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Chapter 56

“You know what, Mercenary Tao, if it were a normal fight between life and death, we’d probably both lose like we are now. However, your biggest disadvantage is also because you ran into me; you’re not as lucky as I am.”

Muyang’s words made Mercenary Tao stunned. His anxiety grew more p.r.o.nounced.

Muyang smiled as he said, then bit into the Senzu Bean inside his mouth. Dense ki suddenly filled his mouth.

The magical effects of Senzu Beans were in full bloom at this moment. Muyang’s body injuries were instantly healed and caused him to return to his peak in no time. 

“What? What the h.e.l.l is going on here? Why are all your wounds healed?”

Mercenary Tao stared in disbelief and even frightened at what was happening before his eyes.

The injuries on his opponent’s body had actually recovered in an instant. How was that possible!

Right now, he felt as if he had fallen from heaven to h.e.l.l. He suddenly realized that he was in a dangerous situation.

The bean, it must be because of the dried up bean just now!

Mercenary Tao’s mouth was a little bitter, “Was it really the beans that did that?”

How could there be such a sacred medicine in this world? Mercenary Tao thought incredulously.

A hint of greed arising in her eyes, but then in the next second, that greed disappeared and was replaced by deep fear.

Escape, he must escape quickly. He couldn’t possibly be a match for this person in front of him in his current state.

Mercenary Tao’s face turned pale, and an emotion called fear sprang up in his heart.

With a “plop,” Mercenary Tao directly knelt on the ground and kowtowed, “Young Master, I was wrong, forgive me. I will definitely change my evil ways in the future.” He said and repeatedly kowtowed.

Muyang looked with a cold smile as if he was looking at a jumping clown. He wouldn’t be a gentlewoman at a time like this.

He wouldn’t let Mercenary Tao leave alive today no matter what, “Knock it off. Even if you kowtow more, I don’t believe even a punctuation mark in your words!” 

After a few kowtows in a row, still no reaction from the opponent, Mercenary Tao sunken his face.

He didn’t know what was on his opponent’s mind. Suddenly he seemed to know that appeas.e.m.e.nt couldn’t be exchanged for life, and his att.i.tude became tougher.

“You can’t kill me, or my big brother Master Shen won’t let you go. He only has me as a brother; if you kill me, it will only bring danger to your loved ones…”

“Hmm, have you said enough?”

Muyang interrupted him and said disdainfully, “Let’s not say whether Master Shen would know about today’s incident. Even if he did, do you think I would be afraid of him?”

Since he aspired to become a powerful person in the universe, did you think the trivial Master Shen could threaten him? 

If Master Shen did find out, it would be his own undoing.

No matter what, Mercenary Tao would be dead today.

“Then, you will die!” Mercenary, Tao shouted. He pulled out a grenade, unplugged the top tip, and threw it at Muyang.

Muyang’s face flashed with killing intent as he saw this.

Mercenary Tao had remained true to his roots for “decades” as always.

But Muyang, who was back to full strength, wouldn’t be hit by a grenade. He just lightly leaped up and kicked the grenade back towards Mercenary Tao with the tip of his toe.

“No!!!” Mercenary Tao let out a hysterical scream.

The grenade exploded, and a huge flame engulfed Mercenary Tao’s entire body.

If it was an ordinary person, he would definitely be lifeless in this huge explosion. However, he was Mercenary Tao, who had lived for hundreds of years.

Wouldn’t he have any tricks to save his life? This grenade was more for himself than to serve Muyang! Being able to show the enemy’s weakness and deceive them, Mercenary Tao’s deception was absolutely brilliant!

According to the original story, it was known that Mercenary Tao survived the explosion during his duel with Son Goku.

This little trick was able to fool Son Goku, but it couldn’t fool Muyang’s eyes.

Suddenly, Muyang looked towards a direction in the forest, “Hehe, Mercenary Tao, you’re trying to escape…” after saying that, Muyang directly fired a ki wave towards that direction.


The ki wave ran through everything and whizzed away, zipping, destroying all the trees along the way.

On the other side of the forest, the severely injured Mercenary Tao leaned against the back of a large tree gasping for air.

His eyelids were drooping, and his seven apertures were bleeding. Just then, he felt a terrifying energy approaching before he could react. A patch of azure energy appeared in front of him.


A sharp ray of energy penetrated through the chest, then out the back, and Mercenary Tao’s consciousness grew blurry.

“Cough, cough, it’s impossible… I’m the number one in the world… how could I die in…” The lack of oxygen in his brain produced uncontrollable dizziness. Mercenary Tao’s lips moved slightly, and the words were full of unwillingness.

Muyang appeared in front of Mercenary Tao. His cold eyes aimed at him, “It’s only because you found the wrong opponent.”

“Hahaha… I was wrong to take this mission.”

“As your death is approaching, now will you tell me exactly who paid you to take on this mission?”

“Ahem… is…” Mercenary Tao answered, a sardonic color flas.h.i.+ng across her face, “…. don’t even try to make me tell you!”

“It’s the Snake Charmer Legion, isn’t it?”

Muyang leaned into his ear and whispered. After that, he saw Mercenary Tao’s eyes widen dramatically, and he laughed, “Alright, you don’t need to say anything. Go to h.e.l.l in peace!” 


Mercenary Tao’s consciousness began to fade, and his voice gradually became inaudible.

“Dead!” Muyang went up to check to make sure that Mercenary Tao was really dead.

After laughing, Muyang fired another series of ki waves at Mercenary Tao’s corpse until his body completely turned into ashes along with the ki waves.

If you cut the gra.s.s without getting rid of the roots, the spring breeze would blow and grow it again.

Although this era didn’t have mature robot technology, to prevent the mechanical Mercenary Tao from appearing in vain, Muyang would still have to destroy the corpses. 

After doing this, Muyang calmed himself there for a while. He took out a brand new set of clothes from the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, then leaped up and flew towards the Heavenly Sky School. 


It was getting late by the time he got back to the Heavenly Sky School.

Muyang came to Isaac’s cabin and told Isaac what had happened today. After hearing Muyang’s explanation, Isaac was completely stunned.

He didn’t expect his disciple to go out on a trip and not only annihilated the Snake Charmer Legion headquarters but also eliminated Mercenary Tao, the, on the way back. 

This Mercenary Tao wasn’t an ordinary person. He was one of the top five figures in the martial arts world, and his reputation was even more dreadful.

It was unbelievable to think that Muyang had killed such a person.

“Don’t make a fuss about this, I’ve heard that Mercenary Tao is very close to the Crane School. Although with your strength, you may not be afraid of Crane School, you’re still young; more is better than less, so don’t let anyone know for now.”

At that point, Isaac calmed down and shook his head, “Well, the martial world is so much worse now that it can no longer withstand a toss.”

“Well, I know. As long as Crane School doesn’t provoke us, I won’t make a move against them.” Muyang said seriously.

Isaac smiled at the words, “It’s a good thing you made it back in time like this. otherwise, the consequences would have been disastrous when Mercenary Tao found this place!”

Muyang nodded his head profoundly. The overall strength of the Heavenly Sky School was relatively weak and had no protection against Mercenary Tao.

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