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Chapter 40

The sea breeze dazzled, and the beautiful seascape reflected in the view. As the seagulls “croaking” across the water, spreading their wings and fly, a new day had begun on a faraway island by the sea.

In the morning, the fog was swirling.

Farmers on the island were up early and were busy in the fields carrying hoes and driving cattle and horses.

Although the earth had begun to enter the age of science and technology, most places were still untouched and still in the primitive farming era, relying on physical strength.

There was a thin figure with a backpack crouched by a flowing stream, carefully cleaning her small candy jar with water.

April had been wandering on the island for over a month. Her neat clothes had become dirty due to being worn for too long and ripped open in some places.

“Grumble~” the sound from her stomach indicated that she was starving. Touching her belly, April pouted her face in aggravation.

She was still young and unexpectedly thin; she was incapable of finding food and had to live off the aid of the island’s inhabitants.

Clinging to the small candy jar in her arms, it was empty, and the last candy had been eaten by her the day before.

“Daddy, Mommy, Sipriel…” April called helplessly, with tears in her eyes. She then opened her bag and carefully placed the candy jar in it. But then she saw the dazzling smoke rising in the distance, she flattened her mouth and ran towards the village.


“Knock knock!”

Hearing a knock at the door of a farmhouse, the old woman opened it and saw a timid little girl standing in front of her.

“Grandma, I’m so hungry, can you give me some food?” April blushed shyly and wriggled her clothes.

When the old woman saw the little girl, who was carved in pink and wretchedly dressed, she looked as if she had been robbed and took pity on her.

The old woman led April into the house, serving her a plate of simple food. The food in the countryside was very rough and didn’t taste as good as in the city, but April was so hungry that she gobbled it up and pounded her chest when she choked.

“What a poor child, why are you alone, where are your parents?” The old woman asked, looking at April’s pitiful face.

“There are so many bad guys chasing my parents; they’re…all gone…” April said while eating and couldn’t help but cry at the sad part of the story.

“Oh~” the old woman sighed as she heard from the little girl that her parents might not be around anymore. This was how the world was. Although Central City had been established for over a century, there were still many places where rebellious forces existed.

“Grandma, do you have any candy here? I would like some candy…” April said with her head down as her little face turned red. However, the thought of the candy’s sweetness seemed to remind her of the warmth she felt when she was with her family. She remembered seeing her parents in her dream the other day after eating the candy.

The old woman was stunned and said, “We’re in the countryside, unlike the city where they sell candy. What we have here is honey, so why don’t you try some?”

“Thank you.” April thanked politely.

The old woman smiled and kindly brought out a jar of honey from the hut. It was wild honey with high nutritional value.

“Here, try it.”

“Oh my, it’s sweet!” April’s eyes lit up as she put a drop in her mouth.

“If you like it, you can have these.”

“Really?” April was overjoyed, she took the small candy jar out of her bag and then carefully poured the honey into the jar and closed the lid, “Thank you, grandma!” She thanked politely.

“Uh-huh.” The old woman looked at the little girl’s good manners and was tempted to adopt her. However, April shook her head; she didn’t want to stay on the island.

“Oh, what a cute little girl.”

The old woman said with emotion as she watched April leave after bowing towards her.

After April had filled her belly, she twirled her hands and feet towards the harbor.

She fluttered her eyes and blended into a merchant s.h.i.+p with her head down as she heard the shouting coming from near the harbor.


On the other end of the world, after grabbing all the gold and silver treasures from that bandit group, Muyang flew all the way to a nearby city.

He randomly found an exchange by the city and exchanged some of the gold and silver treasures into regular money.

“Sir, you have brought a total of 0.2 tons of gold and 120 pieces of jewelry, which converts to currency for a total of 110 million Zeni. Do you want cash or a savings card?” After completing the calculation, the exchange owner wiped his sweat and quoted the price with a trembling voice.

Muyang smiled faintly, yet he did not expect that the little bit of gold and silver he randomly took could actually be exchanged for so much money. This showed how many people the bandits had robbed.

“Give me two million Zeni, and put the rest of it on the card.”

“Yes, I’ll handle it for you right away.” The owner responded straight away. He wiped his sweat and asked his staff to help him bring two million Zeni from the vault. Such a big client like this had to be served well by himself.

Muyang smiled, accepted the savings card and a steel box full of cash, and then waved his hand. This Zeni was produced by Central City and was used worldwide.

Its purchasing power was similar to the yuan in his previous life. With this money, he didn’t have to worry.

As it turned out, the most profitable industries were written in the criminal code.

After leaving the exchange, Muyang pondered and went to the seafood market. He was ready to buy hundreds of tons of sea fish to deliver to Korin. After all, he had taken over 10,000 Senzu Beans from Korin; he had to express his grat.i.tude.

Generously dumping out a stack of money, the fishmongers immediately and enthusiastically netted him one hundred and eighty tons of seafood.

This transaction nearly swept up the fresh seafood in the market. The seafood was then packed separately in large baskets to help transport them to a remote alley. From there, Muyang opened the Acceleration s.p.a.ce and filled it with all the seafood.

“This time, Korin should be satisfied. Hey, with this amount of seafood, you got over 10,000 Senzu Beans in exchange, it’s a huge profit.”

This was the benefit of asymmetric information. If it was in the era after the original story started, Son Goku and the others would know the great value of Senzu Beans. Even if he paid a lot of money, he wouldn’t be able to get a Senzu Bean.

Humming a happy tune, Muyang went to the market to purchase a stove and some fuel before taking off into the air and swis.h.i.+ng back to Korin Tower.

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