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Chapter 9

Catching a Pheasant

Suddenly, she heard a rustling sound. Then, she saw the gra.s.s not far away move.

Lin Xiaoyue used her spiritual energy to check, and then her face lit up.

Then, she turned back to look in the direction of Liu s.h.i.+ and Aunt w.a.n.g.

She found that she was blocked by a few piles of soil. She could no longer see them, and they could not see the situation here.

Lin Xiaoyue thought quickly. She turned around and told her brother to stay quiet.

Then, she tiptoed toward the bush.

When she was less than two meters away from the bush and the thing in the bush was alarmed and ready to fly, Lin Xiaoyue immediately increased the output of her spiritual power. At the same time, she ran a few steps and jumped down.

Then, the sickle in her hand slashed at the thing in the bush. Then, she made a few quick slashes.

Then, Lin Xiaozhi saw his sister take out a fat pheasant from the gra.s.s.

“Chicken! What a big chicken!” The little boy was initially frightened by Lin Xiaoyue’s actions, but when he saw Lin Xiaoyue take out a fat pheasant with flax feathers from the gra.s.s, he immediately shouted excitedly.

Not far away, Liu s.h.i.+ and Aunt w.a.n.g heard the noise and quickly ran over.

When they saw Lin Xiaoyue holding a pheasant that weighed more than four catties in her hand, both of them were shocked.

“Aiya, Yue’er! How did you catch it?” Aunt w.a.n.g was the first to react and ran toward Lin Xiaoyue with a smile.

They were common in the mountains. The higher they went up the mountain, the more wild animals there were. Only a few people had the ability to catch them.

Even professional hunters could only get a limited amount of prey every day.

Liu s.h.i.+ was also delighted. She ran to Lin Xiaoyue with Aunt w.a.n.g.

“Hehe, I’m just lucky.” Lin Xiaoyue handed the pheasant to her. “Aunty, please hold this for me. There’s a nest of wild eggs in here.”

“Eh, okay!” Aunt w.a.n.g hurriedly took the pheasant.

Good heavens, it weighed more than four pounds.

Lin Xiaoyue quickly bent down and took out the pheasant eggs.

There were actually fifteen of them.

After taking out the eggs, Lin Xiaoyue climbed up and returned to them.

“Mom, I’ll take it back and clean it up later. Let’s eat stewed pheasant meat for lunch,” she said happily.

Then, she looked at Aunt w.a.n.g and said, “Aunty, get uncle, Brother Shuanzi, and Erya over for lunch. Let’s have a good meal together!”

Aunt w.a.n.g’s expression changed and she quickly refused.

“Don’t think about eating them! This thing is expensive. If you send it to a restaurant in town, it can be exchanged for more than ten coins per catty. This chicken weighs at least four catties and is worth dozens of coins!”

Aunt w.a.n.g smiled and said, “If you exchange it for money and buy some coa.r.s.e rice, it’ll be enough for the three of you for five to six days!”

Lin Xiaoyue was a little surprised.

Dozens of coins? She had no idea how much things cost in this era, but could a dozen coins sustain a family of three for five to six days?

She… seemed to have found a way to earn money..

Hearing that, a hint of hesitation flashed in Liu s.h.i.+’s eyes.

With the situation at home, they did need money. With the food stored in the interspatial ring, they didn’t lack food for the time being.

Hmm, the food at home…

Yes, she could sell those things in town in exchange for coa.r.s.e grains at least two to three times the amount, which was enough to sustain them for a longer time.

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t know that her mother actually had the idea of selling the good grains in exchange for coa.r.s.e grains.

“What aunty said makes sense.” Lin Xiaoyue thought for a moment and said, “Then I’ll sell this pheasant in town tomorrow. Take these pheasant eggs back to uncle and Erya for some nutrients.”

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