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Chapter 77

In the empty sky, a bright red hemispherical building with Inca culture was floating alone. Light clouds and thin air surrounded it.

On the wide yard, Muyang sat quietly on top of the stone slab. His eyes closed and calm without a single ripple on his face. 

Next to him, Mr. Popo stood quietly, his rippling eyes never blinking.

“You’ve already learned to gather your ki in Korin Tower. So the next thing you need to learn is sensing ki.”

“…Just sit still like that, and train your spiritual aspect first. When you have comprehended the ‘Quicker Than Lightning, Tranquil as the Sky,’ your speed and movements will be different. Your ki will converge to a minimum. “

Bang, bang, bang!

With a soft shuddering sound, Muyang closed his eyes, as if he could hear his heart beating.

Following Mr. Popo’s words, he sank into Mr. Popo’s conception. Suddenly the feeling around him became completely different, and his whole body seemed to fly.

He seemed to be on the surface of a calm lake. It was flawless, like a mirror, reflecting the scenery in full view.

In the tranquility, he saw the beautiful fairy-like reflection of the lake light. In clarity, the gigantic detail reflecting the scene of nature. All this was so clear, tranquil, peaceful.

He could clearly feel that his body was being transformed. He could feel that his strength had suddenly increased a lot when, in reality, it didn’t increase.

It was all a psychological effect, and it was simply because his spirit was indeed transforming.

“Yeah, that’s right. Feel your third perspective well… You continue to sit quietly here, and I’ll talk about the martial arts’ spirit in more detail.”

Mr. Popo said that ki sensing was definitely not about standing in front of the opponent and sense their ki intensity.

That was the crudest and lowest level of ki senses. Because when the opponent’s ki was high to a certain level.

Even at the level of ordinary martial arts pract.i.tioners, they should be able to sense the opponent’s strength or weakness roughly. 

True ki sensing, that was the ability to predict the opponent’s actions even with eyes closed. Combine it with nature to perceive all the surrounding scenery.

The physical eye’s reflexes were definitely not as good as the spirit, so using spirit perception as eyes could be more effective in revealing power.

The naked eye had many limitations. Too much light or too dark would affect the martial arts pract.i.tioner’s judgment.

So, transcending the naked eye to use ki to perceive the opponent’s movements were further enhanced. For most races in the universe, this set was very effective. 

Mr. Popo took out a ribbon and told Muyang to cover his eyes.

“Next, try to pinpoint my location while you’re completely blind.”

“First, try to feel the ki I’m releasing…”

Mr. Popo said one word at a time. His fingers crossed in front of Muyang, and occasionally releasing a breaking point of ki from the fingertips.

One point, one point, one point…

Mr. Popo’s control of ki was nearly perfect. When he wasn’t releasing it, it was as quiet as nothing, and when he was releasing it, it was as majestic as a waterfall.

The calm surface of the lake in his heart made a slight ripple. Muyang keenly sensed that the reflection of the originally quiet and flawless lake beneath his feet seemed to appear distorted in a small circle. The beautiful nature scene suddenly became full of flaw marks. 

“You should feel it. You can make judgments based on sound, airflow, and vibrations. Finally, comprehend from it and learn to sense it with your ki.”

Mr. Popo’s voice was as plain as ever. It seemed to have reached the point where he was no longer able to feed on the world. However, Mu Yang could still sense the kindness in it.

Mr. Popo was doing his best to guide Muyang.

Muyang listened carefully and memorizing every Mr. Popo’s words in his heart.

Mr. Popo’s understanding of ki and state of mind was far beyond those in the lower realms. Every word and action already carried the secrets of this realm.

And so, time pa.s.sed slowly. As Muyang carried out his training on the Lookout, his perception ability gradually increasing.


In the lower realm, in a particular remote village.

The woods were deep, and the lofty mountains were dense.

“Ruling…” the coachman drove the carriage on the winding and graceful mountain road. A stone bounced off the mountain road with a crack and flew down to the bottom of the cliff on one side of the road, quickly disappearing without a trace.

Beneath this cliff between the mountains, a grayish-white stone door trembled slightly, and a large amount of gravel peeled off from it.

It was a stone gate carved with strange patterns. The surface of which was somewhat cracked, as if it had been standing in the valley for countless years.

Suddenly, with a “bang,” the stone gate shook again. A crack appeared between the two closed gates, and the gate slowly opened a little to the sides.

A green creature with pointy ears carefully emerged from the crack, while looking at the blazing sun hanging in the air.

When the sunlight hit the green creature, it immediately let out a cry of “snort” and returned to the crack as if frightened.

After a long time, a few more of the same creatures grew bold and cautiously walked out of the gate.

The small valley became lively.


At the Lookout. When that doorway was opened, the pale Kami stood at the Lookout’s edge, and his expression suddenly changed.

“Kami, has something happened in the lower realm?” Mr. Popo asked worriedly.

Kami nodded with a sigh, “A gate in the lower realm that connects to a Lesser Demon Realm was opened. It’s a good thing there aren’t any powerful demons near that gate.”

Earth was a magical place connected with the Other-World, Demon Realm, and some other mysterious Domains.

Although these portals were closed one by one with the earthlings’ ancestors’ efforts during ancient times, there were still open pa.s.sages throughout the ages.

That Lesser Demon Realm was attached to the subsidiary s.p.a.ce around Earth.

“Kami, do you want me to go and close the gate?”

Kami shook his head, “It doesn’t matter, they’re all just small demons. They won’t be able to stir up a big storm. By the way, how is Muyang’s training going?” Kami was not too concerned about the Demon Clan inside Lesser Demon Realm. Instead, he was concerned about Muyang’s training.

“He’s already gradually comprehending the true meaning of ki.”

“Worthy of being the heir of Kami Noah. Train him well; the lower realm needs a strong martial arts pract.i.tioner.”

“Okay, I’ll train him well.”

“By the way, Kami, Korin sent me a message, saying that he still has a very good martial arts pract.i.tioner there. He requested to send that person to the Lookout as well after a while.” Mr. Popo was now talking about the Korin Tower below. Korin had sent him a request to send Son Gohan to the Lookout.

“Oh well, let him send people up, there’s been a lot of talented people lately.”

Kami held onto his crutch with a smile on his old wrinkle-filled face.

In the past two hundred and fifty years, there hadn’t been a single person qualified to ascend the Lookout, but now two people had appeared at once.

The Lookout had been quiet for hundreds of years. The last time it had been this life was when he competed with another person for the Kami’s position.

At the end of that compet.i.tion, Kami Noah chose him to become Kami’s heir.

When he thought of the catastrophe that happened because he wanted to become Kami, guilt showed on his old face.

If it wasn’t for him, the Great Demon King Piccolo wouldn’t have cholera in the lower realm, and the martial arts in the lower realm wouldn’t have suffered a great downfall. That was all related to him.

It had been more than two hundred years since then. Perhaps he should consider finding an heir.

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