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Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

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Chapter 8: Can’t Hold Back

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Jiang Yue had just arrived at the entrance of Xue Yan’s house, but before she could go in, Xue Dafu’s wife, son, and daughter-in-law had already heard the news and surrounded her.

Xue Dafu’s wife was called Liu Guixia.

Other than Xue Yan, Xue Dafu had five other sons. Xue Yifu, Xue Erfu, Xue Sanfu, Xue Sifu, and Xue Wufu.

It was evident that Xue Yan had been called Xue Liufu in the beginning. It was not until he went to school that the teacher changed his name to Xue Yan due to the amount of bullying he received from it.

His eldest brother, Xue Yifu, was already married, and his wife was Li Hehua. Li Hehua had been married for four years, but she still didn’t have any children.

His second brother, Xue Erfu, had also gotten married. He had been married for exactly a year, and his wife was Yu Hongyan.

Yu Hongyan was now almost five months pregnant. It was obvious that she was pregnant as she was showing.

His third brother, Xue Sanfu, was engaged, but not yet married. Because there were people building houses in town, he had gone to work in a town with some young men to earn a few extra bucks. He had been gone for half a month and was not at home at the moment.

The people in that village followed a strict tradition. The third brother was not married, so naturally, the fourth and fifth brothers were not married either. The fourth brother was not at home now. He was clever, he became a waiter in another town.

His fifth brother, Xue Wufu, was only 14 years old and was not around. He said that he had gone to the fields early in the morning to pluck out the weeds and had not returned yet.

“Jiang Yue, this will be your home from now on. We will take good care of you.” Liu Guixia said enthusiastically. What a pitiful child, losing both her parents at such a young age.” The second part of the sentence was spoken in a hushed manner in front of the little girl.

Xue Yifu couldn’t stop waving at his new sister.

“Jiang Yue, come with me. I’ll bring you to your new room, okay?” Li Hehua’s voice was especially soft. It looked like she was afraid of scaring the little girl in front of her. She didn’t have any children, so no matter which child it was, she would cherish them as much as she could.

Moreover, this little girl in front of her had a pair of big round eyes that were filled with life. Her eyes seemed to be glowing, and she had silky smooth porcelain skin. Li Hehua did not dare to touch her, for fear that the little girl would break if she did.

“Thank you,” Jiang Yue said politely.

Xue Dafu’s family were all good people. They heard stories of what had happened to this little girl.

“No need to thank me.” Li Hehua was overjoyed and hurriedly replied. She became excited as she spoke with eyes filled with love. “Jiang Yue, have you always been this polite? You’re such an obedient child.”

Jiang Yue knew that her current appearance was very deceptive, that she was not really a child and was not obedient at all. She looked at Xue Yan, who was standing at the side, hoping that Xue Yan could help her and stop everyone from treating her like this.

Xue Yan put his fist to his lips and coughed. His eyes looked at everything else except her. He used his actions to tell her that he could not help even if he wanted to.

Jiang Yue was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

“Hongyan, maybe it’s time to try for kids?”

Xue Erfu, who was always the flamboyant and carefree type, looked at the little girl in front of him as he gently elbowed his wife to change the topic.

“Hey, how were you raised in that family? You have really good features.”

It was clear that Xue Erfu did not want anything to do with this.

Yu Hongyan also found it rare. She stared at Jiang Yue and said, “That’s right. How did they raise you? In all the villages in this area, you have the most catching features.”

“Alright, alright, don’t crowd around Jiang Yue anymore. Let’s not scare her on her first day here.” Xue Dafu, who had already put down his firewood, waved his large hand at everyone to disperse. “Isn’t dinner ready? Let’s eat. Where’s Xue Wufu? He should be back by now.”

Speak of the Devil, Xue Wufu could be seen carrying a hoe and making his way back when.

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