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Chapter 79

It was an old leafy forest, surrounded by green woods and pleasant air, with some mist between the lush trees.

There was a stream clattering beneath the mossy rocks, and from time to time, a bird stopped in the branches and made a long and short squawk. 

“This is an illusion?” Muyang frowned. The first thing that came to his mind was the training s.p.a.ce that Mr. Popo had virtualized through the machine.

He was having experienced practicing in the illusionary world a few times before. Muyang immediately judged that the world he was currently in was also an illusionary world.

It was just different from ordinary illusions. The illusions constructed by the Lookout room were basically the same as the real world. 

Muyang didn’t use the Dancing Sky Art to float at this time. Instead, he walked down the mountain path. First, he had to figure out what was going on in this illusionary world.

The test mission that Mr. Popo gave him was to defeat the strongest character in this world. It meant that there were opponents in this illusion world that he was currently unable to defeat. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called a test.

Mr. Popo’s exact words were, “You can only come out after you defeat the strongest character in there, so be careful.”

Mr. Popo reminded him to be careful!

It also meant that his opponent’s strength was relatively superior to his.

When he thought of this, a fighting spirit of struggle arose in Muyang’s heart conversely.

Because of their relatively good qualities, Muyang’s training had actually been going smoothly in the past few years.

Especially after opening the golden finger of Acceleration s.p.a.ce. Basically, there were no setbacks.

However, the most dubious battle was when he faced Mercenary Tao. Even back then, he won through the Senzu Beans’ power in the end.

It could be said that up until today, the level of earth’s martial arts pract.i.tioners had been unable to keep up with Muyang’s pace.

However, Muyang still hadn’t suffered any setbacks, gradually giving him the feeling that it was easy for him to win on earth.

Of course, this was an illusion, but at least Mr. Popo was an exception.

He also longed for an evenly matched battle, not with any sense of self-abuse, but rather with the hope of testing his training results.

After all, fighting an enemy was different from fighting against Mr. Popo in training. Also, it was more likely to stimulate potential in battle.

As Muyang followed the mountain path out of the forest, he entered a not so prosperous town. The people on the road were in a hurry, carrying large bags as if they were on the run.

Muyang held one of them by the hand, “What’s going on here, folks? Where are you all going?”

The man looked frightened, and upon seeing Muyang, he did not forget to remind Muyang kindly. “Run! The demon is coming. If you don’t leave, it will be too late.”

Muyang let go of the man’s hand and looked at his back as he stumbled and fled. Muyang thought thoughtfully, “Is the demon he talked about is the target of my trial? That’s a little too straightforward…”

With that in mind, Muyang closed his eyes and felt it. There was indeed an evil scent in the air.

Suddenly he opened his eyes, and a brilliant light flashed in his eyes.

Secretly, he said, “Here it comes!”

Sure enough, there were miserable screams, and children’s cries came from the other end of the town.

Muyang’s figure flashed and appeared at the other end of the town in a blink of an eye. What came into view was a dark green, scaly monster.

The monster was covered in scaly armor. It had horns on its head and a pair of wings on its back. It looked like both a dinosaur and a strange bird. It even exuded an evil aura.

“Is this the demon? The power level is around 100 or so.” Muyang sensed it and roughly judged the opponent’s power level.

As Muyang arrived, he happened to witness the demon was doing evil.


The dinosaur-like demon opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and swallowed a human in one bite. It chewed and spewed out a section of flame, which suddenly ignited a few thatch-built houses nearby.

“Hahahaha, what a pleasure. Woo! First, complete the orders of Demon King. How good it would be for the foolish humans to obey the Demon King’s order.” The dinosaur-like demon raised its head and spewed out blazing flames from its mouth.

Suddenly, the corner of the town turned into a sea of purgatorial fire, with countless screams.

“Help me; someone helps me.”

“I don’t want to die. Mother, I’m scared!!!”

“It’s so hot, it hurts!” The flames ignited many people’s bodies. They were lying on the ground, rolling and struggling for their lives.

Those who fled in panic were even more frightened. Some had left their bags behind, many even abandoning their wives and children.

“d.a.m.n!” A stern voice was heard. Muyang’s figure appeared in front of the crowd. He first kicked those cowards who left their wives and children and then came to the dinosaur-like demon’s side.

As he looked at the wounded’ miserable state, crawling and howling, a fury flashed in his eyes. A ki wave was struck out, so fast that the arrogant dinosaur-like demon didn’t even realize it for a moment.

With a puff, the ki wave poured in from the chest.

“No… how could I die at the hands of a pitiful human… King Piccolo… will not let you go.”

The demon’s ugly head looked incredulous, and its eyes were gradually losing their l.u.s.ter.

“Hmph!” Muyang snorted angrily. Another ma.s.sive ki wave hit the air. Countless brilliant lights flashed, and the demon’s head turned into a cloud of smoke in the middle of the azure ki wave.

“King Piccolo… is that the demon’s superior?”

From the sight before him, it wasn’t hard to deduce that Mr. Popo had sent him into a world that was supposed to be rampaged by Demon Clan.

It was a place where human lives were like straws, full of demonic loaves and fishes, and King Piccolo must be the one he needed to defeat.

“Hero, thank you for killing the demon and saving everyone.”

“You are a legendary martial arts pract.i.tioner, right. Only martial arts pract.i.tioners have the power to kill demons.”

Those town residents who had fled in a hurry saw that the demon had been killed. They came forward to flatter, which made Muyang frown upon their flattering faces.

In particular, those people who had abandoned their wives and children to flee for their lives before ran over to kowtow to him, making Muyang feel somewhat unhappy.

He snapped, “Be quiet, all of you.”

“Now, tell me, what the h.e.l.l is going on here?”

Muyang appointed a random villager.

The villager’s expression was somewhat stunned. He didn’t know if it was because he was chosen by Muyang or wondering why the masted in front of him didn’t know anything. 

But he didn’t dare to make a presumptuous guess. He was terrified of annoying the Master in front of him, so he replied carefully, “Master, the entire world is now ruled by the demons. Those demons are ferocious and bloodthirsty, taking pleasure in slaughtering humans all day long. Although the martial arts pract.i.tioners have united, they are still no match for the demons.”

“Now that there is no place of peace in the entire world. We can only survive and run around…wherever it is safe to go…”

Muyang nodded at the words. He didn’t think that the villagers would be sloppy with him on this matter because that was really unnecessary.

At the same time, he also understood that the humans in this world might already fall to desperation. 

That Demon Clan just now had around 100 power level, and there was still an unknown number of such demons. No matter how strong humans were, they were no match for the Demon Clan.

“Go on!”

The villagers swallowed their saliva. They already treated Muyang as an ascetic who had been trained in the mountains for a long time without hearing the world’s affairs. 

“Those demons are endless in number. In the battle against them, the martial arts pract.i.tioners have retreated. Countless masters have perished on the battlefield. They are unbeatable, especially the leader of those demons, the Great Demon King Piccolo.”

“Wait, did you say the Great Demon King Piccolo?”

Hearing this familiar name, Muyang’s expression slightly stunned.

“Yes…yes.” The villager replied apprehensively.

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