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Chapter 31

White clouds stretched high in the sky, and the ivory towers crossed between heaven and Earth. As the height gradually increased, the horizon showed a curved line.

The air became thin, and the temperature began to drop.

Muyang had climbed upwards for ten kilometers with a single drum, before hugging a bulge on the surface of Korin Tower to rest.

These outward bulges, located every seven or eight meters. They were like a resting point for the challenger, even when not all challengers were strong enough to lend to these bulges.

“I wondered how this Korin Tower was built, and I can’t believe I haven’t reached the top yet.”

When Muyang looked upward, the unseen Korin Tower disappeared into the vast sky as the surrounding area had begun to enter the troposphere.

Normally, the oxygen here should be very thin, and Muyang discovered that the oxygen concentration was indeed dropping. However, unexpectedly, it was enough to maintain the minimum requirements of life.

“Let’s keep going!”

After about ten minutes of rest, Muyang gathered his strength and continued to climb towards higher ground.

During the challenge of Korin Tower, Muyang didn’t use the Dancing Sky Art Technique at all because the point of climbing Korin Tower was to exercise physical tolerance.

Legend had it that there was miraculous spring water on top of the Korin Tower called Sacred Water, which would increase the strength of the body with just one sip.

However, this water was actually just ordinary spring water. What really increased the strength was the entire process of challenging the Korin Tower.

Even the Ultra Divine Water, which truly possesses the effect of unlocking potential, would still be a gamble of life. The Ultra Divine Water was extremely poisonous, so if you weren’t careful, you would be poisoned to death and actually meet King Yama.

Of course, when it came to the Ultra Divine Water, it had to be said that Muyang had some doubts. In the original story, Son Goku’s strength increased dramatically after drinking the Ultra Divine Water.

However, whether it was really the Ultra Divine Water that played the role or because the dying Son Goku had activated the Saiyan’s bloodline, it was impossible to know.

However, Muyang knew that without the addition of the bloodline, there was no shortcut to practice. Every step had to be practical.

At this point, Muyang stopped and continued to climb the Korin Tower by walking; he had spent three days here. He saw that the dry supplies on his body were about to run out.

Yet, when he lifted his head, he still couldn’t see the top of the tower. Muyang realized that this process was very torturous. If he wasn’t mentally strong enough, he would have given up a long time ago.

“At the beginning of the story, it took Son Goku a whole day to climb Korin Tower. I’m not as strong as him, so it must have taken me longer, but I guess I’m almost there.”

Muyang grabbed a bulge and thought in his heart. He then used his belt to bind a temporary sheath and munched a steamed bun hastily, before putting away the sheath and continuing to climb. Using a certain safety device to stop for a break wasn’t considered a foul.

After another night, just as Muyang was about to run out of supplies, and even nearly fell off the Korin Tower several times. He finally saw a flat ball-shaped shadow that appeared in the blurred vision.

That was the top of the Korin Tower. It took him four days to finally reached the top.


The sun had just risen, staining the surrounding clouds and the sacredness of Korin Tower. Muyang’s spirits perked up, and he sped upwards to go through one of the four entrances at the bottom of the tower.

“Finally, I managed to climb up!” Muyang was exhausted. He was panting and finally collapsed from exhaustion after climbing up Korin Tower.

After resting for a while, the soreness on his thighs gradually faded, and only then did Muyang had the strength to take a look at his surroundings.

It was a pretty s.p.a.cious area with oval-shaped skylights opening up all around. Besides having four entrance pa.s.sages where the tower was attached in the middle, several water tanks were placed systematically around, next to a bathtub and a cot for sleeping.

This was where Korin usually stayed.

“If Korin isn’t here, he must be up there.” With no sign of Korin anywhere, Muyang a.s.sumed that he should be on the second floor. So, he walked along the stairs towards the second floor.

The second floor of the tower was obviously a lot more open than the first floor. There was nothing more than a hundred square meters, except for a stone platform with a kettle in the middle.

The view was wide open, without walls, and supported only by twelve relief stone columns between the upper and lower levels.

Muyang noticed that there was an enormous crystal ball floating above the stone platform where the kettle was placed. This crystal ball was more than eighty centimeters in diameter, round and translucent, with a glittering light throughout its body. It seemed that magical power was supporting it to float in the air.

Muyang didn’t really know about this crystal ball before, nor did he pay attention to whether such a crystal ball existed in the original story.

The crystal ball was motionless at this point, and it seemed to act as a stabilizer for the entire Korin Tower.

Overall, the construction at the top of the Korin Tower was a flat, spherical building, with the lowest level having the smallest area of only thirty square feet. The middle level is the most s.p.a.cious, with a hundred square feet.

The middle level was the area where Korin trained martial arts pract.i.tioners. Judging by the construction, the training ground was only in the middle part of the tower’s top. Then there seemed to be some construction above it, but it was hidden.

“Very good, you have actually climbed up here. You’re a great kid.” The white-haired cat named Korin stood in front of Muyang with a crutch, quietly hiding it from Muyang’s awareness.

“When did you come?” Muyang couldn’t feel Korin’s appearance at all, so he was secretly frightened, but also looked up at Korin.

Korin was worthy of being an immortal who lived for over 800 years, even though it was quite unbelievable when you looked at his appearance.

“Are you Korin?” Muyang pretended not to know Korin’s ident.i.ty.

Korin washed the bottom of his paws, “That’s right, young man. No one has climbed up here in many years. Did you come here to drink the Sacred Water?” Seeing Muyang nodded, Korin narrowed his eyes, “This isn’t going to be easy. the Sacred Water isn’t given for nothing.”

Korin wiggled his fat body and used his crutches to raise the Sacred Water on top of the central stone platform, “If you want to drink it, you’ll have to take it from me.”

It really was the training of grabbing kettles, and Muyang was already prepared for it. He knew that it was the way Korin trained his martial art pract.i.tioners.

After solemnly performing a martial arts pract.i.tioner’s salute to make a good impression on Korin, Muyang began to grab the kettle.

“Immortal Korin, I’m going to start.”

“Mm.” Korin secretly nodded his head at Muyang’s knowledge of manners. He then made a small change in his body posture as he faced Muyang’s flying body, and was able to dodge Muyang’s lunge cleverly.

“Young man, relying on brute strength alone won’t work. You are a disciple of the Heavenly Sky School; you wouldn’t have forgotten even the most basic things of your school, would you?” Korin shook his head.

Most of the martial art techniques on Earth were pa.s.sed down from the Korin Tower. And Korin himself had lived for over eight hundred years. Any move was so crude in his eyes.

“Immortal Korin, how can you actually know about the Heavenly Sky School…”

“Hey, I know a lot about it. The Heavenly Sky School used to be great, but it’s just a shame that it has become that way.”

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