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Chapter 27

After a moment of sitting quietly, Muyang moved the ki in his body. Then with a single swoosh, he entered the gray-white Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

The speed of time flow here was twice as fast as the outside world. With Muyang’s current condition, he could continue to open the Acceleration s.p.a.ce for three hours.

If he went beyond six hours, it would cause spiritual dullness.

Practicing in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce would not only double the time and replenish the body’s consumption, but it would also have the effect of calming the mind and restoring the spirit. This would make it easier to get into comprehension without distractions.

After experiencing the World Martial Arts Tournament, Muyang had already gained a more detailed understanding of the Earth martial arts world’s level.

In general, there were still quite a few masters in the Earth martial arts world, like the headmaster of the Maple Leaf School, Master Hulin of the Orin Temple, Elder Nally of the Thousand Crane School, which were all top-ranked masters. Compared to them, Muyang still lacked a lot.

It was an acc.u.mulation of age and experience. It was impossible to catch up with them in a short time. However, purely in terms of power level, Muyang believed that he would soon catch up with them.

It was white and empty.

Inside the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, a strong, athletic figure performs a basic training exercise. He jumps vigorously, and with every jump almost touching the “ceiling” above his head.

“9997, 9998, 9999, 10,000!”

Muyang kicked and jumped continuously for more than 10,000 times. He only stopped when his legs became sore. He wiped the sweat from his face, his eyes revealed determination, and then started throwing punches again.

Huh! Huh! Huh!

The thin air vibrated in the impact with the punch. The violently vibrating air squeezed each other, emitting a dull thud sound. It was a pity that Muyang didn’t have load-bearing equipment on his body; otherwise, his training would achieve better results.

Taking out the scouter and performing some tests on himself, he was motivated by the data displayed on the lenses.


“I’ve reached 97, which is the highest data I’ve ever seen under a full burst. At this point, the subsequent growth in power level has been slowing down…”

Muyang sighed as he looked at the data displayed on the lens.

After several days of continuous testing, he noticed that his power level growth was becoming slower.

By the time the power level reached close to a hundred, the limitations of the earthlings had begun to appear. A hundred power level was a barrier. There were only a handful of people who had successfully overcome it, each of whom was an amazing martial arts master.

That was no longer something that could be broken just by doing physical exercise.

However, for Muyang, he must overcome this hurdle! A mere one hundred power level was not enough; he had to become stronger.


Suddenly, a stabbing pain came from within his spirit. Muyang knew that his training time in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce had reached its limit.

So, he calmed down and adjusted the ki in his body. Then, with a swoosh, his body disappeared from within the grey-white Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

Returning to the outside world, the profound spiritual exhaustion made him grimace more than the soreness of long-term muscle exercise.

With a thud, Muyang’s body fell back to sleep for about six or seven hours before he finally woke up. The spiritual exhaustion had been wiped away, and he was about to start practicing “ki. “Muyang’s use of ki was still very rough because he hadn’t yet met a more proficient Ki Based Technique pract.i.tioner.

“Maybe I should make my way over to Korin Tower,” Muyang pondered.

But before that, he believed he still had some things he needed to do.

Korin Tower was ten thousand miles away in the Northern Hemisphere. If he relied on his feet, there was no telling how long it would take.

At this point, physical exercise was no longer necessary. Therefore Muyang wanted to study the Dancing Sky Art because if he could soar through the sky, his speed could be greatly increased.

The Dancing Sky Art belonged to the secret technique of Master Shen, but it wasn’t a brilliant skill, to say the least. Its principle was very simple and mainly focused on using ki within the body; however, it was complicated to master.

If ki wave was done by condensing and forming ki in the body and firing it out through the palm of the hand or fingers.

Then this Dancing Sky Art was done by s.h.i.+fting the mind to release a little bit of the ki in the body through the soles of the feet so that it enveloped the body and counteracts the effects of gravity.

This would overcome the attraction of the Earth’s gravity and allow the body to float.

This technique is similar to the “wave rider” technique used on Earth in past times. By controlling the surface of the shock wave subtly, more power can be obtained.

Muyang’s mind recalled the picture in the original story where Son Gohan guide Videl to practice the Dancing Sky Art. Compared to Videl, Muyang’s foundation was obviously much more solid.

The bad news was that the original story didn’t reveal details of this technique, so he needed to explore on his own.

After a few failed attempts, it didn’t take long for a small stream of ki to flow down his thighs towards the soles of the feet and release evenly through the feet.

During the release process, Muyang’s body began to float a little bit. When his bobbing body floated to four or five meters off the ground, Muyang looked down at the green field from above, and he became extremely calm.

He then carefully adjusted his body posture and flew steadily to higher ground.

At this time, the azure sky was as flawless as a mirror, and at the bottom of the sky was a primitive forest of lush greenery. The mountain and rivers were beautiful. The ancient trees were jagged, giving an ethereality and immensity sense to the mind.


This was just the most basic part of the Dancing Sky Art. It required diffusing ki all over the body, which was a step more difficult than merely floating.

Moreover, flying at high speeds required precise control over the shape of the shock wave surface so that the resistance became a potential driving force.

Muyang gradually imitated Videl’s training technique in the original story. After two days, he could really soar in the sky as much as he wanted.

“The Dancing Sky Art is considered completed, so it’s time to go to the Sacred Land of Korin.”

Muyang estimated that if he were able to climb the Korin Tower and received guidance from Korin, he should be able to make a great leap in his strength, which was enough to cross the first barrier that lay across his path.

Of course, this trip to Sacred Land of Korin wasn’t only to learn more brilliant training techniques from Korin, but also to obtain the Earth’s Healing Holy Medicine, the Senzu Bean.

In the early stages of the Dragon Ball World, many weird things existed on Earth, and Senzu Bean was one of them.

Senzu Bean didn’t show much value in the early stages of Dragon Ball; it simply kept people from feeling hungry. In the later stages, it was worthy of being a life-saver.

Not only it could quickly restore physical strength, but it could also instantly heal any injuries.

Unfortunately, in the later stages of the Dragon Ball, the Senzu Bean production dropped drastically, making a Senzu Bean like a precious treasure that could only be used on a blade.

But for now, the Senzu Bean hadn’t been ruined by Yajirobe, and there was still plenty of stock at the Korin Tower.

“Let’s go…”

With a long roar in the air, Muyang raised his height. As his vision became wider and open, an otherworldly area in the distance caught his attention on his way towards the North.

Muyang’s expression became a little stunned as he lightly laughed, “So the place I have been looking for all this time, far away from the sky, is actually there!”

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