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Chapter 54

Phew! Shoo! 

Two silhouettes moved swiftly through the forest. They appeared and disappeared, each appearance accompanied by a violent fight and a violent tremor one after another.

“Pop!” Mercenary Tao grinned as his attack landed on Muyang’s body. Poof, Muyang’s face turned pale, and blood spilled out from the corners of his mouth.

However, Muyang’s counterattack was just as swift, and the moment Muyang struck him, his attack also landed on Mercenary Tao. 

Cough, cough, cough… Mercenary Tao’s face was gloomy. He withdrew so fast that his face seemed as black as charcoal.

After a few encounters, Mercenary Tao realized that he had underestimated his opponent. The person in front of him was so young yet still hadn’t lost after several fighting rounds. This young man had even let himself suffer a secret loss.

Mercenary Tao couldn’t help but become furious. His cold eyes swept towards Muyang, and a terrifying killing intent seemed to condense into a ball.

Muyang looked at Mercenary Tao with a gloomy face. He carefully gathered the ki in his body, ready to attack Mercenary Tao at any moment.

“I underestimated you, but let’s see how you dodge the next attack!” Mercenary Tao shouted lightly and converted his entire body’s strength into speed.

With a few steps, he arrived in front of Muyang. Facing the sudden onslaught of Mercenary Tao, Muyang’s eyes glowed brightly.

His hands grabbed the ground in reverse, using it as a prop, and with the twist of his waist, his legs kicked towards Mercenary Tao. 

Mercenary Tao took a few steps backward in disgrace. This time, he even used his secret moves.

“Dodon, Ray!”

A blood-red beam of ki was fired out as Mercenary Tao’s entire body soared with an explosion as his finger pointed towards Muyang. 

“Die for me!!!” The terrifying ki condensed into a ray of light shot towards Muyang. In this sudden huge increase in strength, Muyang’s face changed dramatically.

Dogdon’s Dodon Ray!

Compared to the previous round, this time, since he didn’t have to hide his killing intent, the unleashed Dodon Ray was a full one!

“Even if your Dodon Ray is strong, it won’t help if the quality isn’t good!” There was no time to think about it.

Muyang straightened his hands and braced his palms together in a grasping shape. A buzzing sound of blue-white light covered his palms.

He was going to take the Mercenary Tao’s Dodon Ray as hard as Son Goku.

Peng! The strong attack stirred up a huge whirlwind. The fiery burning sensation came from the palm of his hand, and the tremendous pressure caused Muyang’s arm to go numb, and sweat beaded on his forehead.

At the moment when the ki wave attacked, his body moved back four or five meters, and his feet shoveled out two deep grooves.

However, Mercenary Tao’s Dodon Ray didn’t manage to defeat Muyang.

“How is it possible that my Dodon Ray was followed…”

Mercenary Tao’s eyes were about to pop out at the sight of it.

He had been traveling across the world for so many years, and Dodon Ray had been the most desirable killing blow in his possession.

No matter how strong an enemy he faced, as long as he used the Dodon Ray, his opponent would invariably die from the terrifying ki shot without exception.

But today, he didn’t expect that he would actually be taken hard by someone.

“This man must be killed, or he’ll be too scary when he grows up.” Mercenary Tao was panicking. The killing intent in his eyes became even more durable. He wasn’t this strong when he was younger.

“Who the h.e.l.l are you?”

“Aren’t you going towards the direction of the Great Azure Mountain? You wouldn’t even investigate your target character. I’m the disciple from the Heavenly Sky School.” Muyang seized the time to regulate the ki in his body, and manage to recover quickly.

Mercenary Tao was startled, “Are you really a disciple of the Heavenly Sky School? How can this small school have disciples like you?”

“d.a.m.n the Intelligence Department. How can this be a small school? To be able to teach such a disciple, they aren’t even that bad compared to the Crane School and Turtle School.” Mercenary Tao looked extremely p.i.s.sed. He believed he was being dragged down by the Organization’s unreliable Intelligence Department.

Although he had known earlier that there was a disciple from the Heavenly Sky School who had won the World Martial Arts Tournament, he hadn’t taken it seriously. Only now did he vaguely feel that he shouldn’t have taken this mission. However, now it was too late to say anything. The people had already been thoroughly offended by him, and now the only way to get rid of them was to cut off the gra.s.s.

Based on Mercenary Tao’s ego, he wouldn’t allow another Master Ros.h.i.+ to appear in the world.

Especially this guy. He was as deceitful as he was, so he must be killed.

With that in mind, Mercenary Tao ignored the consumption incurred from using the Dodon Ray earlier and tried to kill Muyang once again.

“Come on. Now it’s my turn to attack.” Muyang, who had recovered his physical strength, would never sit back and wait to die while facing another attack from Mercenary Tao.

Then with a loud burst, despite the huge consumption of the body, he attacked again, all the way through the continuous vacillation. Muyang, with extremely clever movements, came behind Mercenary Tao.

With a flow of light in his hand, crystal energy attached to his palm, and a startled expression on Mercenary’s face, he struck down his palm with a faint light.

“Mercenary Tao, die for me!” Muyang exploded.

With a m.u.f.fled thud, the palm strike landed on Mercenary Tao’s body. After sustaining such a blow, Mercenary Tao’s body was knocked more than ten meters out of the way and crashed on top of a distant giant tree.

The giant tree shook violently and snapped right down the middle.

Muyang obviously had the upper hand in that round.

“Ah!!!” Mercenary Tao stood up in a heap, yelling angrily. His clothes had turned to strips, shredded, and moving with the breeze.

“d.a.m.n, I can’t believe I got hurt.”

Mercenary Tao was annoyed. Apart from the Turtle School and the Crane Scholl, it was the first time Mercenary Tao had encountered such a difficult opponent that perhaps would win against him.

 How could this possible? He was the world’s greatest, and since his rise to fame, no one in this world was a match for him.

Mercenary Tao vowed that he would kill the man in front of him in the most inhumane way possible.

The cold and ruthless gaze swept over Muyang. Mercenary Tao’s dark cheeks twitched a little. The veins on his forehead popped out as he licked his lips, and with one hand tugging up his fist, he was full of malice. “d.a.m.n, kid, you actually managed to hurt me. Now tell me what kind of death do you wish to receive!”

As he spoke, the ki on his body became disheveled, and with him as the center, sickening murderous ki spread out.

Having been an for so many years, more than ten million souls died at the hands of Mercenary Tao. 

Muyang frowned, as he sensed the evil emanating from the Mercenary Tao’s body. The scouter in the bosom crackled and flickered.

The value displayed actually reached 144, a fraction higher than earlier. This was the so-called “power up” in Earth’s martial arts.

“Mercenary Tao’s power level went up a lot after he went berserk. However, it’s still a lot less than the 150 power level he had when he fought Son Goku.”

Muyang pondered that if he tried his best, the two might not be equal, but they would definitely fail each other. 

Spell it out, Muyang decided as he gritted his teeth.

This was a life and death battle, not some martial arts compet.i.tion. So, the first thing to do was to defeat the opponent no matter what.

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