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Chapter 28

The sky was bright, and the breeze was fresh.

The warm sun shone, and sprinkling spots of brightness through the leaves among the trees. Not far from Muyang, there was a rustle in the forest.

Some slender animals were frightened and fled to the depths of the woods.

“Shayton, your teacher told you to patrol around the academy. Why are you lying here and slacking off.”

An angry voice came from a young man in a blue uniform who flew up to Shayton’s side with hesitation on his face.

The man called Shayton sat up with a jolt and smirked carelessly. “Sammi, what are you fussing about? I’m just lazy. There’s no need to be so angry…” seeing Sammi’s gloomy face that became as dark as ink, Shayton’s voice grew quieter as he spoke.

Sammi glared at Shayton resentfully, “How can you still here when your teacher had asked you to patrol.”

“Yes, yes, you’re right, but this is a superpower academy, it’s not like this is some random place. What kind of people want to come here… And isn’t there still Dean here, she doesn’t know anything, why do we need to patrol?” Shayton responded casually, while got up from the ground calmly.

“Idiot, don’t you know it’s practice?” Sammi glared at Shayton.

“Okay, I’m not going to argue with you. I’ll go patrolling now.”

Shayton didn’t bother arguing with Sammi. He used his powers to lift his body up, floating lightly and patrolling the large forest where the academy was located.

“Ugh, this guy.” Sammi shook his head and patrolled along with him.

The Superpower Academy is a place that specializes in training superpowers. It had existed for an unknown number of years since ancient times, just like the Sacred Land of Korin. It was considered a relatively transcendent place.

The students mainly came from two sources; one was the superpowers user transported in from the outside world, such as Mexia. The other was children trained by several Superpower Kindergartens affiliated with the Superpower Academy.

Sammi and Shayton were the ones who graduated from Superpower Kindergarten and advanced to the next level.

In the original story, both Oolong and Puar studied at the Southern Transformation Kindergarten, but Oolong was expelled for stealing his female teacher’s panties, and Puar, for some unknown reason, didn’t make it to the Superpower Academy anyway.

Earth was a magical place, with pa.s.sages to the Demon Realm, the Yellow Springs, and other incredible places still existing in some obscure and remote areas.

In ancient times, monsters that disrupted human life often emerged from these pa.s.sages. It was during this time that superpowers users and martial arts pract.i.tioners became the main force in fighting against these external threats because of their incredible powers.

However, with the rapid development of recent technological, superpowers users and martial arts pract.i.tioners had gradually become invisible.

Just as Sammi and Shayton were stumbling to patrol in relatively open territory, a black dot suddenly flew in the sky. As they got closer and closer, that black dot became larger and gradually became a humanoid figure.

Sammi and Shayton noticed the figure, and Shayton put his arm against Sammi as he said, “Sammi, who do you think that could be?”

“I don’t know, anyway, pay attention to the surrounding.”

Sammi also looked at the figure and became serious, his body floating up to stop the figure.

“Stop, this is the territory of Superpower Academy, if you don’t have anything else to do, please leave immediately.”

The young man who flew into the air that day was none other than Muyang, who was oh his way to go to the Sacred Land of Korin.

However, when he reached a certain height, he discovered a place that resembled a paradise not far from him.

He flew over to take a look, and sure enough, it was the Superpower Academy he was looking for.

“My friend, this is the Superpower Academy, right? My name is Muyang; I’m from a martial arts school called Heavenly Sky School. I’m here to visit my junior sister Mexia. I wonder if you can ask Mexia to come over for a while?”

Muyang quickly introduced himself to avoid any unnecessary trouble.

Upon hearing this, Sammi looked less guarded than before.

“So you’re here to visit Mexia, wait a minute, and I’ll have someone go inform her.” Sammi smiled and stopped Muyang, then gave Shayton a wink to go back inside the academy to make sure.

There weren’t many students in the Superpower Academy. They knew each other roughly even if they weren’t familiar with each other. Shayton was stunned but then flew towards the academy.

Muyang watched the two communicating with their eyes, and he knew that there was still wariness in their hearts. He laughed lightly like a spring breeze, then landed on the ground and waited calmly.

After all, this was the territory of the Superpower Academy, and Mexia was a student here, so let’s just wait. There was no need to cause any trouble.

“What’s your name?” Muyang asked.

“You can just call me Sammi,” Sammi said with a friendly att.i.tude while hovering next to a tree.

“Sammi, you must have been in the academy for a long time, right?”

“It’s been for many years. I was raised from Superpower Kindergarten.”

“Superpower Kindergarten? I’ve heard that Transformation Kindergarten teaches Shapes.h.i.+fting Techniques there, have you ever learned them?” Muyang’s eyes lit up as he heard about the interesting place and asked.

Sammi looked at Muyang in surprise and nodded, “The Transformation Kindergarten is one of the kindergartens under the Superpower Academy. I did learn the Shapes.h.i.+fting Techniques, but I’m not good at it. My transformation can only last for 10 minutes.”

Muyang nodded. He felt that it was already good, knowing that in the original story, Oolong and Puar’s transformations could only last for five minutes. They even needed to rest for one minute halfway through to continue their transformations.

Although the Southern Transformation Kindergarten teaches some simple and basic superpower techniques, such as Shapes.h.i.+fting Techniques, which didn’t actually enhance the learner’s strength. Instead, it was quite confusing for the learner.

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