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Chapter 69

“Is he gone?” Outside the ring, Son Gohan wiped his eyes.

“Master Noah is finally making his move.” Mutaito’s expression was severe. Even Mutaito had to address him as Master, so it was easy to imagine how great this guy named Noah was.

Muyang was busy observing the surroundings, looking for signs of his opponent. However, his opponent seemed to have disappeared with complete invisibility.

No matter how hard Muyang searched, he was unable to find his tracks.

“Senior Noah couldn’t have left this ring. He must still be near the martial arts ring.” Muyang was cautiously on guard. Since there was nothing around, he could only be in the sky.

As soon as this thought crossed from the bottom of his mind, Muyang’s eyes hurriedly looked towards the sky.

There was none.

Apart from a few white clouds in the clear sky, there wasn’t a trace of Noah at all.

Where on earth had he run off to? Muyang’s brain was spinning fast.

Suddenly, an old voice sounded in his ears, “Young man, I’m here.”

There was a movement in the void, and Noah’s figure suddenly flashed out. Muyang was horrified; he suddenly realized that Senior Noah hadn’t actually disappeared. He had been standing right where he was!

He was clearly standing right in front of him. He had just been shrouded in a very mysterious atmosphere that made people unconsciously ignore his presence.

At this time, Muyang thought of those profound legacies of the Heavenly Sky School that Isaac had handed over to him, and his mind was suddenly enlightened.

This was the Heavenly Sky School’s use of Spiritual Power, which was also different from the public’s training.

The martial arts on earth focused on the training of ki, and other schools were simply practicing ki. Perhaps Turtle School and Crane School had a spiritual practice portion because they had inherited the Mutaito’s martial arts, but they were very superficial.

Only the Heavenly Sky School had a completely different understanding of ki, emphasizing spiritual practice and ki training.

At that time, he still wondered if Heavenly Sky School was overly concerned with essence, which led to an over-interpretation of “ki” – striving for perfection to the point where it was stuck in a narrow alley, nitpicking and unable to extricate itself.

Now, it seemed that I was still too young and naïve at that time. The Heavenly Sky School wasn’t going down the wrong path, but the other people just couldn’t understand its depth because they couldn’t see the flowers in the fog.

Muyang suddenly laughed, “So there’s still this kind of use of Spiritual Power.”

When he thought about it carefully, he should be grateful to the Heavenly Sky School’s training. Wasn’t it because of the Heavenly Sky School’s training that he was able to open the Acceleration s.p.a.ce?

After he figured this out, Muyang’s face showed a hint of excitement. He then calmed down and put what he had learned into action, darting over towards Noah with a flash.

Noah smiled and shook his head. He stretched out a finger, flicked it in the void, and pounced on it. Although it didn’t make contact, Muyang’s entire body flew backward.

As soon as he landed, Muyang rubbed his forehead, which had been flicked by Noah’s fingers, and dived again to accelerate.

Noah cut an arc again. This time, Muyang was even worse; he was directly bounced outside the martial arts ring.

After falling outside of the ring, Muyang suddenly thought of Mr. Popo on The Lookout for some reason. The person in front of him had an extremely similar attack technique to Mr. Popo; both were hitting people lightly.

In the original Dragon Ball story, Mr. Popo’s character was afraid that he was the most severely overlooked supporting character.

“Alright, let’s end it here.” After saying that, Noah nodded towards Fortuneteller Baba.

Fortuneteller Baba got the message and floated to the center of the martial arts ring with her crystal ball, “Oh my, Muyang and Son Gohan. You all failed the challenge, so it seems that I can’t give you any divination.”

Muyang jumped up from underneath the martial arts ring and asked, “Fortuneteller Baba, may I ask them?”

“These two are indeed your seniors. Needless to say, Grandmaster Mutaito is Master Ros.h.i.+’s Master, and as for Master Noah…” Fortuneteller Baba looked towards the white-haired Noah, her eyes filled with respect, “This one is the Master and the founder of your school. He is also the previous Kami!”

The founder of the Heavenly Sky School?

The previous…Kami!

Fortuneteller Baba’s words fell on Muyang’s heart. It was like throwing a boulder at a lake, creating huge waves in his heart.

The founder of the Heavenly Sky School was actually a Kami?

The sudden news startled Muyang.

There were only a few information about the previous Kami throughout the story, which was only mentioned in the current Kami words.

This was because the previous Kami saw an evil thought within the son of Namekian Katas, which eventually split the Great Demon King Piccolo and caused the catastrophe two hundred and fifty years ago.

However, Muyang didn’t dare to delude himself by connecting the previous Kami to his school. However, he knew that a senior of his school had once lived in the Lookout, either as a disciple of the Kami or… as the Kami himself.

Based on the impression that the Heavenly Sky School was ‘decadent’. Muyang was, of course, more inclined to the former– Being able to climb up to the Lookout and receive training from the Kami was a legend in the earth’s martial arts world.

This was more consistent with the common people’s logic. How could they dare to go one step further and covet the throne of the Kami?

However, the news he received now was so hefty. How could it not surprise him?

Muyang asked in shock, “You are the founder of the Heavenly Sky School?”

Noah, no, the previous Kami nodded, “Yes, the Heavenly Sky School was indeed created by me to select a new Kami. Unfortunately, in the end, no one was able to meet my requirements.”

No wonder he was willing to call the Heavenly Sky School “Kami School.” It was because he was a Kami himself, and the purpose of creating the Heavenly Sky School was to select a new Kami.

“It’s unbelievable.” Muyang shook his head emotionally.

Son Gohan was now dumbfounded. He then asked Mutaito, “Grandmaster, are there really Kami in this world?” said, “Yes, there is an even more sacred place above Korin Tower, which is the Lookout. You can go there to practice later.”


The previous Kami, Noah, shouted and threw an object towards Muyang and Son Gohan’s side. It was a bell, which Muyang subconsciously caught. He took and saw it was a string of delicate bells.

Kami Noah said, “I know you have already pa.s.sed the Korin Tower’s test. This is a token to go to the Lookout. If you take it to Korin Tower, he will send you to the Lookout. As for the young man next to you named Son Gohan, he can temporarily practice on Korin Tower for a while.”

“Am I qualified to go to the Lookout now?” Muyang asked. He had previously received a promise from the Korin that he would be allowed to go up to the Lookout to practice whenever he was suitable. Now that he had Kami Noah’s approval, he could ascend the Lookout at any time.

Was this the benefit of having a supporting background? His own ancestor…a former Kami, was he giving him a backdoor?

Noah smiled, “You are qualified. Only the training on the Lookout can help you. This universe is so big; the earth is like a drop in the ocean. We, earthlings, have limited potential. It is bound to take a lot more than just uncovering and developing good seedlings.”

Muyang thought deeply. In the entire universe, the earthlings’ physical strength could only be described as weak.

However, he possessed the Acceleration s.p.a.ce as his cheating tool. He was always walking on thin ice, fearing that his strength would be stagnant one day.

“Grandmaster, and Senior Kami, did you come to Earth this time to test us?” Son Gohan, who was beside him, soothed in shock and asked.

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