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Chapter 87

The world spun around, and the illusory world restarted once again.

In the battle with the Great Demon King Piccolo, Muyang was eventually defeated. The Great Demon King Piccolo was split from Namekian Old Kami.

His natural racial talent made his combat skills equally high. At least from Muyang’s point of view, the slightly understood why Melukojo, who obviously had a higher power level than the Great Demon King Piccolo, didn’t dare to attack him casually.

It should be said that two Demon Kings shouldn’t have fought without clearing the external obstacles. They might accidentally lose to a master among humans, such as Mutaito, who might pick up the advantage.

It would be better to strangle all the masters among the humans first, then engage in a fight between the Demon Kings.

Of course, with only 260 power levels, Muyang was confident that the Great Demon King Piccolo wouldn’t easily defeat him.

However, what he didn’t expect was that the Great Demon King Piccolo in front of him was definitely didn’t have 260 power level as he had previously thought; instead, it was at least 300 power level!

It was a serious miscalculation. Although Muyang was still fighting against him for a while, he was eventually killed by the Great Demon King Piccolo in his full glory in the White Bone Palace.

Over the next few restarts, Muyang kept challenging the Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukojo like a stimulant.

After failing seven times in a row, he finally figured out one thing.

Well, every time the illusion was restarted, it would increase the target of the challenge by a certain amount! This increase could be in strength or skill.

In other words, if you didn’t make progress in one try, the situation you faced next time would be more complicated and difficult!

At the same time, each illusion only had two chances to challenge the same target object. Like the last time when Muyang fought Melukojo, although he had an actual track record of defeating the opponent, he failed to strangle the opponent.

That was why he had the opportunity to start the third battle. As a result, the illusion struck, causing Melukojo to return and reenact the illusion through self-destruction.

After several illusionary experiences, Muyang steadily improved himself in the battle against the increasingly powerful enemies. Finally, he had the strength to defeat the Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukojo.

However, in the eighth restart, an accident happened again.

He was actually struck by the Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukojo’s combined attack and ended up suffering a bitter end.

“It’s a pity that this time, he was actually struck by the combined attack of the Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukojo, which had never been happened before in the previous times.”

Before his consciousness plunged into darkness, Muyang lamented.

It seemed that as Muyang’s power increased, the illusionary world was gradually changing its state.

At this point, Muyang’s power level had reached 290, close to 300! Individually, neither the increased Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukojo was a match for him anymore.

It was only logical that he should be able to complete the mission given by Mr. Popo easily.

As the ninth restart began, the illusionary world returned to its original state.

However, unlike the previous times, Muyang didn’t return to the forest he had landed in before; instead, he appeared near a hot spring.

With water gurgling in the distance and a layer of smoke rising from the hot spring, Muyang walked in and saw a set of a lady’s clothes hanging is a tree.

“Someone is bathing.”

With this thought in his mind, Muyang retreated toward the direction he came from.

Muyang is a normal male; he also has a desire for women. However, voyeurism is not something that he can do as he considers himself a “decent man.”

If he wanted to see, he could go back and discuss it with Mexia; maybe there was no need to peep.

As he stepped aside, he saw a figure creeping up from a tree trunk, and then hid in a corner, not moving.

The man was dressed in purple, had a pair of on his face, and was drooling for voyeurism.

“How dare you peek over a women’s bath.”

Muyang shook his head. He was suddenly despised.

He casually picked up a stone and threw it over towards the hot spring. Hey, for this kind of guy who casually peeked at women taking a bath, he just couldn’t help but want to give a little trouble!

The stone fell into the water with a plop. Everyone was in shock for a moment, and soon a woman’s voice was heard.

“Who’s there?”

“Miss, I caught a man over here peeping at you.” Muyang appeared behind the peeping man without a sound and caught him in the act.

“Huh? Someone’s peeping!”

The woman in the hot spring was so shocked. She quickly lifted up her clothes above the treetops and got dressed, while the peeping man struggled and begged, “Hey, hey, let me go. Everything is negotiable; let me go!”

“I can’t decide. You have to wait until the rightful owner comes.” Muyang shook his head righteously.

The man burst into tears, “No, it will be too late if you don’t let me go right now.”

“I don’t care about that.”

At this time, the woman came out from behind the hot spring. Her lavender hair stained with water droplets.

Because it happened so suddenly, the woman was obviously panicked, and when she saw the man who peeped at her, her fair face flushed with a hint of anger.

“Well, Ros.h.i.+, you’re such a pervert indeed. Watch me; I’ll tell father about this matter.”

“Don’t do that, Fanfan. I was wrong, please don’t tell the teacher, or I’ll be expelled from the school.”

The man who was addressed as Ros.h.i.+ immediately hung his head and begged when he heard the woman’s words.

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