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Note: I will stop posting this novel on our site for a while, patron still get chapter normally, 2 chapters/day. Chapter 26 would be the last chapter here as I put this announcement. Some of you may know the reason, I will post here again if I feel better.

After folding the letter and sealing the opening with glue, Sith carefully placed the letter in the mailbox.

The post office had a special line, and in about seven or eight days, the letter would arrive in Isaac’s hands.

With that done, Sith walked out of the room, as the ferry was almost ready to dock.

As he pa.s.sed by the restaurant, he saw Muyang eating inside. He then looked at the sky that was getting darker and darker, as if it was about to rain.

“Muyang, after the ferry docks, are you returning to the Great Azure Mountain with me, or are you going to travel around by yourself?”

Sith sat down next to Muyang and ordered some random snacks.

“I’ll travel outside for a while first. I plan to take this free time to see the outside world before returning. This compet.i.tion has given me deep insight, and there is room for improvement in many places.”

Muyang put down his chopsticks and said straightforwardly, however, Sith’s face had such an expression.

He nodded, “Well, it’s good to expand your knowledge outside. Honestly, your martial arts are already very good, compared to us. The only thing that’s missing is experience. It’s good for you to see more of the differences outside.”

“Get a grip on these; we can’t teach you anything more.”

Judging from the results of the World Martial Arts Tournament, Muyang’s performance was beyond his expectations. The only thing he lacked was an improvement in his fighting skills. Perhaps, due to his lack of combat experience, Muyang was still a bit disorganized when it came to dealing with his opponents. It was clear that he could win more easily, but for now, it still took a lot of work. If it wasn’t that his strength exceeded his opponents, it would be hard to say whether he would win or not in the end.

In low-level battles, skill is important. Even in high-level battles in the later stages where power is elevated, combat skills played an equally important role.

Neither the Sith nor Isaac could teach him any of this, so he had to understand it independently.

It all required practice.

Through this World Martial Arts Tournament, Muyang expanded his vision and was truly integrated into this world of martial arts. He also discovered his shortcomings.

Like in the last final game, if his power wasn’t as strong as Arlo’s, the final result might have to be rewritten, and the winner would be Arlo from Maple Leaf School.

History was written by the winners, even if it wasn’t written directly by the winners themselves. So, how was the history being written affirming the winners?

Muyang was the winner of the tournament. During the post-match exchange session, all schools touted the sudden emergence of the dark horse and set him up as a role model. However, under the spotlight, Muyang clearly knew that he still had very obvious shortcomings even when he was considered the best among people of the same age.

If you became adrift when you were touted, what else would you accomplish?

Flog! Flog!

The polite compliments were sugar-coated cannonb.a.l.l.s. We had to eat the sugar-coating and spit out the cannonb.a.l.l.s!

So after the post-match exchange session ended, Muyang planned to practice outside like Son Goku. He wasn’t in a hurry to return to the Great Azure Mountain with Sith.

Furthermore, since he was already in the Southern Region, he had to take some time to go to the Superpower Academy to see how Mexia was doing. Otherwise, who knows what she would complain about if she knew he was here but didn’t go to see her.

After casually eating some random snacks, it was pouring rain outside.

The rain fell on the blue sea, creating a cloud of vapor. Meanwhile, the storm also intensified the waves, and the ferry had to slow down.

An hour later, the pattering rain gradually stopped. The ferry, which had been delayed for a while due to the heavy rain, finally docked in the afternoon.

“Muyang, I’ll go back first. Be careful while you’re out and about, and return when it’s almost time.”

“I know.”

“Take care!” Sith smiled and waved his hand.

He knew that with Muyang’s current strength, there wouldn’t be any danger even if he was alone outside, so Sith didn’t say anything else to him. After telling him goodbye, Sith took his luggage with him and headed towards the train station.

Watching Sith’s back as it disappeared into the sea of people, Muyang cheered up a bit. He then also turned his direction towards the other side and soon disappeared into the sea of people as well.


The site of the Superpower Academy was located in a quiet, deep forest somewhere in the Southern Region. The exact time when this academy was established could no longer be verified, but it had existed for a long time anyway.

It was as mysterious as the Korin Tower at the Sacred Land of Korin, which was filled with many kinds of magical legends among local folk. It was said that they would recruit students every few years and set up enrolment locations in nearby cities, but the school’s exact location was never revealed to outsiders.

In the quiet old forest, the sound of birds chirping croaked.

Suddenly, an azure light pierced straight through the forest. And the trees that were struck by the light along the way fell down.

The ground was shaking, birds were puffing out their wings, and the primitive forest was opened up as the thick trees collapsed with smoke.

Muyang had been wandering around in this forest for several days now. His body had already run out of nourishment. So, when he was hungry, he would hunt some animals to fill his stomach, and when he got sleepy, he would find a big tree, jump onto its trunk and go to sleep.

After a few days, he hadn’t even seen a shadow of the Superpower Academy.

“It should be right around here somewhere.”

Muyang wandered through the forest, stepping on the green ground and opening the road savagely.

The surrounding mountains and forests were beautiful and unusually quiet. There was no sign of civilization at all.

Muyang frowned slightly, his spiritual power spread out towards the surroundings, but he still couldn’t find any strange places.

‘It was quite difficult to find.’ Muyang muttered in his heart, but he wasn’t surprised. If this Superpower Academy was really a place to train superpowers, then it naturally wouldn’t be easy for him to find it with his technique.

“If I don’t find it this time, I won’t get a chance to see Mexia.”

Muyang sighed softly; he was feeling a little regret.

But since he had come here, Muyang didn’t plan to leave easily. Even if he couldn’t find the Superpower Academy, he was prepared to practice here for a while.

After thinking about it, Muyang found a pond and then found a relatively open area nearby. The ki wave in his hand split into several sections and spread out, rumbling and dusting, as he opened up s.p.a.ce.

Then he found woods to build a simple hut.

Maximum hand skills!

“The environment here is very nice. It can be used as a place of temporary seclusion.” Looking at the bright and leisurely scenery around him, Muyang nodded his head in satisfaction. He planned to stay here for a while.

Next, he cleared the barrier between the pond and the hut, then got some stones to make a stove and set up a wooden rack for the barbecue. With that, the simple amenities were complete.

“This will do.” Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, Muyang clapped his hands before going to look for food.

With a swoosh, Muyang turned into a black shadow, scampered into the dense forest, and soon returned with a rabbit in tow.

After he skinned and gutted the rabbit, he placed it on a rack and toasted it finely over low heat. The flames slowly char the red meat. The transparent fat drips down the wooden frame, immediately filling the whole forest with the rich aroma of meat.

After eating the roast meat, Muyang’s strength was replenished, and he was ready to enter the “Acceleration s.p.a.ce” for training.

Note: I will stop posting this novel on our site for a while, patron still get chapter normally, 2 chapters/day. Chapter 26 would be the last chapter here as I put this announcement. Some of you may know the reason, I will post here again if I feel better.

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