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Chapter 67

With a doubt arose in his heart, Muyang looked at the old man beside him, and the feeling became completely different.

He didn’t care about it before, but now he seemed to see something familiar in that old man when he looked again. 

‘Could he really be an elder of the Heavenly Sky School?’ Muyang pondered. However, he knew that this was by no means a bad thing when he thought about it.

Somehow, facing his school’s “ancestor,” even if the ancestor were already dead, his brain was a little numb. 

Forget it. I didn’t want this.

Turning his attention to the martial arts ring, by now, Son Gohan was standing side by side with Mutaito.

They were both in fight mode. At this moment, the atmosphere on the ring was extremely oppressive!

It was as if an invisible cyclone surrounded the two of them in a trance, causing them to become somewhat misty.

There was a slight tremor in the air. Neither of them on the martial arts ring took the lead to attack first.

Muyang saw Son Gohan’s body start to move constantly, as if looking for an angle to attack, and yet after some time pa.s.sed, there was no movement.

There was even sweat seeping out from Son Gohan’s forehead.

“He is truly worthy of being Grandmaster Mutaito. This composure is simply unmatched.”

On the martial arts ring, Son Gohan was panicking. Whenever he met Mutaito’s seemingly smiling eyes from the opposite side, he had the feeling that Mutaito had seen all of his moves, causing him to wonder where to start.

Across from him, Mutaito looked calm. He was always smiling calmly, and with an unruffled face, he turned his body as Son Gohan s.h.i.+fted.

Before the battle had even begun, Son Gohan was in a predicament.

“The difference between the two of them is too big.” Muyang looked at it seriously.

It would be impossible to perceive Mutaito’s ki strength. From what Muyang saw, Mutaito’s strength and martial arts knowledge were far above Son Gohan’s. This battle would be a tough one for Son Gohan.


After stagnating for a while, Son Gohan finally decided to attack. At the same time, Mutaito’s body started to move just as Son Gohan attacked him.

Then the crackling and fierce sounds of fighting were heard continuously. The rocks on the ground started to crack, bursting out small stones in the surroundings.

Click! Click!

The two flashes of light collided and staggered apart. With every pause, they exploded into a strong cyclone that blew the surrounding lake into waves.

This was a relatively advanced fight. The ordinary martial arts pract.i.tioner could no longer see their movements. Luckily, no one present was an idler.

Muyang’s eyes kept rotating, his vision following Son Gohan and Mutaito’s movements constantly switching angles.

“Son Gohan’s start was good, but the next situation is detrimental.” Muyang looked focused, his eyebrows furrowed slightly.

Son Gohan had used all of his strength on the martial arts ring. All sorts of strange tricks were being used endlessly.

However, facing every Son Gohan’s attacks, Mutaito seemed as if he had predicted it. His figure s.h.i.+fted slightly to dodge them, not to mention that he was using Son Gohan’s ki to counterattack.

Upon searching for the straightness in the curve, acc.u.mulated and then released it… this technique called borrowing the strength to strike people and using it to move a thousand pounds with four twists.

The whole process was easy and effortless, giving people an indescribable enjoyment.

Peng! Peng! Peng!

There were rumbling sounds of breaking and cras.h.i.+ng alternated with each other, coming in rhythm like a music performance.

It was like time had lost its meaning over them at this moment. The two often engaged in dozens of battles in the blink of an eye.

From time to time, the ground and the air shone with a blinding light, as if there were countless fists intertwined with each other.

Fortuneteller Baba smiled, “It’s been many years since I’ve seen such an exciting battle. Today is a rare occasion.”

Next to her, the old man named Noah gazed at the ring and said calmly, “That young man named Son Gohan is very good, but unfortunately, he is a bit young. His strength alone is not enough to face Mutaito.”

Muyang nodded, agreed. From the beginning of the battle until now, he also saw some doorways. The battle on the ring was intense. In fact, Son Gohan had fallen into Mutaito’s rhythm.

This was quite scandalous in a battle. Once the rhythm was lost, it was extremely easy to fall into a beneficial opponent’s situation.

Both mental and physical energy would be consumed at an accelerated rate. If he couldn’t break free and wrestle back, he wasn’t far from losing. 

Seeing this, Muyang sighed. He knew Son Gohan couldn’t win. Compared to Mutaito, Son Gohan was far behind in both experience and strength.

He then thought, what would be the result if he were in Son Gohan’s place?

‘I’m going to lose!’

This answer was undoubted, which also made Muyang silent.

Even after so many years of training, his strength was only a notch above Son Gohan’s, and to be honest… he really had never experienced such a top-level battle!

In other words, if he were to face Mutaito himself, it would be the same situation.

Well, he was worthy of being a Grandmaster Mutaito. The fact that he continued to practice even in the Other-World was compelling.

The battle between the two men on the martial arts ring had reached its climax. Each of them displayed their best moves-

“Kamehameha!!!” Son Gohan shouted and launched the ki wave in his hand.

Mutaito was surprised but smiled when he faced the furiously sweeping Kamehameha as if he hadn’t used his real power throughout. 

He only took a step backward, placed both hands gently in front of him, and sipped lightly.


Correspondingly, more majestic ki than Kamehameha rose into the sky. In front of the terrifying Tri-Beam, Son Gohan’s Kamehameha was like a weak kindergarten child.

The Tri-Beam attacked Son Gohan and instantly devoured the Kamehameha, while the ki continued to approach him.

When Son Gohan saw this, his face turned pale. He gritted his teeth to make another desperate move.

He roared, “Thunder Shock Surprise!!!”

Wow, a flash of electric light flickered for a moment, and endless pale golden light wrapped around Son Gohan’s palm, probing over towards the Tri-Beam.

“Okay! There are two strikes!” Mutaito’s eyes glowed, then shouted, “Then watch this move!”

A beautiful arc was seen as his palm turned in the void and pushed forward across the sky. The power of the Tri-Beam was suddenly strengthened by several times.

Son Gohan’s heart ached. The Thunder Shock Surprise’s ki directly dissipated, and his entire body was now blasted away.

Son Gohan flipped over a dozen times in the air continuously. He landed in a mess, and at this point, Mutaito appeared behind him…

“Son Gohan had lost.” Seeing this, Muyang shook his head regretfully.

In his heart, however, he was satisfied.

Although he already knew that the end of this fight was doomed, the process was still breathtaking to watch.

Mutaito had his hands behind his back and smiled, “Kid, you’ve even learned the Thunder Shock Surprise. The ki wave you just used is a great technique invented by Ros.h.i.+. The move is not bad. It’s just a pity that the ki force is a bit low.” 

Son Gohan smiled bitterly and said, “Grandmaster, I’ve lost. I’m not a match for you at all.” 

“Hahaha, don’t underestimate yourself. I’ve been practicing only a few hundred years more than you.”

As soon as Son Gohan heard that, he would definitely reach this level if he were to practice for a few hundred years. He then regained his confidence on his face and politely bowed towards Mutaito.

“Alright, Grandmaster Mutaito wins this fight, Son Gohan, you stand aside first.” Fortuneteller Baba announced the results of the match, then s.h.i.+fted her eyes to Muyang’s side.

The old man named Noah nodded and said, “It’s our turn to play.”

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