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Chapter 41

The surrounding scenery flew backward as Muyang always kept flying at high speed. A bl.u.s.tery storm swept through the Great Forest, and soon the slender Korin Tower appeared in sight.

Upon approaching Korin Tower, Muyang began to drop his speed and landed at the bottom of Korin Tower.

“Let’s take out the seafood first, or it won’t be easy to explain it to Korin up there why I’m empty-handed.” Pondering in his mind, Muyang opened the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

All of a sudden, one hundred and eighty baskets of seafood appeared in the clearing. A unique fishy smell of seafood was transmitted.

Suddenly, Muyang felt that many people gathered around him; it was the Indian tribe guarding Korin Tower, led by Oz.

“Hey, you’re the teenager who challenged Korin Tower earlier, Muyang from Heavenly Sky School.”

Oz looked at him in confusion, especially with the smelly seafood around him. What was this? Wasn’t he supposed to be challenging Korin Tower? Why he had to move so many seafoods?

Muyang nodded towards Oz and the others, “Long time no see.”

“Are those fish?”

Muyang smiled, “This is a gift for Immortal Korin. It just so happens that you guys are here too. Can you take care of it for me? I’ll be right back.”

“A gift for Immortal Korin…” Oz was a little stunned after he heard that. It took a moment for him to respond, and he trembled, “Did… you already met Immortal Korin?”

Nodding with a smile, Muyang said frankly, “Yes, I climbed to the top of the tower and was fortunate enough to receive guidance from Immortal Korin.”

“Congratulations, you’ve actually climbed Korin Tower. Legend has it that no one has made it in a hundred years.” Oz respectfully said.

At this time, he had completely treated Muyang as a legendary martial arts pract.i.tioner.

While Oz was talking to Muyang, the other guardians behind him all stared at each other and exchanged comments.

“Really? He actually succeeds.”

“This boy is extraordinary.”

“I wonder what Immortal Korin looks like, too bad we’re not qualified to see him…”

These Indians, as the Sacred Land of Korin’s guardians, had grown up listening to the legend of Immortal Korin since they were young.

However, due to their strength, they had been unable to see Immortal Korin as they wished.

Muyang smiled secretly. Of course, he wouldn’t say anything about Immortal Korin being a fat white cat. That would be too much of a b.u.mmer.

Everyone had a dream in their hearts, and put their best expectations in the softest places in their hearts.

Whether it was people or things, or certain memories, it would become more beautiful over time.

Perhaps these things are no longer real and objective, but they hold too much emotion. It would be very unethical, to tell the truth and burst other people’s imaginations.

Muyang thought a little and spoke, “Immortal Korin is very wise, and under his guidance, my strength has grown rapidly.”

Nodding as if it were true, Oz pointed at the seafood again and asked, “How are you going to move these up there?”

Climbing Korin Tower was already very difficult. It would become even more difficult to bring in these buckets of seafood.

“It’s a practice, isn’t it.”

After saying that, Muyang walked towards the basket and picked up one of them before everyone’s eyes.

About a ton of weight pa.s.sed of his arm, Muyang frowned, not because of these weights, but the strong fishy smell was coming from the basket.

Then he was on his toes and bang! A brutal impact rose from the soles of his feet, and with this force, Muyang simply flew up.

He rose in a straight line along the edge of Korin Tower and quickly disappeared into the vast sky.

Down there, Oz and the others were dumbfounded. They were stupidly looking at the sky that had been split open by a whirlwind through a pa.s.sage.

It took a while for him to come back to his senses and say dryly, “As expected, someone who successfully challenged Korin Tower is too strong.”

“He’s even more powerful than last time I saw him.”

It was only when someone said that it did hit the others. Yeah, that guy hadn’t been this good a few months ago when he climbed Korin Tower!

It had only been over three months, and he was unrecognizable. Was this the power of the Immortal Korin?

Thinking of this, these guardians were all envious… in their hearts, they also had a strong expectation to climb Korin Tower.


At the top of Korin Tower.

Korin was lying on a small recliner and taking a nap when suddenly he sensed something.

He rolled over and got out of the recliner, picked up his crutches, and came to the entrance at the top of Korin Tower.

After a while, he saw Muyang carrying a big basket of seafood on his back.

“These seafood…there are so many of them.” Korin’s nose was extremely sensitive, and he quickly discerned that it was a fish from the sea.

He was immediately revealing an intoxicated expression as he grabbed one of the fish with his paws and placing it in front of his nose to sniff it. The fishy smell that other people find unpleasant had become delicious for Korin.

Muyang smiled, “Immortal Korin, this is only a small part of it. There are one hundred and seventy-nine more of these fish underneath Korin tower.”

Korin’s eyes lit up upon hearing the words, “Well, well, you really kept your promise, Muyang.”

“But Immortal Korin, how are you going to store these fish?”

“Well, that’s not a problem. Come with me.”

Korin grabbed a fish and put it in the tank. He then brought the rest of the fish to the second floor where the training ground was and stopped at the center’s crystal ball.

He pointed to the crystal ball and said, “Look at that crystal ball, it’s a treasure handed down from ancient times, and Korin Tower’s stability depends on it.”

After he said that, Korin jumped and touched the crystal ball’s surface. The crystal ball shone brightly, and at the same time, all those fish on the ground disappeared.

Korin narrowed his eyes and said, “This crystal ball has the function of storing things. Things won’t deteriorate if they are placed inside.”

“It’s such a… good treasure!” Muyang looked at it with amazement. It had to be said that there were quite a lot of treasures on Earth. On top of Korin Tower alone, there were Senzu Beans, Ultra Divine Water, Crystal b.a.l.l.s, Flying Nimbus, Power Pole, etc., but now the Power-Pole had been given to Master Ros.h.i.+ as a gift from Korin.

“Hehe, Muyang hurry up and bring up the fish under Korin Tower with you. Think of this as a practice.”

Muyang couldn’t help but roll his eyes, but he still nodded and jumped off the Korin Tower. After hundreds of trips back and forth, it was already noon the next day when he moved all the seafood up.

Korin wasn’t wrong about one thing, though. This process was indeed a form of training as he felt his strength had increased a bit after these trips. His power level had increased from 128 to 132.

Even though it was only a few insignificant points, as the saying goes, no matter how small a mosquito leg is, it’s still a leg. So it’s not hard to understand!

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