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Hot Farmer's Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm

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Chapter 10

Liu s.h.i.+ Wanted to Sell the Grain

Her family had received a lot of help from the w.a.n.g family in the past. This was a rare opportunity for her to return the favor. She would not be stingy.

“No. Wild eggs can also be sold for money, two coins each, it’s worth a lot!” Aunt w.a.n.g said earnestly, “It’s the thought that counts!”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Liu s.h.i.+.

What else could she say to such a kind woman?

“You should take it. We received so much help from your family, and you don’t even want a few eggs. How can I still accept your help in the future?” Liu s.h.i.+ finally said.

“Eh, I’ve only given you some brown rice and wild vegetables, it’s not a big deal.”

Facing her insistence, Aunt w.a.n.g looked troubled. She finally said, “Alright, then I’ll shamelessly take five eggs, but nothing more.” She looked at Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue’s face lit up. “Eight.It’s a good sign!” She said with a smile.

Aunt w.a.n.g looked at Liu s.h.i.+. Then, she burst out laughing.

“You really know how to talk!”

Thus, Lin Xiaoyue gave Aunt w.a.n.g eight eggs. Then, she placed the pheasant and the remaining eggs into Liu s.h.i.+’s basket.

Aunt w.a.n.g even cut up some wild gra.s.s to cover the pheasant so that no one saw it. She even reminded her to be careful of the Lin family members.

“I see that you almost have enough vegetables, so hurry up and take the two children back. It’s a good harvest. After you go back, put the pheasant in the water tank and send it to the town tomorrow morning to prevent it from spoiling,” said Aunt w.a.n.g.

“But you…” Liu s.h.i.+ saw that there were not many vegetables in Aunt w.a.n.g’s basket.

“I’ll stay for a while and come back when the sun rises. Don’t mind me,” urged Aunt w.a.n.g.

“Alright.” Only then did Liu s.h.i.+ leave with Lin Xiaoyue and Lin Xiaozhi.

When they returned home, under Lin Xiaozhi’s excited gaze, Liu s.h.i.+ hurriedly took out the pheasant.

After cleaning it up, she was going to put it in the water tank, but was stopped by Lin Xiaoyue.

“Mom, just keep it in your interspatial ring. Things won’t go bad there.”

Liu s.h.i.+ was stunned, then came to a realization.

Her daughter had told her before that time in a spiritual artifact was stagnant, and food would never go bad in it.

“I almost forgot!” Liu s.h.i.+ said.

Then, she took the pheasant and put it into the s.p.a.ce with her mind.

Seeing that everything went smoothly, Liu s.h.i.+ found it unbelievable.

The magical artifact her daughter gave her was really amazing.

Liu s.h.i.+ paused.

She remembered the idea she had on the mountain.

Then, she pulled Lin Xiaoyue to the table and sat her down.

“Yue’er, I want to discuss something with you,” she said with a serious face.

Lin Xiaoyue froze.

She pulled the little boy into her arms.

“Tell me, ” she said.

“I think we should sell the pheasant and some of the refined grains.” She wanted to say all of them, but she changed it to “some” at the last minute.

“Then we’ll exchange it for coa.r.s.e rice. That will feed us for a few more months.”

Lin Xiaoyue was surprised. She immediately realized that her mother was worried about their future lives.

“Now that we have the spiritual artifact given by your father, we don’t have to worry about the things being stolen by your grandmother. When we have enough food, I will think of a way to do more embroidery work and exchange it for money so that this house can be renovated.”

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