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Chapter 30

Legend had it that the Sacred Land of Korin was the place where the martial arts of Earth originated.

It was located on a ma.s.sive plain in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth. It was backed by a majestic mountain range that was often covered in ice and snow.

The mountain soared high from south to north, blocking the humidity from the Western Ocean. It kept the Sacred Land of Korin near the sea from becoming a rainforest with too much rain.

The whole Sacred Land of Korin was a large basin that sunk downward. It covered more than a hundred kilometers of dense forest that looked like a green wave swaying in the wind from afar.

Right in the middle of the Sacred Land of Korin, there was a Korin Tower connected to the Heaven Realm.

Legend had it that if someone could climb the Korin Tower with bare hands, they could meet the immortals who dwelt above it and receive guidance from them.

More than two hundred years ago, when the martial arts on Earth were extremely prosperous. There was an endless stream of martial arts pract.i.tioners coming to challenge Korin Tower.

However, with the disaster that hit the world two hundred and fifty years ago, the martial arts schools on Earth suffered heavy losses and hadn’t recovered until this day. That was why the number of people coming to challenge Korin Tower was not as high as it used to be.

But today, a figure was approaching at a rapid pace towards Korin Tower.

A flash of light pa.s.sed through several snow-capped mountains, and a flat skyline came into view.

When Muyang was flying in the sky above the Sacred Land of Korin Great Forest, he saw a long soaring tower rooted in the horizon and penetrating into the sky above, covered by the white puffy clouds.

“Finally, I arrived at the Sacred Land of Korin, and that long line is supposed to be the Korin Tower. It’s so long!”

Muyang was far more shocked than he had imagined when he looked in the distance and actually saw Korin Tower.

He gradually lowered his height and approached the Korin Tower.

The base of Korin Tower was about two meters wide and deeply rooted in the ground. The ivory tower was only about a meter thick and was made of an unknown material. There were various totemic patterns carved on it, including flowers and birds, human faces, and animal faces, which probably an ancient human belief of nature.

After landing his feet on the ground, Muyang raised his head to look up at the tower whose peak was invisible. Then, he moved his body in place, preparing to challenge Korin Tower officially.

It should be said that this world was worthy of being the Dragon Ball World. As long as earthlings found the right training that conformed to the world’s rules, they could even possess great power!

Anyway, Muyang clearly knew that in his original world, he wouldn’t be able to train his body to become this powerful. However, it could probably happen because of the power field called “ki” that pervades the universe.

Now, he was about to challenge Korin Tower!

Suddenly, an arrow flew towards him, its icy tip flickering. Muyang immediately stretched out his hand and grabbed the arrow in his hand.

“That’s not a nice way to treat a guest!”

Muyang said in a cold voice while sticking the arrow in the ground.

“Stop, what are you doing here?” A male voice came from behind. With a whoosh, six or seven Indians with stripes painted on their faces, and carrying quivers of arrows, came out of the woods.

These Indians were dressed much like Bora in the original story. They were holding spears, arrows and wearing beast tooth necklaces around their necks. All of them were looking at Muyang with a wary face.

“Are they Karinga Tribe that guard the Sacred Land of Korin?”

Muyang raised his eyebrows and immediately recognized these people.

Strictly speaking, not anyone was qualified to challenge Korin Tower, because Korin Tower rose into the sky, challenging it would be dangerous. These guardians lived in the Sacred Land of Korin Great Forest all year round.

They took the responsibility to protect the Great Forest. So, they were considered to be the first hurdle before challenging the Korin Tower.

“Stranger, you are a good fighter, tell us who you are.” An Indian who was at the front of the line came forward with a spear in his hand.

“My name is Muyang, from Heavenly Sky School. I came here today to challenge the Korin Tower.” Muyang said with a serious face.

The Indian looked surprised after hearing that and said unexpectedly, “You are Muyang, the winner of this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament?”

Muyang was surprised. He didn’t expect that the guardians who lived at the Sacred Land of Korin would actually know the information regarding the World Martial Arts Tournament.

He thought that this must not be the state of martial arts seclusion in later generations because the communication between schools was still frequent. Muyang then nodded and said, “That’s right; I am Muyang.”

Hearing Muyang confirming his ident.i.ty, the Indians’ demeanor became enthusiastic.

“Sorry about earlier, I’m Oz, the guardian of Korin Tower.”

The Indian named Oz, who led the group, expressed his apologies. He waved for the tribe behind him to put their weapons down, he exclaimed,

“Did you just say you’re here to challenge Korin Tower? After all these years, someone has finally come back to challenge it, and to tell you the truth, it’s not an easy thing to do, and you can lose your life if you’re not careful.”

“My people have tried and failed, are you sure you want to challenge Korin Tower?”

There weren’t many members of the Karinga Tribe. Only the most outstanding warriors were eligible to live near Korin Tower. And still, they failed to challenge the Korin Tower, so you could imagine how difficult it would be.

Muyang said, “Thank you for your concern, but I’ve already prepared myself.”

Seeing Muyang’s determination, Oz nodded, “I see you’ve made the long journey to get here. Why don’t you recuperate and wait until tomorrow around this time to take on the challenge?”

“No, I’m in good shape, and I’m going to challenge now.”

Muyang shook his head to reject Oz’s kindness. Actually, he had already adjusted his body when he flew over, so he didn’t have to wait until tomorrow. As for the Indian’s kindness, he appreciated it.

Oz looked at Muyang in amazement and stepped out of the way, “If that’s the case, good luck then.”

“Thank you.”

After saying that, Muyang faced Korin Tower, and his legs muscles suddenly exerted force. “whoosh,” a whirlwind suddenly rolled up the ground. Along with this explosive force, Muyang used the Quicker Than Lighting Technique and flew towards the sky.

His toes lightly stepped on the raised node of Korin Tower, and after three or two strokes, he turned into a black dot and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

Underneath, the Karinga Tribes looked stunned towards the sky. They were suddenly dumbfounded as they lost track of Muyang. They never expect that Muyang could be so powerful.

After quite some time, Oz closed his mouth. He looked at his people and said incredulously, “That teenager is so strong, maybe he can actually meet Korin!”

“Yeah, worthy of being the winner of the World Martial Arts Tournament!”

The others praised him as well.

“I think he’s much better than previous winners.”

Oz shook his head and looked again at Korin Tower, which was peering into the clouds.

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