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Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

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Chapter 7: Tears of Pain

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Jiang Yue’s face was unreadable, it was as if she purposely didn’t notice that he was looking at her.

Xue Dafu was shocked. He didn’t even have time to put down his load and asked anxiously, “How did he get beaten up? Who did it?”

“Who knows?” The aunt replied. “Someone asked, but that family didn’t dare to say anything. They only cried and wailed from the pain.”

“Yeah I was there and that was all they did!” Someone in the crowd said in excitement. “Jiang deserves what happened to him today. He always bullies everyone with his strength!”

“Isn’t that so?” A young woman gloated. “It’s true! His face was covered in snot from crying. I was so happy when I saw that pitiful face of his.”

“It’s definitely retribution!” Some people shouted in agreement.

“Jiang seemed to have said something about breaking off Jiang Yue’s marriage contract …” Someone spoke up.

Everyone immediately turned to Jiang Yue and asked, “Jiang Yue, is it true? Did your uncle really break the contract for you? Since when did he have such a conscience? We don’t believe it.”

Before Jiang Yue could reply, the aunt continued, “Even the village chief couldn’t believe it. He never expected that, but he cried and said that he found his conscience. Then, he cried even harder. I’m dying of laughter thinking about it…”

The aunt looked like she was about to die from laughter as she slapped her thigh. The bowl of rice in her hand almost fell to the ground because she kept cackling.

The others also laughed along.

“So that means Jiang Yue is no longer related to Jiang’s family. What should she do for her future?” Suddenly, an old lady said worriedly. “How can a three-year-old little girl live alone?”

“That’s right…” Everyone’s expression turned serious as they looked at Jiang Yue.

Before Jiang Yue could say anything, Xue Dafu grinned and said, “What do you mean how to live? Didn’t I bring Jiang Yue back? It was a coincidence that we met. In the future, Jiang Yue will be a member of our family. All right, all right, all of you, Make way, make way. My wife already prepared our dinners. If we go back late, she’ll nag at us again.”

“No wonder Jiang Yue is with you. Dafu, you’re so kind.” Everyone gave way and praised him.

“It’s nothing.” Xue Dafu was still chuckling. He didn’t think that he was being kind at all. He just felt that his conscience would be at ease knowing that the little girl will be safe.

“Let’s go,” he said. “Jiang Yue,” Xue Yan whispered to Jiang Yue when he saw his father carrying the load and walking away.

Jiang Yue nodded and continued to walk forward with Xue Yan.

However, after a few steps, Jiang Yue suddenly thought of something and lowered her voice, “Yes, I did.”

Xue Yan stopped in his tracks. It was as if his entire body had been frozen.

Jiang Yue’s lips curved up slightly.

Indeed, even if this person knew that something was wrong with her, he still hoped that there was nothing more wrong with her.

Xue Yan was not st*pid, he knew that Jiang Yue said that on purpose. He had a complicated expression on his face, as if he wanted to say something, but he decided not to. In the end, he only asked her to move along.

Even if something was amiss, he had picked it up. He couldn’t do anything having this information now though.

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