was the first to rush forward.

The star Spirit Lord was a step too slow, so he naturally couldn’t fight for it, as it would make others look down on him.

Moreover, he did not have as many trump cards as Tang Zhen. Even if he were to face the colorful cloud, he might not be able to successfully subdue it.

This thing came from a super plane, so it must have quite a special ability, which was impossible to guard against in many cases.

Therefore, other than Tang Zhen, the other three overlords would not easily take action.

A thought suddenly appeared in Star Spirit Lord’s mind when he saw Tang Zhen subduing the colorful cloud.

“Sir Tang Zhen, are you sure that this kind of colorful cloud has the effect of increasing one’s reproductive ability?”

In fact, Tang Zhen could not be sure. After all, he had not tested it personally. However, with Neptune’s example, there should not be too much of a problem.

After receiving Tang Zhen’s reply, Star Spirit Lord hesitated for a moment before saying, ” “I have a friend who’s also a creator. The problem he’s facing now is that his family is not large.

If the colorful cloud is effective, I wonder if you can give up a portion of it and let my friend try it to see if it works?

If it’s useful, the other party will definitely give you a satisfactory return. At the same time, they will remember this favor.”

The star Spirit Overlord raised this matter. Not only was he helping his friend, but he was also helping Tang Zhen to acc.u.mulate connections. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Of course, the premise of everything was that Tang Zhen was willing to part with it and the colorful cloud was indeed effective.

after this matter is over, I will try to separate a part of it. If I can do it, I will contact you.

Tang Zhen didn’t give a definite answer, and the star Spirit Lord didn’t care. The conversation between the two ended there.

look, there’s a hole up ahead. We’re about to enter the divine Kingdom!

Someone shouted, and the voice spread through the spiritual network. The next moment, the darkness that shrouded the surroundings disappeared.

The clear sky reappeared in front of him, but it was also full of holes, like the end of the world.

Countless cultivators of loucheng coordinated with each other and fought with the void monsters. The minced meat on the ground piled up like a mountain, as if h.e.l.l had descended.