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Hot Farmer's Wife: Buying a Husband for the Farm

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Chapter 11

The Land t.i.tle was with the Lin Family

The more Lin Xiaoyue listened, the more surprised she became.

Her mother was also very hardworking.

Lin Xiaoyue thought for a moment and held Liu s.h.i.+’s hand.

“Mom, don’t worry about the food.” Lin Xiaoyue’s eyes were burning with energy. “I still have rice, flour, grain, and oil in my interspatial ring. The amount is enough for us to eat until next year.”

Liu s.h.i.+ was stunned.

“Dad gave us so many things because he hoped that the three of us could eat well. If he knew that you sold the things he gave, he would feel bad,” Lin Xiaoyue advised her mother.

She was always hungry during the apocalypse. Now that she finally had enough to eat every day, she really didn’t want to lower her standard of living. She wanted to eat meat.

As expected, a hint of hesitation flashed in Liu s.h.i.+’s eyes.

But then she said firmly, “Your father can understand.”

Lin Xiaoyue was stunned.

It seemed that her mother was determined.

“Uh… mom, why don’t we wait a little longer?” Lin Xiaoyue really didn’t want to eat coa.r.s.e rice.

Seeing that her mother was going to persuade her again, Lin Xiaoyue hurriedly said, “I just woke up. Why not let me eat something good for a few more days? Anyway, we can sell the grain at any time.”

Liu s.h.i.+ paused.

She thought that with the magic tool, she could indeed sell the food anytime.

Seeing her daughter’s pitiful look, her heart softened.

“Okay. Then we’ll talk about it later.” She finally let out a sigh of relief.

Lin Xiaoyue instantly let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing Liu s.h.i.+’s worried expression, she knew that she was worried about the house.

“Our house is not livable. Mom, do you know how much it will cost to build a new one?”

It was mid-june and there was still half a year before winter. After deducting the construction time of more than a month, she would only have five months to earn money if she wanted to live in a new house before winter. However, she did not know how much money it would cost.

Liu s.h.i.+ paused.

“Building a new house? I’ve heard your father mention this before.”

“For a house as big as Aunt w.a.n.g’s, it would cost at least 50 taels of silver for the materials. And for a house like the Lin family’s, well… it would cost at least 150 taels of silver. The bigger the area, the more money is required. How big of a house do you want?”

Lin Xiaoyue didn’t know about the average purchasing power in this world. After hearing what Liu s.h.i.+ said, she started to think about the house she wanted.

“Pfft…” then she heard her mother laugh.

Then, Lin Xiaoyue quickly understood the smile in her mother’s eyes.

Well, her mother didn’t take her words seriously at all. She was just teasing her…

Lin Xiaoyue was annoyed. She just looked at her mother laugh.

Liu s.h.i.+ laughed for a while and finally didn’t have the heart to continue laughing at her daughter.

“Well, it costs too much money to build a new house, and the land t.i.tle of this house is still with the Lin family. Don’t even think about it.” Liu s.h.i.+ reached out and touched her daughter’s head.

“I only want to spend six to seven hundred coins to repair the roof, walls, and stove. Then, get a secure door. After that, I’ll earn some money to buy cotton wool for us to spend the winter.” Liu s.h.i.+ smiled and said.

After her husband died, her mother-in-law would come and cause trouble from time to time. She was also worried about her daughter, so she didn’t want to fight them.

Not only was her daughter awake and sensible, they also had the spiritual artifact, she felt that she could look forward to the days in the future again.

Although their family did not have land, her needlework was not bad. She could also teach her daughter to do it with her. Perhaps she could even save up some dowry for her daughter.

Lin Xiaoyue was surprised.

The land t.i.tle of this house was still with the Lin family?

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