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Chapter 78

The mountains had no children, and the years were unknown.

During this time of training, under Mr. Popo’s guidance, Muyang understood the “Quicker Than Lightning, Tranquil as the Sky.” He also learned how to use his ki to sense his opponent’s movements.

In order to practice these, Mr. Popo brought Muyang to a small room in the Lookout. He used the machine inside to transport Muyang to a special training environment that wasn’t a s.p.a.ce on Earth, but a virtual s.p.a.ce created by the machine.

According to Mr. Popo’s needs, everything in it was like an illusion and could be manipulated at will. 

At first, it was the theory, but then it progressed to the actual training.

In that illusion, Muyang was fis.h.i.+ng in a valley with birds as his companions. The lake’s calm surface symbolized his mind, causing him to comprehend the tranquil and distant conception. 

After completing his spiritual training, he immediately entered another illusionary realm to receive lightning attacks to achieve lightning-like speed.

Of course, in reality, his speed wasn’t as fast as lightning.

Today, after finis.h.i.+ng his training, Muyang soaked himself in a cozy hot spring.

The water in these hot springs wasn’t just any spring water either, but Sacred Water that had been purified by the Lookout’s power.

Bathing in these Sacred Water would not only wash away the fatigue of the entire body but also nourish the body and achieve the effect of conceiving and nouris.h.i.+ng the body.

It would be perfectly compatible with the Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts that Muyang practiced.


The fine stream of water flowed down his body. Muyang stood up and walked out of the hot spring with his wet hair hanging as the water dropped. 

After wiping a mirror that was somewhat blurred by the steamy fog, it reflected a refres.h.i.+ngly handsome and graceful black-haired man with eyes full of intimidation like a falcon.

“Unknowingly… my power level has exceeded 200!” Muyang smiled lightly.

During this period, his greatest gain wasn’t an increase in power level, but an overall improvement in his whole accomplishment.

Having gone through the various training in the Lookout, he already possessed a kind of mindset to face any difficulty with ease. He had basically reached a state of invincibility on Earth.

This rate of progress made him very satisfied. However, every time he thought that even the Frieza subordinate’s trash in the universe had a power level of over 1000. he felt a strong sense of urgency chasing him.

As he arrived at the Lookout’s yard, a figure in an orange martial uniform just happened to be knocked out of the sky and landed in front of Muyang.

Reflexively, Muyang lifted his leg and kicked the person out of the door again.

“Ah!” There was a scream.

“Yo, Son Gohan, you look like a mess.”

“Muyang, it’s fine that you didn’t catch me, but you even kicked me!”

Son Gohan got up from the ground in sadness and anger. He had just come to the Lookout and was being trained by Mr. Popo like Muyang a year ago.

Not to mention, he was suffering every day, and the only person he knew here was actually abusing him.

Looking at Son Gohan’s expression, Muyang despised him, “This is the most basic training. I’m helping you. I mastered this so fast in the first place.”

Mr. Popo added, “Son Gohan’s progress is not as good as Muyang’s.”

Son Gohan momentarily choked, “I can’t learn anyway.”

Son Gohan had never experienced what comprehending the various realms was. That was why he couldn’t understand it fully. 

“Muyang, have you completed all of the training at this stage?” Mr. Popo asked bluntly.

“I have basically mastered it.” Muyang spoke with confidence.

Mr. Popo nodded and said, “Then you will start a brand new training from tomorrow. I’ll train you into qualified warriors in the shortest possible time. Son Gohan, you have to do your best too.”

“Oh.” Son Gohan nodded wilfully.

“Brand new training? The corners of Muyang’s mouth slightly curled up. He was looking forward to the next training.


The sun and moon turned upside down as time flew by.

The next day, Mr. Popo led Muyang down the Lookout’s winding corridor. This was a corridor that Muyang had already walked many times.

As the corridor continued to spiral downwards, every four or five meters, a gate would appear. Behind these gates was a small independent s.p.a.ce, dedicated to the trial of the pract.i.tioner.

Imagine how much effort the Kami put to build the Lookout.

Muyang followed behind for quite some time but still didn’t see any intention from Mr. Popo to stop. 

“Popo, if you go further down, you will reach the end.” Muyang couldn’t help but say.

“We’ll be there soon.”

Mr. Popo walked ahead, leisurely with his hands behind his back, “This is a training place that has been specially opened for you. You should practice well in it…”

“If we continue on, we’ll reach the bottom of the Lookout. Is Popo taking me to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber?” Muyang silently speculated. As he thought about it, it seemed that only the Hyperbolic Time Chamber in the Lookout matched what Mr. Popo said.

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s time flow was hundreds of times faster than the outside world.

A day outside was a year inside, and the air inside was legendarily thin—the temperatures fluctuating between -40 and 50 degrees Celsius.

The gravity ten times greater than the Earth’s, these conditions could be harsh for anyone.

To spend a year in a vast and empty, lonely environment was a great test for the soul. People who were mentally weak or unfocused were to hallucinations.

Also, the food inside was not “delicious.”

Suppose the place that Mr. Popo was heading to was the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. In that case, Muyang could predict that his life would be even more miserable than Son Gohan’s in the following year.

Moreover, the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and his Accelerated s.p.a.ce have some duplicate functions…worried!

However, Mr. Popo’s next step told him that it was all just his speculation and that their destination was not the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

“Well, here we are. This is it.”

Mr. Popo stopped in front of a huge doorway and opened it… it was pitch black inside.

Muyang paused and asked curiously, “What is this place?”

“Go in. This is your place of trial. It’s vicious and dangerous inside. You will only be able to come out after you defeat the strongest character inside, so you should be careful.”

Surprisingly, he realized that Mr. Popo actually used the word “extremely dangerous” to describe the danger inside. It made Muyang’s heart flinch, but he still walked in with firm footsteps.


The door behind him suddenly closed the moment Muyang entered. It was now a separate s.p.a.ce inside.

“Another trial s.p.a.ce?”

Suddenly, a feeling of dizziness came over him. Muyang only felt a blackness, no longer knowing where he was.

As he opened his eyes again, he discovered that he was in an old forest.

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