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Chapter 84

“Hahahaha…” Melukojo laughed. He landed from the sky and stood three meters away from Muyang.

“Ridiculous, how could a king like me be a creature from a reckless planet like earth? This king comes from Planet Tucamand, which is far more advanced than earth. A planet like earth only deserves to be a colonial planet ruled by a king like me.”

The words were full of disdain for the earth as if only Planet Tucamand that he spoke of was of the highest cla.s.s.

“Planet Tucamand?” Muyang shook his head.

He hadn’t heard of this planet’s name, but judging from Melukojo’s 285 power level value, it wasn’t much more advanced than earth. According to the universal standards in the universe, it could be considered a Low-Level Planet, so there was nothing to be proud of. 

“How did you get to earth? Did you come here alone?”

“Well, there’s no harm in telling you. If it wasn’t for the malfunction of that aircraft I was riding in, I wouldn’t have descended to this backward place.” Without caring whether his opponent knew the truth or not, Melukojo made his point.

“If you’re an alien, how did you become a demon?”

“Well…” Melukojo was about to say when suddenly his face changed. It seemed a little scrupulous, and he said grimly, “Why are you asking, boy?” 

“I definitely won’t be able to escape anyway, so what do you have to worry about.” Muyang looked at Melukojo and calmly said.

“Hmph, seeing as this king has worked hard to find you for some days, there’s no harm in telling you. The reason why I became a demon is that back then…” The corner of Melukojo’s mouth curled up with an indifferent smile. He recalled the past; he was about to explain why he became a demon when a brilliant light came out of nowhere towards him. 

Muyang seized the opportunity and attacked decisively.


Without any more reservations, a vicious attack swept in. After releasing the Tri-Beam, Muyang bashed the fallen demon and launched several more rounds of attacks in a row, only to hear a loud puffy sound resounding through the sky, as a terrifying tornado running from the sky all the way to the ground.

“Ahhhhh!!!” Melukojo was caught off guard and let out a miserable and angry roar. The blood-red ki was holding open a s.h.i.+eld to ward off Muyang’s attack.

Surrounded by pitch-black ki, Melukojo’s figure was wretched. His face began to contort with rage, as he spat out a few words coldly, “You have truly angered Lord Melukojo. I will break you into pieces.”

The response he received was silence and an even more frantic attack.

Upon facing Melukojo’s threat, Muyang didn’t pay any attention to it.

He knew the truth of an anger attack, and he had no intention to answer. He only wanted to defeat Melukojo by all means now. Even if he couldn’t be defeated, it would be fine if he was seriously injured.

As Muyang’s body quickly traveled through the void, the places he pa.s.sed became blurred like flowing water. He stretched out his palm and unleashed another attack.

“Thunder Shock Surprise !”

This was a domain-level attack, accompanied by a golden electric light rising from the sky. Muyang smirked and continued to attack after a successful strike.

“Pfft…” a smear of blood spurted out of Melukojo’s mouth, and his body was blown away by Muyang’s attack.

In terms of power level, Muyang only had 246, while Melukojo had 285. However, in terms of level, Muyang was much higher than Melukojo. The two canceled each other out, actually causing them to fight on equal footing.

Although it was still Muyang who fell short, it no longer had the same cloudy difference as when they first met. 

“d.a.m.n it!” Melukojo’s face turned grim as he wretchedly found his opportunity.

After all, Melukojo’s strength was above Muyang’s. So, after the initial beating he took, Melukojo, who was gradually recovering, began to find his fighting rhythm.

Peng Peng…Boom!

The two silhouettes quickly flashed in the sky. Both of them extremely fast, only a few streaks of electricity flew. Muyang slammed into Melukojo, a light blue arcing ki wave swooped down. It landed an accurate attack right on top of Melukojo. An angry fire flashed in Melukojo’s eyes.

Click! Click!!!

Melukojo wore his hair loose and smiled grimly. After taking Muyang’s attack hard, he turned around and leaned up, his palm slicing through the air with a snorting sound.

“Cough… ” Muyang’s face changed abruptly. His throat constricted, and a mouthful of blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth. 

“Bang!” All his defenses crumbled. The ki in Muyang’s hand was reduced to a bubble in an instant. It was like a falling meteor emitting a brilliant and colorful l.u.s.ter.

“Hehe! d.a.m.n humans. Go to h.e.l.l!”

Melukojo laughed arrogantly. His spewing black energy spread out as he laughed. Then with a point of his toes, Melukojo flew through the air, chasing toward the place where Muyang had fallen.

However, at this moment, a sneer appeared on Muyang’s face.


A soft sound of beans shattering. Muyang quietly bit into the Senzu Beans that he had held in his mouth beforehand. Suddenly under the effect of the Senzu Beans, Muyang’s strength returned to its peak. Facing the swooping Melukojo, Muyang clenched his fist tightly, all the ki gathered in his fist, s.h.i.+ning with a bright white light. 

“You’re the one who’s going to die!!!”

Muyang shouted loudly and appeared in front of Melukojo with a swoosh. He clutched his entire body, and he smashed down towards Melukojo with his ki.

Melukojo’s face suddenly changed dramatically as he watched his dying enemy suddenly resurrected in place and launched a full attack on him. At this point, Melukojo didn’t have time to think. He retracted his hands and rested them on his chest, feeling a hint of fear from the incoming attack.

The loud rumbling and thunderclaps pierced his eardrums, and a new sun suddenly rose in the sky.


A glittering crack appeared from Melukojo’s chest. His body seemed to blast like a cannonball, flying over a thousand meters in the air. He then hit the ground and kept sliding for hundreds of meters before plunging deep into the rock layer. A huge impact trail several meters deep and wide, with a hundred meters long, was left on the surface.

“Ahem, earthling, you really impress me, but you’re too naive to kill me like that.”

“Even the Great Demon King Piccolo wouldn’t dare to make such a faux pas in front of me. So, how could I lose at your hands.” Melukojo ricketed his body. Blood hanging from the corners of his mouth, and his whole body crackled. However, his appearance had changed drastically from the previous one. 

A reddish glow clanged on his body’s cracked stripes’ surface, like a mysterious spell that looked disturbing.

He sneered, “I’d like to see how many times you can recover.”

After saying that, Melukojo ignored the injuries on his body and bounced up from the impact crater, attacking Muyang like lightning.

Muyang’s face became ugly when he faced Melukojo, who was attacking once again.

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