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Chapter 68

Upon hearing this, Muyang nodded solemnly in his heart and leaped forward onto the martial arts ring.

Muyang didn’t dare to be reckless in dealing with this mysterious old man. Therefore, from the moment he climbed onto the martial arts ring, he fought with all his strength.

The whirlwind suddenly rose and surrounded his body. However, in front of Muyang clinging’s battle intent, this old man, Noah, had his hands behind his back.

He made no preparations and was as calm and relaxed as Mutaito, showing a faint smile.


Lightly glancing towards his opponent, Muyang’s eyes shrank sharply. Just from that clouded att.i.tude, he was filled with a confident style of a martial arts pract.i.tioner. 

With a slight frown on his brow, Muyang deliberated on the timing of his attack.


His body leaned forward slightly, and his toe muscles trembled. He exerted a sudden force, cracking the blue and white stone slab beneath his feet with two radiating fractures, and the fine stones flew out abruptly.

With this strength, Muyang dived at high speed, attacking Noah, who was not far away. 

Wow, his body shot out like lightning, leaving behind a long afterimage. After that, he raised his fist… the tip of his fist against the air resounded with a m.u.f.fled sound.

“Haha, come on!”

Upon Facing Muyang’s menacing attack, Noah moved his body. His figure swooshed and disappeared as Muyang’s attack fell. He reappeared on Muyang’s side and threw his palm over as if it was covering the sky.

“That was fast!”

Muyang was shocked. His eyes popped out with a brilliant light. He was quickly changing direction to defend his opponent’s attack.

The purpose of the offense is to react at this critical moment. 

“A little slow…” Noah smiled. A pair of arms that didn’t look like a palm of an old man stuck out, and suddenly seemed enchanted. Muyang was horrified to find that his opponent’s hands unexpectedly carried over his body.

Then a palm slapped out. Muyang couldn’t dodge it and was struck in the chest with a thud. His chest was in pain, and his body sliced through a beautiful arc in the air. 

In the air, Muyang hurriedly opened his arms. His body violently vibrated. The powerful strength spread out, causing his body to stagnate in the air before leaping downwards and landing back on the ring. 

“Young man, your eyesight is still not good enough. You need to practice!”

As soon as the words fell, Noah disappeared once again.

At this time, Muyang’s entire body emitted a bright light. His fist wrapped around a stream of ki. He turned around and fiercely struck in one direction.

With a m.u.f.fled thud, Muyang’s fist was taken by a palm.

“Hehe, not bad with the improvement, but still not enough.” The old man named Noah praised as his next attack became even more fierce.

Swish, swish, swish…

Muyang even flashed his body to avoid Noah’s attack. This Noah guy looked dry and thin, with a pale face, but the way he fought wasn’t like an old man at all.

The waves of attacks came one after another, like a wolf and tiger, constantly roaring and shrieking. Several flashes in a row, making Muyang’s forehead seeped sweat.

He retreated one after another, withdrawing dozens of meters in a row. Still, Noah pursued him relentlessly, not giving him any time to rest.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

Muyang looked gloomy and gave a sullen sigh. As he raised his hand, a crescent-shaped ki wave swung out. The thin air blade s.h.i.+ned with radiant light and attacked towards Noah.

When Noah saw it, the corners of his eyebrows furrowed, and the same attack came over.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!!!”

A beam of light pierced through the void and crashed frontally on top of Muyang’s Heavenly Sky Beam. The atmosphere above boiled up, spreading endless gales in all directions.

“Sure enough, it’s the Heavenly Sky School’s technique!” Muyang subconsciously narrowed his eyes. However, he couldn’t care about that at this point.

Tuk Tuk Tuk, the two of them were soon battling again after a collision. Only to see two short streaks of light and shadow on the martial arts ring kept clas.h.i.+ng, and a shuddering drumbeat shocked the mind.

Muyang looked heavy. His eyes were swirling with his opponent’s trajectory, and he struck when he saw an opportunity. One punch, two punches, three punches, bang bang bang… swis.h.!.+ When the fist struck the martial arts ring, the sand flew away, and a huge pit appeared on the flat martial arts ring. 

It was like a thunderous rumble.

“Not bad. It’s a powerful and ruthless shot, but that alone isn’t enough…” Noah took the iron fist blasted by Muyang over and over again with a smile on his face, making comments from time to time.

“Okay… awesome!” Son Gohan gulped, unable to see what was happening in the ring anymore.

“So this is Muyang’s true strength. He was merciful before! I don’t know who that person across from him is, but he isn’t a match even for Muyang.” Son Gohan looked horrified as he spoke with a shaky voice due to astonishment.

When he had met with Muyang on the beach, Son Gohan thought that Muyang was only a little more powerful than him.

However, after watching the current battle, he realized how much of a difference it was. Muyang’s ki may only be a little higher than his, but whether it was his fighting skills or his grasp of timing, he was far above him.

Maybe if he really fought with Muyang, he’d be spiked in a few shots.

Son Gohan swallowed his saliva; his scalp felt a little numb. 

How exactly did he train himself?

“Hehe, that young man called Muyang is deeply aware of Korin’s essence. He will surpa.s.s me in no time.” Mutaito lamented beside him.

Son Gohan asked, “Grandmaster, is Korin you are talking about is the immortal who lives above the Korin Tower? You mean… Muyang had received guidance from Immortal Korin?”

Mutaito nodded, “That’s right. If you have time, it would be good for you to go to the Korin Tower as well.” As he said that, Mutaito was somewhat nostalgic. He seemed to recall the scene when he was training hard on the Korin Tower to practice the Evil Containment Wave.

Son Gohan nodded and took Muyang’s words to heart. He then returned his attention to the martial arts ring again.

At this time, on top of the martial arts ring, Noah had already seen Muyang’s background and nodded, “It’s okay, I already know your strength. To be able to reach this level at this age, you’ve already met my requirements.”

Muyang took the opportunity to ask, “Are you the senior of the Heavenly Sky School?”

Although he had doubted in the beginning that this old man in front of him could be a senior in his own school, it wasn’t until the old man used his Heavenly Sky Beam that he’s sure that Noah was the senior of the Heavenly Sky School.

“Oh, you could say that I’m the Heavenly Sky School senior, but I’d rather you call it the ‘Kami School’!” Noah smiled.

Muyang was astonished, “Kami School?”

“Yes, Kami School.” Just when Muyang was surprised, Noah shook his head, “As for why it’s called that, I think you’ll know soon enough. In the meantime, I’ll let you see the real gap between you and the strongest.”

As soon as the words fell, Noah’s look became serious. He then stopped playing with Muyang. His figure suddenly flickered, disappearing directly from Muyang’s sight.

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