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Chapter 29

Muyang and Sammi chatted endlessly. After about ten minutes or so, Shayton returned from the Superpower Academy’s direction, with a slender, small figure behind him.

With bright eyes, dainty teeth, and a dark green hair just above the ear flaps, it was the same Mexia that Muyang hadn’t seen in years.

At this time, Mexia was already fifteen years old, her body had stretched out, and she had grown a lot taller. Her slender body already had the appearance of a cardamom girl.

When she saw Muyang from afar, a hint of joy flashed between her pair of turquoise pupils, then she cheered. Her body shone with a faint green fluorescent light. With a hint of an emerald green whirlwind tornado, she rushed towards Muyang.

“Senior brother, what brought you here?” Mexia’s crisp voice surrounded his ears.

Muyang caught Mexia’s body, the soft touch and the scent of fragrance made him stunned for a moment. He wondered if the pretty girl in front of him was the same Mexia who was dangling around him before.

She was wearing a black, long-sleeved, loose-fitting gown with a high collar and a hem scattered into several pieces like a trench coat. Don’t mention how acerbic it would be to put on a pair of

But that was quite great! He muttered to himself, looking at the girl in front of him.

“I haven’t seen you for a few years, so I came over to see you.”

Mexia giggled lightly and glanced at Muyang, “Who are you lying to? I don’t believe it.”

“Forget it if you don’t believe me.” Muyang shrugged his shoulders.

Mexia hadn’t been back all these years. It was said to be an internal regulation of the Supernatural Academy.

It seemed that only those who reached the maximum school age limit or reached a certain standard of their own abilities that could graduate and leave the academy.

It was said that this was done to protect the beginners and hide the location of the academy.

Stroking the girl’s fluffy dark green hair, Muyang turned to Sammi and Shayton and said, “I haven’t seen Mexia for a long time, and I wanted to take her out for a walk.”

“Make yourselves comfortable.” Sammi smiled faintly.

“My teacher knew you were coming, and she gave me the day off.” Mexia happily held Muyang’s hand; her white hand was icy cold, yet it was gentle like a jasper. “Senior brother, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Tell me about the things in school…”

“Okay!” Muyang smiled, then nodded and said yes, pulling Mexia’s hand towards the temporary hut that he had built.

The surface of the pond was rippling with blue waves, and the water was gurgling. It is surrounded by birds and flowers, and the tranquil scenery is dreamy and beautiful.

Muyang and Mexia sat on the floor, talking about the exciting things they had encountered over the years.

Muyang looked proudly at Mexia as he said that he came over to partic.i.p.ate in the World Martial Arts Tournament and had won the t.i.tle. And when he saw that she was indeed surprised, and it made Muyang felt even more proud.

“Senior Brother, it’s only been three years, and you’re already so powerful…” Mexia exclaimed, and her eyes were s.h.i.+ning bright as she was chirping with excitement.

“Not really.”

The corners of Muyang’s mouth slightly raised. Mu Yang was unprecedentedly relaxed every time he faced this naive girl named Mexia.

The previous worries buried in his heart suddenly dissipated, and his mood became incredibly refreshed. It was like, at this point, everything about Saiyans and Frieza was all went up in smoke.

“Then I’m going to attend the next World Martial Arts Tournament, so I can beat you,” Mexia said seriously.

“I think that will be very difficult.” Muyang smiled, pressing his palm against her head, and suddenly remembered something. He pulled out a lens-like object from his pocket and handing it to Mexia.

“Mexia, this is for you.” It was a scouter.

Aside from the fact that he didn’t tell Mexia about Acceleration s.p.a.ce, he didn’t hide about the discovery of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p.

After taking the scouter, Mexia looked at the lens-like object curiously and said, “Is this the scouter you talked about earlier, the alien technology?”

“Yes, there are only three of them on Earth, so you’ll have to keep them.” Muyang looked at her with a smile. When he was excavating the s.h.i.+p’s wreckage, he found three Scouters from the iron box, and now he gave one of them to Mexia.

“Oh, I see.” Mexia was very happy. She then leaned in to give a peck on Muyang’s cheek.

Muyang was waiting for it, which made Mexia hesitated for a moment. Looking at Muyang’s face, she laughed, and instead of moving her mouth, she stretched out her hand, bending her index fingers and thumb slightly, and snapped her fingers on Muyang’s face.


Quirky! This wasn’t how the script was supposed to work.

It was such a beautiful moment for two innocent teenagers. You shouldn’t talk first before have a quick peck!

Touching the place where Mexia had flicked him, Muyang lightly coughed, then he realized he didn’t have loli control! But the girl in front of him wasn’t a loli anymore! She was just a little young.

But it didn’t matter if she was young, she’d be big in a few years.

Muyang then taught Mexia how to use the scouter. This scouter utilized hexadecimal. So, Muyang needed to teach her how to convert hexadecimal to decimal.

It was good that Mexia’s brain was very agile and was able to learn quickly.

After learned how to use it, Mexia couldn’t wait to test it on herself, and the data it showed converted to “41”.

“Forty-one power level, how come it’s only this much? Is this considered high or low?” Mexia lifted her head, her clarifying eyes looking at Muyang.

Muyang smiled, “It’s already good.”

Forty-one points of power level, which meant the energy in Mexia’s body, was forty-one. That certainly wasn’t a bad result.

The source of superpowers was also energy, but this energy was more restrained than a pure burst of power. It would be applied differently depending on the category of the superpower.

But the one thing in common was the greater the energy level, the more productive the combat effect. So, if Mexia used her superpowers at this point, even with the current power level that Muyang had, it would be hard for him to break free.

“How much power level do you have, senior brother?”


“Eh, that was a lot of difference!”

Mexia felt a little frustrated, she had thought that there wouldn’t be that big of a difference between herself and her senior brother, but it turned out she didn’t even reach half the amount of Muyang’s power level.

So she curled her lips and threw Muyang down on the gra.s.s with her claws and teeth.

“Don’t be ridiculous; your power level is really good already. The other brothers and sisters in the Great Azure Mountain only have twenty or thirty power level by now.”


“I’m not lying.”

Gulugulu – The scene went on for a while until there was a sound of protest from her stomachs.

“I’m hungry.” Mexia touched her stomach.

“Mexia, I’ll give you another taste of your senior brother’s cooking today.”

“Okay,” Mexia shouted happily. Muyang was in a happy mood. It felt like the two were back in their childhood, without worries and surrounded by a light warmth in their hearts.

Muyang found firewood and lit the smoke, while Mexia hunted the prey. Muyang was the one responsible for cleaning the prey and grilling it.

Soon, the transparent fat was dripping on the gra.s.s from the roasted meat. Muyang sprinkled a necessary amount of spices, and the two siblings gorged themselves on the food.

Happy times never last long, time pa.s.sed unnoticed, and soon it was time to part.

Mexia was reluctant to leave, and her tears were streaming down.

“Senior brother, I have to go back. You should visit me often from now on.”

“I will.”

“I’ll be mad if you don’t come.” Mexia wrinkled her little c.o.c.ked nose.

“I got it.” Muyang smiled as he looked at her pitiful expression.

After getting Muyang’s promise, Mexia reluctantly flew towards the direction of the academy. Watching Mexia’s back gradually became smaller, Muyang stood in place for a moment to adjust his mood.

Muyang raised his head to look at the clear and flawless sky; his eyes gradually became determined. Then he soared up, swoos.h.i.+ng towards the sky, and quickly disappeared into the boundless firmament.

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