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Chapter 81

“So Immortal Korin, how is the strength of that demon named Melukojo, and how does it compare to the Great Demon King Piccolo?”

Great Demon King Piccolo’s power level was around 260. Since Melukojo was able to cholera the world with the Great Demon King Piccolo and cause such great harm, he must be powerful as well.

“It’s strong. It’s probably stronger than Great Demon King Piccolo.” Korin shook his head bitterly. 

“As far as I know, the Great Demon King Piccolo had brief contact with Melukojo. Then the two became clear and maintained some sort of understanding, but in terms of territory size alone, Melukojo’s range of control is much larger, occupying sixty percent.” 

“In other words, Melukojo must be a little stronger than the Great Demon King Piccolo, but it shouldn’t be significantly stronger.”

Otherwise, the two couldn’t maintain that understanding.

“Yes.” Korin agreed with Muyang’s judgment.

Muyang nodded his head and began to organize his thoughts. Mr. Popo’s request was for him to defeat the strongest in this world.

This so-called defeat definitely didn’t mean as simple as sealing, but killing the opponent in an honorable manner. Otherwise, this trial would become meaningless. 

Of course, Muyang still had to learn the Evil Containment Wave, as well as the Thunder Shock Surprise and Tri-Beam.

These moves were extremely powerful and could provide a reference for Muyang’s future development.

“The priority is to rush the training. Killings are happening every second in the lower realm. We don’t have that much time.” Mutaito blew his beard, and his face was eager. Although the matter of training couldn’t be accomplished overnight, they really couldn’t afford to procrastinate.

“Yes, we can’t afford to delay any longer. We must quickly figure out a trick to deal with those two Demon Kings!”

Korin reacted and stopped engaging in nutritious repet.i.tion with Muyang. He didn’t even ask questions about Muyang’s origins.

In his opinion, as long as Muyang was human, that was enough. The peaceful aura about him indicated that he was an aid to humans.

Watching Korin and Mutaito turned to continue their learning about the Evil Containment Wave, Muyang stood beside them quietly watching. He managed to put himself in their shoes and understand their feelings.

Although he told himself that everything here was just an illusion and that the two in front of them were just special NPCs.

The reality that even their breath, fear, hunger, fatigue, and pain sensations could be simulated could no longer be described merely as an illusion.

This was simply an alternate reality world!

He just didn’t know if getting hurt or dying here meant getting hurt or dying for real, as well.

Even the Great Demon King Piccolo alone would be hard for him to defeat with his current strength, not to mention adding a more powerful Melukojo.

Stimulated by multiple nerve senses, Muyang felt the same real sense of urgency in his heart. Perhaps this current situation was the greatest challenge he had ever faced.

But even if it was a challenge, he wasn’t afraid in the slightest. Since it was a challenge, then let it be more intense! A flame of determination was burning in the eyes.


In the following days, Muyang stayed at the top of Korin Tower to train with Mutaito.

Although his strength had surpa.s.sed this current Mutaito and Korin, Muyang was still learning from the two.

Particularly when developing new moves, the kind of experience acc.u.mulated wasn’t necessarily related to his strength. 

Each time the night came, Muyang would open the Acceleration s.p.a.ce again and continue his training in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce. With the dense ki lingering around his body, it replenished his consumption during the day.

At this time, his ability to open the Acceleration s.p.a.ce was much stronger than before. With four times the amount of time added, Muyang had almost had an extra day of training compared to others.

Soon, Muyang had learned all of the powerful techniques, such as the Thunder Shock Surprise and Tri-Beam. 


“Evil Containment Wave!”

Without warning, a dark green spiral of ki waves appeared in Korin Tower’s practice field.

Hovering overhead, it seemed to distort the s.p.a.ce. However, it only lasted for a moment before the green ki wave seemed to take a backseat, dissipating like a dreamy bubble into a mist.

“Cough cough… “Mitaito was sweating profusely, and his face turned pale.

Muyang saw the situation and quickly handed him half a Senzu Bean to restore his strength.

“Hurry up and eat it.”

“Thank you.”

Mutaito took the Senzu Beans and quickly regained his strength after eating it. He then sighed, “It’s still not enough. This level of Evil Containment Wave won’t be able to trap Great Demon King Piccolo or Melukojo.”

“It’s fine. We can continue. I’m sure you’ll be able to perfect the Evil Containment Wave.” Muyang believed, as in the original story, Mutaito eventually succeeded in completing the training on the Evil Containment Wave.

However, this illusionary world had changed dramatically compared to the original world. His memories of those may not be accurate here.

Mutaito smiled as his strength had completely recovered. 

“It’s thanks to your Senzu Beans that I had the opportunity to cast the Evil Containment Wave. Otherwise, this training wouldn’t have been so fast. I didn’t expect there to be such a miraculous thing in this world.” 

Korin also nodded beside him, “That’s right, this thing called ‘Senzu Beans’ is really miraculous. I don’t know where you got it from.”

Muyang smiled without saying anything. He seemed a bit profound. In fact, the Senzu Beans came from Korin Tower from the real world.

Not only was there no Lookout in this trial world, but they’re also weren’t even any Senzu Beans. Muyang secretly thought that it was a pity.

Otherwise, he could have “raided” some more Senzu Beans. He just didn’t know if he could get the Senzu Beans back after using them on the people in the illusionary world…

“Muyang, you’ve learned both the Thunder Shock Surprise and Tri-Beam, your strength should have increased by a large amount, right?” Korin changed the subject and looked at Muyang seriously.

Muyang nodded and said, “My ki has indeed increased, but it is not yet a match for Great Demon King Piccolo and Melukojo…” 


At this point, Muyang suddenly closed his mouth and looked in a direction. His face became gloomy.

“What’s going on?” Korin saw Muyang suddenly stopped talking and asked gently, and looked in a direction as well, then frowned.

“There’s strong ki approaching towards us.”

“Oh, my G.o.d! It’s Melukojo’s ki. d.a.m.n it! How did he find out about Korin Tower?” Korin sucked in a breath of cold air. The fur all over his body suddenly trembled, and his voice trembled as he spoke.

Korin Towers was located in Melukojo’s territory, and Melukojo was heading towards them. There was no doubt their whereabouts had been revealed.

“Immortal Korin, did you say that Melukojo is heading this way?” Mutaito couldn’t yet sense Melukojo’s ki, but from Korin and Muyang’s conversation, he heard the proper meaning.

“That’s right, Melukojo is here. What are we going to do? The Korin Tower’s borders won’t be able to stop him.”

Korin was anxious. The magic of Korin Tower was only capable of intercepting all climbers who used external forces so that they would never reach the top of the tower. But to the powerful Melukojo, this layer of “testing” was useless.

“It’s too late to say anything now. We need to leave quickly.”

Muyang’s mind was spinning extremely fast. None of them was a match for that Melukojo right now. A hard fight was definitely not a wise choice. Muyang was not a pedantic person.

Before he was sure that there was a victory, moving as soon as possible was the most important thing to do.

“That’s right. Let’s hurry up and leave.”

At this time, Korin was less scrupulous. He was busy rummaging through the box to bring some useful things with him, then beckoned a golden somersault cloud and threw them up.

“Go quickly, run as far away as you can.”

Korin flew in the front of the somersault cloud, and behind him, Muyang and Mutaito looked at each other and followed. However, after flying for a while, they sensed that the evil scent behind them was getting closer. 

“Oh no, Melukojo is going to catch up.” Korin’s forehead fur was ruffled by the wind, as he kept looking back.

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