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Farming in the Mountains: Max Level Jiaojiao Is Three Years Old

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Chapter 6: Locust Village

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As for Xue Yan, in his previous life, he was someone that followed his family’s wishes and studied hard to achieve many great things so that everyone could be proud of him.

After that, he was scouted and became the youngest top scholar at the age of 12. He was also placed in the Hanlin Academy.

He began making himself a name for himself. First, he was the a.s.sistant Minister of Finance, the Minister of Finance, the Prime Minister, the emperor’s teacher, and then he finally became the Regent King. He had great power and was loyal to the Emperor and had immense love for his country. However, none of his family members had a good ending. In fact, he met the same fate as them.

In order to make the Emperor feel at ease, he did not marry and start a family. He only pa.s.sed it on to his descendants. In the end, the Emperor still became paranoid. When he led the army to unify the world and personally sent his loyal lackey to the highest and most honorable position of the master of the world, the Emperor gave him a cup of poisonous wine.

He wanted him to die.

He had thought that he had really died, but he had not expected to be reborn at the age of seven.

In his previous life, had been betrayed. The only people he had let down were his family.

In this life, no matter what, he didn’t want to walk the path of his previous life.

He just wanted to be an ordinary person, an ordinary farmer.

In this case, at least his family would be safe. There wasn’t so much scheming, deception, and trickery if someone lived a mundane life.

Since that was the case, he naturally stopped studying and returned to the town. This move also reduced the burden on his family.

In order for him to have money to study, his family had worked so hard. His father’s back was hunched due to the continuous work …

Although he was only seven years old, it was not that he could not carry this bundle of firewood. He would definitely carry it home.

Xue Dafu looked back and saw that his youngest son was already holding Jiang Yue’s hand. Jiang Yue was obediently following behind him and was not too far behind. However, his youngest son was still stubbornly carrying the small bundle of firewood on his back. His heart ached, and he couldn’t bear to see it anymore.

When his youngest son was only four years old, he had been sent to the town to study. He had never done such heavy and rough work.

Jiang Yue looked at Xue Yan, then at Xue Dafu, and felt that it wasn’t easy being a farmer.

Xue Dafu’s family lived in a village called Locust Village, which was very close to the original her prior village, Willow Village. There was only a river between the two villages.

Locust Village was financially similar to Willow Village. They were also very poor. It could be said that the eight villages within ten miles were all very poor.

They were all mud-brick houses with thatched roofs. Most of the houses were very old. There were even large cracks on the mud-brick walls of many houses, making them look like dilapidated houses.

Fortunately, there were trees in front and behind every house, and vegetables were planted in the yard. This added a lot of greenery and life to the village. Even if the village was poor, it was full of vitality.

At this time, it was already noon. Many people in Locust Village were already ready to dig into their meals. They were eating lunch at the entrance and chatting with their neighbors.

The atmosphere was especially loud.

Jiang Yue heard everything clearly even before she even got close.

It was an aunt in the village that saw her following behind Xue Dafu. She immediately pointed at her and shouted, “Jiang Yue! It’s Jiang Yue! Jiang Yue, what are you doing here? Do you know that your uncle’s family had been beaten up? I’ve lived for so long, but I’ve never seen anyone that had been beaten up more miserably than them.”

“That’s right, that’s right, Jiang Yue.” The others have all gathered around with their bowls.

These people were all adults and they all knew Jiang Yue.

Xue Yan thought of Jiang Yue’s strength and the fact that it happened so coincidentally today, so he looked at Jiang Yue. He suspected that she was the one who beat up that family.

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