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Chapter 55

“Hahaha, now you know how it feels to be afraid. I’ll show you what the world’s number one is capable of!” Mercenary Tao twisted his hideous face. Because of the ki explosion that exceeded the limit, his body was under tremendous pressure, and every muscle was trembling. 

Upon hearing this, Muyang laughed coldly in his heart. He immediately released an insane amount of ki as well—a flow of ki no weaker than Mercenary Tao’s ki wrapped around his body.

“Let’s fight until the end. I must kill Mercenary Tao today.”


Endless terrifying ki flowed around them. The profound aura continued to spread, causing the entire Great Forest to become silent.

At this point, both sides were in a state of madness, and one of them was bound to fall in this battle. 

Bang Bang Bang!!

The battle was triggered once more, with a series of fierce fights, with the ground flying. Both sides’ speed had been so fast that if ordinary people were here, they would only see two blurred figures clas.h.i.+ng and flas.h.i.+ng.

They wouldn’t be able to see the exact process, as their speed had exceeded the limits of ordinary eyesight.

“Thud!” Muyang fiercely stomped on the ground. The ground suddenly cracked with sinuous fractures, and with this power, his body went straight up. 

After reaching a certain height, Muyang cupped his hands and sent out powerful blows towards Mercenary Tao.


With a single move, he knocked Mercenary Tao down from the height. A large wave of ki connected to form a cyclone that broke through the sound barrier, causing Mercenary Tao’s face twisted and crashed to the ground.

Then Muyang’s body flickered again in successive virtual flashes, coming to the ground faster than Mercenary Tao.

His body slightly bowed, knees bent, as he attacked continuously. Mercenary Tao was wretchedly under attack.

His eyes were flas.h.i.+ng with an intense murderous intent, but his mouth’s corners raised in a grin of madness. 

After solidly taking Muyang’s attack, Mercenary Tao slipped forward.

“Dodon, Ray!!!” The blood-red light suddenly shot out towards Muyang.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

A coldness appeared on Muyang’s face, as he made a counterattack. Another ray-like attack, azure beams of light, met the Mercenary Tao’s Dodon Ray.

The two ki waves met halfway and exploded into a fine mist of energy smoke.

“Impossible, this move is actually very similar to Dodon Ray.” Mercenary Tao looked startled and a little surprised.

Dodon Ray was an improved version of Tri-Beam left behind by Master Shen from a generation of grandmaster Wutaito.

It was one of the few legendary moves that could stand up against the Turtle School’s Kamehameha. Now that he saw a weak-crowned teenager using a similar attack pattern, Mercenary Tao’s immediate reaction was disbelief.

“Hmph, this is my Heavenly Sky School’s inherited Ki Based Technique. It’s completely different from the principle of your Dodon Ray.” Muyang panted vigorously, as he used this free time to recover his strength.

The previous battle had caused him to consume his power to the limit.

Mercenary Tao was silent upon hearing the words.

Each school had its own unique training pattern, and the connotations of natural ki were also various.

Although Muyang’s ki wave looked very similar to Dodon Ray, the colors were different. The different colors meant that they were operating in completely different patterns.

“This martial arts school, Heavenly Sky School, actually even has ki waves.” At this point, Mercenary Tao’s mood was so bad that her thin cheeks kept twitching. A feeling of powerlessness suddenly flooded in his mind.

“One last move. Let’s fight until the end!”

Mercenary Tao sucked in his breath and shouted maniacally. At the moment, the power in his body was almost gone, and if he continued to suppress it, it would only add more damage.

So, he might as well use his most powerful attack to score a victory. Even in Mercenary Tao’s mind, he was ready to run at any moment.

Mercenary Tao was very life conscious. It wasn’t easy to live for hundreds of years, so he wasn’t willing to dwell on it if the next move didn’t work.

What was accomplis.h.i.+ng the task? What was the restraint of an expert? It was all vanity in the face of life.

It was all worthless!

Click, like the sound of a string snapping. At this moment, Mercenary Tao and Muyang’s originally vacuous aura rose once again.

From their twisted faces, it could be seen that they were truly at their limit this time. 

“Dodon, Ray!”

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

The two ki beam once again met in the air. This time the power generated was even greater. The storm caused by the explosion destroyed the trees in a radius of more than three hundred meters.

Along with a loud rumbling sound, a fiery red energy cl.u.s.ter soared into the air, and the huge energy directly engulfed Muyang and Mercenary Tao.

In a few moments, a piece of scorched earth was revealed on the field. The bare surface was gra.s.sless and smoking hot.

“Cough cough, do you think you can beat me?”

Mercenary Tao s.h.i.+elded his chest with his hands and spat out a mouthful of blood. He was struggling to support himself as he was now black and charred.

His limbs filled with sc.r.a.pes and his clothes turned to ashes from the earlier explosion.

On the opposite side, Muyang’s image was equally wretched. His martial uniform was ripped into the cloth with several pieces of fabric already burned.

A slight cough was accompanied by intense pain all over his body. Muyang grunted and twisted his face. His body’s injuries had spread to his internal organs.

“Ahem…ho, why… can’t I?!”

Muyang said in a pressurized voice. 

“Hehe.” Mercenary Tao sneered. His body was severely injured, but at least he could move. On the other hand, he could see that Muyang was having a hard time even to move. So, he could only stay there and wait for Muyang’s death… didn’t that mean he won?

So it turned out, no one could defeat him in this world.

Mercenary Tao thought of himself immensely.

“Kid, it’s also an honor for you to die in the hands of a master like me… Tsk, I would remember you today. Don’t worry; you wouldn’t be lonely in the underworld. Those brothers and sisters of yours would soon be there to accompany you.” 

“Do you think you’re going to win?” Muyang asked back with an indifferent expression.

“Isn’t it…”


Muyang didn’t say anything. At a certain point, he had a dried bean in his hand. Then with difficulty, he put the bean in his mouth.

Mercenary Tao nodded at the sight, “You’ll have to eat something even before you die. It’s only a small bean, and you’ve already been shabby.”

“Ugh… “Muyang let out a long breath, which sounded like a sigh of emotion.

For some reason, this voice reached Mercenary Tao’s ears. It suddenly caused him a chilling sensation, as if something detrimental to him was about to happen.

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