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Chapter 86

Was this what it meant to be in the place of trials? As long as the trial mission’s object was not defeated and killed, even if you were dead, the entire world would start over an infinite number of times?

Wasn’t that like a never-ending prison of time?

Of course, this was not necessarily bad for the determined martial arts pract.i.tioners, perhaps even a dream place for them to train.

Mu Yang thought as he walked towards the demon in the village. He ignored the urgent shouts and discouragement from the villagers and walked up to the demon.

“Hahaha, there’s actually a self-surrendering human.”

The scaly monster saw Muyang approaching and laughed proudly. He was about to open his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and swallow him, but Muyang lightly raised his palm.

Electric light flashed, and his line of sight broke. It split in two, then moved up and down in a dislocation. 

“No…no way…”

The demon’s face was filled with astonishment. It suddenly realized that its head had been split in two by the opponent. Its consciousness gradually plunged into darkness.

“History is repeating itself.” Muyang smiled indifferently.

Now that he already knew this illusionary world would not actually threaten his life, Muyang was completely unleashed.

It seemed like an illusion, just like a dream; perhaps this was the illusionary world’s true meaning. 

Ignoring the horrified and adoring gazes of the people around him, Muyang leaped into the air. This time, he didn’t head towards Korin Tower; instead, he sought out another ki that permeated the air and flew towards the south.

There was the lair of the Great Demon King Piccolo.

He had already made contact with Melukojo.

This time, Muyang planned to meet the Great Demon King Piccolo. 

As for Melukojo, Muyang already had a rough understanding of him. Melukojo said he came from Planet Tucamand.

Although he didn’t know why an alien would become a demon after descending to earth, the life in this illusory world had evolved based on the history of two hundred and fifty years ago, which meant that… in the real history, Melukojo must have been a character as well.

As Muyang thought of what Melukojo said about the aircraft malfunction, the first thing that came to Muyang’s mind was the wreckage aircraft that had crashed in the valley inside the Primitive Mountain.

The scouter on Muyang’s hand was discovered from that pile of wreckage. It was already a bit strange that no corpse was found on the s.h.i.+p at that time.

It turned out the alien who came to earth didn’t die on the spot; instead, he lived on earth, which could be Melukojo.

As to why there was no record of Melukojo in later history, he guessed that it might have been disposed of by Kami or Mr. Popo after Melukojo became a Demon.

Because Melukujo was different from Great Demon King Piccolo, there was a reason for Kami or Mr. Popo to take direct action. 

This world didn’t have The Lookout, Kami, or Mr. Popo, which naturally evolved into a situation where the two Demon Kings were running the world.


A town in the south.

All the humans in the town had died, so what came into view was a pale and desolate scene. In the northwest corner of the town, there was a mountain peak.

The gra.s.s and trees around it were falling off, and crows were singing. The place was covered with white bones, and there was a palace made of white bones standing there.

At night time, the cold wind whined and chirped, which appeared incomparably frightening.

Suddenly a flash crossed the sky. Muyang sought the evil scent of the Great Demon King Piccolo and when he landed at the entrance of the White Bone Palace.

The demon guardians immediately spotted him. Those demons were all subordinates created by the Great Demon King Piccolo; they had green skin and scales. 

“Who are you?” The demon guards shouted forward.

However, what greeted them was a radiant ki wave.

Boom! Boom!

Brilliant ki exploded at the entrance of the palace. Muyang’s ki wave was not something these demons with 100 power levels could resist. In a split second, countless demons died in the ki wave’s explosion, and the palace’s door was blown open. Muyang stepped into the palace with dignity.

The inside of the palace was dimly lit, with shadowy bonfires lit on both sides—the choking smell of kerosene permeating the corridors.

Muyang frowned and walked until he reached the innermost part of the palace. In the middle of a s.p.a.cious hall, he saw the Great Demon King Piccolo was sitting on top of the throne. 

It had green skin, black eyes, dark red muscle stripes outlining its arms and abdomen, and two tentacle-like things on its head.

This was the young Great Demon King Piccolo, whose real ident.i.ty was the Namekian.

At this time, Great Demon King Piccolo slightly closed his eyes, and his hands were on the white bone throne.

When he saw Muyang come in, he opened his eyes, and his expression was indifferent, “What an ignorant human. How many batches of you are coming to die? But that’s okay; a constant battle will only give me a lot of fun, and watching you all come one by one to die will give me some relief.” 

“Hmph!” Muyang responded to him with a cold snort.

This Great Demon King Piccolo, in front of him, really thought he was the Great Demon King. Didn’t he know that the Great Demon Kings in fairy tales like this would all be killed by the brave ones in the end!

“Oh, you’re quite strong, though.” The Great Demon King Piccolo shook his head with a faint smile.

“Great Demon King Piccolo.”

Without saying many words, Muyang directly let go of his ki. Suddenly, overshadowing ki filled the entire palace, and the Great Demon King Piccolo abruptly opened his eyes wide, his smile stagnant, and his face turned ugly. 

“This world actually has a strong human like you.” The Great Demon King Piccolo was shocked, and his eyes flashed with killing intent.

“Let’s fight!”

If this were to face a real enemy, it would definitely not be a sensible move for Muyang to be the first to reveal his cards. However, this was the illusionary world, death would just be a do-over for him, plus the Great Demon King Piccolo’s overall strength might not be stronger than his own.

Of course, he had to take advantage of such a good trial opportunity. Therefore, using this place’s characteristics, he had to enhance his combat ability and constantly identify his problems. 

“You’re looking for your own death!” The Great Demon King Piccolo said coldly. An icy coldness was released, instantly canceling out Muyang’s ki.

The Great Demon King Piccolo stood up, and the real battle finally began.

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