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Chapter 85

Muyang didn’t expect that this Melukojo’s skin was thick enough that he could actually stand up after taking such a ma.s.sive attack. He even knew how to make this weird move, similar to Power Up! 

A reddish glow mended the cracked streaks on the body, giving him a brand new body. His strength, which had been greatly decayed, was also fully restored to its peak after the Power Up.

This skill was similar to the Great Demon King Piccolo and even the Namekian, except that the Namekian consumed ki, so Muyang wondered what the price Melukojo paid for it.

Thirty years after the River East, and thirty years after the River West, everything seemed to be back to the original state.

This situation… this had the same effect as taking the Senzu Beans. Muyang didn’t have time to think. He took a deep breath and responded to Melukojo, who was attacking once again.

“Come on!” He roared.


A loud sound reverberated in the sky. The impact from a ki wave paired with a bombardment spread out, brilliantly illuminating the entire sky.

The battle had lasted for half an hour.

“Peng” “Peng” “Peng”…

The two sides continued to fight. Their attacks were coming one after another, often just after a move fell, the follow-up attack immediately trailed.

Each strike was ruthless and decisive, as if they did not leave the opponent a single chance to breathe.

Muyang did so because he knew that Melukojo couldn’t use that Power Up again. It was probably some kind of secret technique that could be performed to restore his full strength!

Although there may be a price to pay afterward, against a full-blown Melukojo, there was still a hammer!

Melukojo was even more so. He knew that Muyang had a “full recovery” weapon and that Muyang knew his affairs. His secret technique had a drawback that he couldn’t hide. 

“I must kill this kid!”

“He can’t stay here!”


The two of them coincidentally had the same thought.

Almost at the same moment, both of them attacked simultaneously; their bodies transformed into two lightning bolts constantly exchanging in the sky.

Boom Boom!

In the blink of an eye, countless more rounds were exchanged.

At this time, Muyang’s entire body was incinerated in the battle. His upper body was bare, a piece of muscle taut and hardened, as his muscles were trembling.

His breathing became heavy, and after several rounds of intense consumption, Muyang’s ki had been mostly depleted.

His rhythm began to slow down a little. However, with his level and ability to use his moves in a watertight manner, his ki consumption was much less than Melukojo.

After enduring several rounds of Muyang’s strong attacks, even though his overall strength was higher than Muyang’s, he couldn’t do anything about his opponent’s cunning way of dodging like a loach during the fight. So, he was now on the verge of exhaustion.

Compared to Muyang, Melukojo was even more exhausted. The last time he recovered his full strength, he didn’t really recover to his “full strength”; it was only 90% at best. He would definitely lose if the fight continued. 

“d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n, d.a.m.n earthlings, how could I lose to you!”

After several successive wild bombardments, his opponent was still standing firm in front of him, making Melukojo’s face darkened a bit.

His conviction began to crumble. He even wondered if his guess was correct. Did his opponent actually possess more strength than he did? 

This couldn’t go on; he would only die if he continued to fight.

When he thought of this, Melukojo’s face became gloomy.

“Does the great Lord Melukojo have no choice but to run away?” His face was torn. He really didn’t want to take this shameful step, but his heart was hardened. He knew it was the only way he could go!


What a painful choice!

Melukojo roared furiously, looking like a maniac. On the other side, when Muyang saw him roaring furiously, his heart tightened, and he began to defend with all his strength.

Who knew, maybe Melukojo fiercely blasted a ki wave towards him. However… Melukojo unexpectedly turned around and ran away. 

Muyang was dumbfounded. How could he just run away like that if he really wanted to run away? Why bother making such a big scene?

Those who didn’t know would think that he was going to fight for his life… Such a drama queen.

Upon seeing the black dots continued to fly away and get smaller, Muyang didn’t chase after him. Instead, he breathed in his spot and prepared to recover his strength.

If he failed to defeat Melukojo in this battle, there would be another one. He didn’t have to end it right now because time was on his side. 

After a while, Muyang felt that something was wrong. The black dot that flew far away and became smaller had actually become bigger again. Did Melukojo return? 

What was going on here? Weren’t he going to leave me alone for now?

Muyang fixed his eyes, and sure enough, he could see it was Melukojo. He was back!

“This is Impossible. How can I, Melukojo, be easily defeated in your hands?” In front of him, Melukojo’s face was stiff. His eyes stared blankly at Muyang.

Muyang, “Huh?”

After Melukojo finished his words, suddenly, his face became distorted, and his body began to bulge. 

“I’m going to kill you. Let’s all die together. Those who killed by the demons will not have peace even in the Other-World!” Melukojo said mechanically.

His body grew more bulbous as he spoke. The cracked red streaks on his torso gradually became brighter…

“This is not good!”

As he looked at the determination and evil intent on his opponent’s face, Muyang felt a hint of coldness for no reason.

Suddenly, he immediately realized what his opponent was thinking, ‘This fool, knowing he couldn’t win; he wanted to blow himself up!’

Even if he were to die, he would have to squeeze his back. What kind of torture did this Melukojo commit? He was just escaped, now he returned and wanted to die along with Muyang.

This wasn’t the result that Muyang wanted. He was afraid of being stunned, and he also didn’t want to die. The first thing he thought of was retreating.

However, it was already too late; Melukojo’s body had already swelled up. In the next second, terrifying ki that was enough to destroy a ten-kilometer radius exploded out.

“d.a.m.n it!”

The sudden ki coming from behind swept Muyang in. Muyang turned pale. He couldn’t disengage in time and was still covered by the ki from Melukojo’s self-destruct.


The sharp pain of his flesh hit his brain. In the next second, it was as if his brain had stopped working. A moment later, the explosion ended, but at this time, the entire world also seemed to fall into a strange stasis as Muyang died.

In a spiral, the world began to collapse, and everything dissipated like a dream bubble.

The world seemed to begin reforming!



He didn’t know how much time had pa.s.sed. Muyang’s fingers moved, and when he climbed up, he suddenly found that the scene around him was very familiar…

The mountains were clear and beautiful. The water was flowing in the dense forest, and birds stopped in the trees from time to time, making a long and a short call. 

This was the place where he had entered the illusionary world before.

How did he return here by himself?

Oh yeah, he was dead. Melukojo’s self-destructing ki had strangled him. Muyang touched his head as he recalled what had happened.

However, the last scene was only a bit of a blur, and Melukojo’s departure and return were also quite confusing. 

Forget it; let’s not think about it for now. Muyang looked around with some doubts. This was indeed the place where he descended. 

He shook his fist as the surging ki made him feel incomparably real. His strength didn’t weaken. It was still the same strength he had when he fought with Melukojo.

As he walked along the mountain path out of the forest, Muayang entered a town that wasn’t too busy. The people on the road were in a hurry, carrying large bags that seemed to be running. 

In the meantime, Muyang raised his eyebrows and said, “This was the village that was attacked by the demons.” 

Sure enough, what happened next to this place was exactly the same as what happened before.

A demon covered in scaly armor with flames spewing from its mouth was torturing the villagers here.

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