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Chapter 80

Great Demon King Piccolo.

Regarding this name, Muyang could only describe it like a thunderbolt. After hearing this name from the villagers, he suddenly realized what Kind of world Mr. Popo had sent him to.

This place was actually a world constructed with the great catastrophe that happened more than two hundred and fifty years ago.

He recalled the episode in the original story where Son Goku was once sent hundreds of years ago by Mr. Popo with a machine when he was training in the Lookout… so that he could meet Mutaito. Muyang knew that he was in a similar situation.

“I see.”

Muyang waved his hand at the villagers in front of him. His mind had already been very clear.

Afterward, he no longer negotiated with the villagers. Instead, he directly soared into the sky, speedily flying towards this world’s Korin Tower.

If this realm was really an illusion built based on the “Great Demon King Piccolo Ruling the World,”. Then this must still be Earth, with Korin Tower and Korin’s existence. As for whether the Lookout was existent, he was not sure.

However, out of his trust in the Lookout room’s magic, he believed that this place should be interpreted according to historical facts.

So here’s the problem. Today’s Great Demon King Piccolo was in a young and robust state. He even has a power level of 260, and Muyang was definitely no match for him. That was why he made a little confirmation of the current situation.

“Mr. Popo has given me a big challenge this time. I’m no match for Great Demon King Piccolo at this moment.”

Mr. Popo told him that he could only return if he defeated the strongest character in this illusion world. Other than the Lookout that he didn’t know if it existed or not, the strongest character here was undoubtedly the Great Demon King Piccolo.

There was a swish, and a long bright line cut across the void. Everything you saw along the way was a purgatorial catastrophe.

Black smoke was billowing, the fire was raging, and the demons were slaughtering countless lives.

The air was filled with a sense of hostility.

Muyang gently quirked his eyebrows as a thought flashed through his brain, “Strange, the cataclysms in history don’t seem to be as cruel as the ones seen below, do they?”

Based on his knowledge of the original story, the strongest during the time of the Great Demon King Piccolo period was Piccolo himself. He alone created the terror that enveloped the world. Still, he didn’t have as many demons under his command… as the scene before him presented.

The number of demons in this world seemed to have been adjusted. How many times had they been doubled?

However, it was useless to overthink now. Muyang concentrated and began to accelerate. Soon the Korin Tower appeared in front of him.

Flying upwards along with the tower, Muyang ascended to the top of the tower.

At this time, there was another person on the Korin Tower besides Korin. That person had a white beard and a white martial arts uniform.

He was Mutaito, who was studying the Evil Containment Wave on top of the Korin Tower.

“Who are you?”

Korin was startled by the sudden appearance of Muyang, and his fat body shook like a blade of gra.s.s.

“Immortal Korin, and Mutaito.” Muyang jumped into the martial arts practice s.p.a.ce with his eyes fixed on the two.

Compared to Korin and Mutaito that he knew. The two in front of him were exactly the same in terms of their scent and ki attributes.

This illusionary world was like an interception of real history and thus cloned.

“Do you know us?”

After a brief period of not knowing what to do, Korin sniffed out Muyang’s human scent, and his expression calmed down.

“Kind of. You guys have a tremendous reputation. I know a little bit about it.” Muyang replied without any doubt.

When he thought about Korin, who looked frightened just now, Muyang wondered if he acted the same in history.

Korin narrowed his eyes and looked at Muyang… with a shocked expression, “I didn’t expect there would be a young man as strong as you in this world. It’s beyond my expectations. Perhaps you’re the only one who could be a match for the Great Demon King Piccolo and the other demon kings.”

“Another demon kings? Wasn’t it just Great Demon King Piccolo?” Muyang was puzzled.

“Hey, don’t you know, there are two demon kings down there in the chaos world below.”


Muyang’s heart was filled with amazement after hearing this. There was actually a demon king other than the Great Demon King Piccolo!

How was that possible? Did the history I knew was a false one?


Muyang suddenly reacted. Was this current world not completely deduced from historical facts, and there was special processing in it?

From Korin’s words, the speculation was pretty much solidified, and needless to say, it was all Mr. Popo’s creation.

A Great Demon King Piccolo had already left him with nowhere to go, and now there was actually another one!

Mutaito came over. Seeing that Muyang didn’t know much about it, he explained, “There are a total of two demon kings that are causing trouble in the world below. Besides the Great Demon King Piccolo, there is also a demon named Melukojo. Those demons in the lower realm are mainly the ones he brought out from the Demon Realm after opening the door to the Demon Realm.”

“So that’s how it is. No wonder there are so many demons. Just Great Demon King Piccolo alone can’t create that number. It turns out there’s another Demon, King!” Muyang suddenly realized and immediately felt intimidated.

Great Demon King Piccolo alone was something he could not deal with, and now with the addition of a Demon King, he felt like all he could is to roll up and leave.

“Young man, I hope you can join hands with me to save this world.”

Mutaito sincerely offered an invitation.

Muyang looked on indifferently. Instead of agreeing to it immediately, he asked, “When something this big happens in the lower realm, don’t the Kami at the Lookout care about it?”

In the original story, the Great Demon King Piccolo and the Kami relations.h.i.+p was the same. Furthermore, the Great Demon King Piccolo couldn’t destroy the entire world, so Kami and Mr. Popo didn’t intervene.

But now… after another demon clan intervened, the human race was on the verge of extinction. How could the Lookout just stand by and watch?

Just to Muyang’s surprise, after hearing his words, both Korin and Mutaito looked confused.

“Young man, what is the Lookout you’re talking about?”


The corner of Muyang’s mouth twitched. He now understood the layout of the world. It turned out that there was no Lookout here at all.

“No, nothing.” Muyang shook his head. He no longer dwelled on the Lookout issue and looked towards Mutaito, “Do you plan to learn the Evil Containment Wave to fight the Great Demon King Piccolo?”

“I do have the idea, but the move I’m working on can only be used against Great Demon King Piccolo alone. And n.o.body else can deal with Melukojo.”

Releasing the Evil Containment Wave alone required a lot of physical strength and was almost a fierce life-for-life move.

Before Muyang appeared, Mutaito was desperate for the future of this world. Fortunately, another strong man had arisen among the humans at a critical moment.

So, there would be someone who could handle Melukojo when he sacrificed himself.

“Can I learn too?”

“Of course.” Mutaito brightened and cautiously said, “The move I tried to create is called ‘Evil Containment Wave,’ but it has a fatal flaw. Once the wielder releases the Evil Containment Wave, he can also die along with the sealed target.”

“That’s pretty clear.” Muyang gave him an unexpected glance.

“A matter of life and death is at stake. So, of course, I have to make it clear.”

Muyang listened with a hint of a sigh on his face. Frankly speaking, if he were in his place, there was no chance that he might not have told such a secret at all.

In such a comparison, only a martial arts pract.i.tioner with a n.o.ble character as Mutaito would be qualified to ascend to the heavens after death!

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