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Chapter 70

“Yes, as far as I know, people from the Other-World can’t easily come to the World of the Living. Even if they do, it’s only for a day.” Muyang said, as his eyes looked towards Fortuneteller Baba. He had learned that Mutaito and Kami Noah could come to the World of the Living because of her.

So, was the purpose of their special trip is really to test their junior’s strength?

At that moment, Fortuneteller Baba said, “Hey, it’s all thanks to me. I had brought them here.”

Son Gohan asked strangely, “Fortuneteller Baba, why did you do that?”

“Oh, it’s a foretelling!”

Fortuneteller Baba jumped down from the top of her crystal ball, “Because I’ve been dreaming of strange things lately, which might be a bad premonition. I went to the Other-World to seek answers. It just so happened that I ran into Grandmaster Mutaito and Kami Noah at that time, so I invited them to come with me to the World of the Living.”

Fortuneteller Baba’s ability to enter and leave the Other-World was considered an inheritance. She was very popular in the Other-World herself.

She would often go into the Other-World to serve as a guide for others there.

Legend had it that her abilities were related to Annin from the Mount Five Element, the closest place to the Other-World. Even Fortuneteller Baba’s crystal ball might have come from there.

“Fortuneteller Baba, what was that unpleasant vision you were talking about?”

Muyang recalled the details of the original story. The only disaster on Earth before the story started was when Great Demon King Piccolo dominated the world.

However, that was more than two hundred and fifty years ago. It was long past, and there wasn’t any other disaster after that until the beginning of the story.

Fortuneteller Baba shook her head, “I’m not sure about that, maybe it’s my illusion.”

Muyang nodded his head lightly and didn’t ask any further questions.

Kami Noah then took up Fortuneteller Baba’s words, “At that time, Mutaito and I happened to haven’t been back to the World of the Living for hundreds of years. We wanted to come back to visit. When Fortuneteller Baba extended an invitation to us, we agreed and asked Fortuneteller Baba to perform a fortunetelling to choose the day you came specifically.”

“Alright, we only have one day. So, as your ancestors, we should teach you some things that you must remember.”

With that, Kami Noah and Mutaito looked at each other. Fortuneteller Baba smiled as well and returned to the main hall with her ghostly servant, giving Kami Noah and Mutaito time.

“Gohan, you come with me.” Mutaito waved towards Son Gohan.

Son Gohan ascended respectfully at the words, “Yes, Grandmaster Mutaito.”

Mutaito then led Son Gohan under a coconut tree next to the ring to teach him his own martial arts techniques alone. He was leaving the other side of the ring for Kamu Noah and Muyang.

After Mutaito left.

Kami Noah was silent for a while, then opened his mouth to introduce the universe’s basic situation to Muyang. “There are countless living planets in the universe we live in. Earth is just one of the very weak ones. The people of Earth are inherently weak, so their potential cannot be compared to other races. This is an inherent difference.”

“The Heavenly Sky is a training technique that I created after becoming a Kami. It aims to improve the physical strength of the earthlings in addition to choosing a new Kami. Unfortunately, it still has many obvious shortcomings compared to the popular training technique in the world, so it has only been spread on a small scale…”

Muyang listened attentively. This was probably why only the small group of people from the Great Azure Mountain’s Heavenly Sky School practiced this technique.

Kami Noah then a.n.a.lyzed the Heavenly Sky’s wonders a little bit and pa.s.sed down a brand new training technique.

Muyang felt a sudden burst of thatch and figured out many things that he couldn’t understand before.

The Heavenly Sky School’s training technique was more particular about physical training compared to the training techniques of the Turtle School and Crane School.

Its main idea was to conceive and nourish the body and replenish the vital energy, instead of paying much attention to the power level.

It was only now that Muyang realized that this training technique had been created by the last Kami of the Lookout – Kami Noah – to improve the physical strength of earthlings.

According to Innate Talent, the races in the universe were divided into Low-Level Race, Middle-Level Race, and High-Level Race.

Earthlings were only the very slightest of Low-Level Races.

According to the cla.s.sification of planets in the universe. Planets with the highest power level below 1000 were cla.s.sified as Low-Level Planets.

Those with the highest power level between 1000 and 10000 were Middle-Level Planets, and those with the highest power level above 10000 were High-Level Planets.

Low-Level Races naturally referred to the races that lived on top of Low-Level Planets. The highest power level of these races would not exceed 1000 when they reached adulthood. However, like earthlings, the single-digit power level was so shabby that it was saddening.

Of course, Low-Level Planets and Low-Level Races still made up the majority of the universe. The number of Middle-Level and High-Level Races wasn’t much, and could even be said to be quite rare.

This might be a balance mechanism that exists in the universe between the Other-World and the World of Living.

Usually, this kind of race with a very low power level will occupy an absolute advantage in population, with billions of people.

Kami Noah had seen a race with a power level of only 1 in the Other-World. Their number was terrifyingly high, reaching hundreds of billions of people.

On the other hand, the higher the power level of those races, the more spa.r.s.e their population was, just like the Saiyans, whose entire race did not add up to much, or the Frieza Clan, which was even more pitiful, almost on the verge of extinction.

Compared to those terrifying races that were born with the power to destroy the universe, the individual strength of the earthlings was too weak.

Since entering Heaven, Kami Noah had broadened his horizons considerably. As he saw the various powerful races in the universe. It was a shame to look back at his earthlings, whose power level had generally only been in the single digits throughout their lives.

“The development of the Heavenly Sky School training technique is not perfect yet. I have tried to perfect it for the past few hundred years that I have been in Heaven, but the results have been limited.”

At this point, Kami Noah’s old face revealed a trace of helplessness.

Although the Heavenly Sky School training technique had been perfected by him to fit the earthlings’ life characteristics as much as possible, it still couldn’t fundamentally enhance the earthlings’ physical strength.

In his estimation, even if the brand new Heavenly Sky School training technique was spread out, it would only raise the earthling’s power level miserably under 5 to 20, which was considered the best effect.

Kami Noah looked at Muyang, “You are the heir to the Heavenly Sky School. Perhaps even the best heir in all these years. I hope that you can go on and continue to pioneer the Heavenly Sky School. I want to eventually see it finally evolved to become the ‘Kami School.’”

Kami Noah hoped was to make earthlings’ power level surpa.s.s the one hundred mark. Although this still couldn’t shake off a Low-Level Race ident.i.ty, it was a great improvement compared to before.

Muyang sighed at the words, “I’ll try my best.”

Muyang couldn’t give promises, as he didn’t have such grand ambitions in mind. He was just a mere mortal, and minding his own business was enough.

When he was strong, he would give the earthlings a certain amount of shelter, which was something he could do.

As long as he was an earthling, he would have this kind of self-awareness. However, he would have to sacrifice his own interests and set sail with the entire earthlings if he were to do this.

Forgive me, but my ability was limited, and I didn’t have such lofty ambitions.

A poor man was good at being alone, and a rich man took over the world. Muyang always felt that he would only be a poor man.

It seemed that Kami Noah had seen what Muyang was thinking. He then sighed. He knew this was a difficult task, and he wouldn’t force anyone to do it.

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