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Chapter 42

“Well, that’s good. You’re pretty reliable in your work. I’m delighted.” After storing all the seafood into the crystal ball with satisfaction, Korin winked towards Muyang with a mysterious expression.

“Seeing as you have some good potential, I can offer you a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” Muyang asked curiously.

“Haha, this deal is not going to be easy…” Korin narrowed his eyes and said seriously. “If you can persevere and continue your training until I consider it right, then I will take you to a more advanced place. Let me tell you, that place is not even qualified for Master Ros.h.i.+.”

Korin looked at Muyang; he was afraid that Muyang might not know who Master Ros.h.i.+ was. so he explained, “Master Ros.h.i.+ that I mean is the Master Ros.h.i.+, who is known as the G.o.d of Martial Arts.”

“Master Ros.h.i.+!” Muyang repeated.

At the same time, Muyang understood that the mysterious place Korin was talking about was The Lookout.

“Yes, that’s him. Not even he has the right to go. For a martial arts pract.i.tioner, that place is the real sacred place. If you want to go, just get my approval, and I’ll let you go!” Korin patted Muyang’s shoulder.

“If there is such a place, of course, I want to go!” Showing his white teeth cheerfully, Muyang stated his intention. When it came to the most powerful place on Earth to grow your strength, The Lookout was definitely ranked first.

He was worried about how to mention The Lookout to Korin, but now that Korin had taken the initiative to mention it, of course, he wouldn’t let go of this opportunity.

On the other side, Korin, who had already figured out Muyang’s intention, couldn’t help but smile. From Muyang’s point of view, he hoped that Korin would recommend him to go to The Lookout one day.

As for Korin, he also had the same consideration of recommending a talented person to go to The Lookout.

A few hundred years ago, he thought that Master Ros.h.i.+ had this qualification, but unfortunately, he couldn’t do it in the end.

It was a pity, to say the least, that n.o.body from Earth had ascended The Lookout for a long time.

“Immortal Korin, when do you think I’ll ever reach the point where you’ll give me your approval?” Muyang asked.

Korin said, “I can’t say anything about that; it depends on your next effort!”

“Hehe, I guess that day won’t be too far away.” Muyang looked serious.

“You’re quite confident.” Korin looked at Muyang.

“Isn’t a martial arts pract.i.tioner supposed to have confidence in himself?”

It was quite a bit of pretending that I didn’t have to explain it to you.

Korin froze and nodded, “Yes, it’s good to be sharp and aggressive. I hope you don’t keep me waiting too long.” Korin had learned about Muyang’s terrifying training speed. To say that if anyone from Earth could get his approval, then Muyang was definitely one.


Heading back to the bottom floor of Korin’s Tower, Korin set a bonfire in one corner and set up a few fish, intending to make a hearty treat for himself.

Soon, the fishy smell of the fish gradually dissipates in the barbecue, followed by a captivating aroma.

Smelling the scent, Korin squinted his eyes in intoxication. He then grabbed one of the fish and ate it in a couple of bites.

“It smells so good!”

Korin licked his paws and grabbed another one.

“By the way, Immortal Korin. I’ve heard that Master Ros.h.i.+ is known as the ‘G.o.d of Martial Arts’ not only because of his martial arts skills but also because there are rumors that he has lived for over two hundred years. is it true that humans can live that long?” Muyang, who was sitting on the ground, also eating the grilled fish, and asked as he ate.

Actually, Muyang had been thinking about how to improve his lifespan!

Korin ate grilled fish and said vaguely, “That Master Ros.h.i.+ did live a little longer, but ordinary humans can’t live to that age.”

“Then why did the Master Ros.h.i.+ can live for so long?”

Not only Muyang knew Master Ros.h.i.+ had live for two hundred years, but he also knew that Master Ros.h.i.+ would continue to live longer.

Even if the entire Dragon Ball story ended, and Bulma had grown wrinkles, Master Ros.h.i.+ still looked like an old man.

Master Ros.h.i.+ might seem as if he would die at any moment, but his body was actually great. Muyang speculated that even if all Z-Fighter were dead, he would still be alive and well.

There had to be a reason why he was able to live for so long.

Korin put down the fish in his hand and said, “That’s because Master Ros.h.i.+ had taken Elixir of Immortality.”

“Is there really an Elixir of Immortality in this world?” Muyang was surprised and asked. He thought that the rumor of the Elixir of Immortality was just nonsense, and didn’t expect that Master Ros.h.i.+ had actually eaten it.

“There used to be some, I’ve eaten it. This is an immortal medicine specially prepared for the immortals who stay at Korin Tower. One elixir can extend life by 400 years.

When Master Ros.h.i.+ stayed here, he begged me, and I finally couldn’t resist and gave him four elixirs, causing me to run out of stock here.”

Korin hinted some regret when he talked about this.

He shouldn’t have been so generous to give the Master Ros.h.i.+ four elixir in the first place. It was very complicated to make the Elixir of Immortality.

It required a very specific herb, but that herb was so scarce that Korin couldn’t make a new batch of Elixir of Immortality for a while.

After listening to Korin’s explanation, Muyang had figured out many parts of the original story.

That’s right. After Master Ros.h.i.+ got the Elixir of Immortality, he must have split it equally with Master Shen.

At that time, Master Ros.h.i.+ and Master Shen hadn’t fallen out yet. Each of them had one disciple, so they split it again and gave it to their disciple.

Master Ros.h.i.+ kept one for himself and gave the other one to Fortuneteller Baba, while Master Shen gave one to Mercenary Tao.

That was why Master Ros.h.i.+, Master Shen, Fortuneteller Baba, and Mercenary Tao could live for so many years.

“Immortal Korin, how do you make this Elixir of Immortality?” Muyang asked.

Upon seeing that Muyang was seemingly interested in the Elixir of Immortality, and Korin continued, “Although this Elixir of Immortality can extend a person’s lifespan and look very tempting, there is a great flaw in it.

After taking the Elixir of Immortality, the body’s potential will be drained. It basically becomes difficult to improve the power.”

“Muyang, you’re still young and have good potential. There’s no need to consider this. Even if you want it, I don’t have any of the Elixir of Immortality here anymore.”

After all, the Elixir of Immortality was prepared for immortals, and the level was actually not very high. Korin hoped that Muyang would focus on martial arts, and perhaps he would be able to reach a higher level in the future.

Muyang nodded his head as he listened. He had gained some understanding of the Elixir of Immortality’s effect.

The Elixir of Immortality’s effect was similar to the Ultra Divine Water’s effect, which squeezed the potential to obtain powerful strength.

However, this elixir was designed to drain the body of its potential power in exchange for a long lifespan.

After taking the Elixir of Immortality, it didn’t mean that the power could never increase again. It just became harder to do so than before.

According to this estimation, Master Ros.h.i.+ and the others shouldn’t have taken the Elixir of Immortality on the spot after getting it. Instead, they should’ve waited until their bodies began to age.

Muyang took Korin’s advice to heart and smiled, “Immortal Korin is right; these are not things I need to consider.”

Before he opened the “Acceleration s.p.a.ce,” Muyang might have coveted the efficacy of the Elixir of Immortality, but with the “Acceleration s.p.a.ce,” he would never do anything that would throw away a more ambitious prospect in front of him.

After all, how could he choose sesame seed over a watermelon?

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