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Chapter 25

Muyang couldn’t help but felt a bit sad about Gillo’s choice, but then he shook his head, throwing off this sentimental emotion and focusing on the next match.

The next match was Arlo from Maple Leaf School against Booker from Multi-Form School.

Muyang was observing this match, as the name Multi-Form felt a bit familiar to him. Then, the player named Booker shocked him by performing his school’s technique, which turned his body into four.

It was the Multi-Form Technique! No wonder the name was so familiar. The Multi-Form Technique is a technique used by Tien s.h.i.+nhan during his match against Goku in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament.

“Amazing. He’s become four at once, and now Arlo’s pressure has become stronger.” Sith’s eyes popped out upon seeing this unexpected technique.

“The Multi-Form Technique perhaps could be a killer move for an ordinary martial arts pract.i.tioner, but not for a master. That move has a fatal weakness.”

Looking at the two people who were fighting each other on the ring, Muyang said faintly.

Sith was slightly stunned and surprised, “You said there were any weaknesses.”

Muyang smiled lightly and said, “If this technique is used against someone with a relatively lower level, then four people attacking one person is, of course, an advantage. Because even if there is a difference in their speed, the difference won’t reach an unacceptable level. Instead, it will be easy to defeat the opponent by using four against one rule. However, the same move may not be effective to use against a higher level martial arts pract.i.tioner.”

“Are you saying that dividing one person’s strength into four parts is more of a weakness than just a decrease in strength? And that no matter how good the skill is, it will be a waste if you can’t attack the enemy?”

Upon hearing this, Sith became silent.

Muyang nodded, “Well, speed and strength have different focuses at different levels. The best players fight each other in a matter of milliseconds. Uncle Sith, look, that Arlo guy is going to counterattack.”

After speaking to the Sith, Muyang looked up into the ring again. Sure enough, Arlo had recovered from the Multi-Form attack and had already seen his opponent’s weakness.

“Booker’s speed had slowed down,” Sith said in surprise.

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Muyang shrugged.

“I can’ believe you saw it all at once!” Sith’s eyes widened.

“Yeah.” After a slight nod, Muyang didn’t say that he knew the Multi-Form Technique’s weaknesses beforehand because he had read the original story.

“Hiss-” the Sith took a cold breath.

Since when did Muyang have such good eyesight and judgment? It wasn’t just about seeing the weaknesses of the moves; it was about changing the concept of fighting between different levels!

With the constant flow of young and talented people such as Muyang, Gillo, and Arlo. Sith suddenly wondered if he was already old.


In the ring, the match continued, and sure enough, Arlo had mastered the rhythm of the fight and was getting so closer to winning the match.

Soon after, with his opponent Booker running out of power, Arlo seized the gap and won the match.

At this time, all semi-finalists had already been decided. They consisted of Liz, Muyang, Arlo, and a disciple from a big school. The semi-finals would be held after a short break.

In fact, at this time, the Maple Leaf School headmaster and the Thousand Crane School Elder Nally, already knew who would be the winner. As expected, Muyang won the semi-final against Liz easily. Arlo also advanced to the final in the later match.

“It’s the last match. The first and second place will be determined soon.” The Maple Leaf School headmaster said with a faint smile.

“There’s actually a shadow of who’s winning and who’s losing. and I’m optimistic about that player named Muyang.” Elder Nally smiled.

It wasn’t so much of a contradiction for Maple Leaf School headmaster; rather, it was that Muyang had a little more chance of winning.

Master Hulin also dialed his rosary beads and said softly, “If nothing unexpected happens, the winner will be that Muyang guy.”

“I think so, too.”

“Muyang from the Heavenly Sky School will win.”

Everyone else was generally agreed with this opinion as Muyang had been brilliant in the previous matches for the quarterfinals. There were only a handful of people in the younger generation who could make a ki wave. It was really hard for anyone to beat him without the help of the older generations.

“You guys…”

Seeing that not a single person was actually optimistic about his disciple, the Maple Leaf School headmaster trembled with anger. How come no one considered the aspect of the home-field advantage?

But thinking about the previous match, the Maple Leaf School headmaster couldn’t help but shake his head again.

“Hehe, since everyone is on the same opinion, then let’s just watch. With such a talent flowing out of Heavenly Sky School, I’m afraid that no one among his peers in the entire martial world will be able to defeat him. except for the legendary Turtle School and Crane School.”

“Let’s wait and see!”


Take it easy; there was no shame in losing since your opponent was just too good.

It wasn’t like they didn’t have a backing anyway.

Looking at the other schools, the Maple Leaf School headmaster put a smile on his lips.

Not far from the bleachers, Sith was now nervous, and the whispers of the people around him made him ecstatic. His face flushed and shouted with excitement, “Come on, Muyang, do your best.”

“Please bring the finalists, Muyang and Arlo, to the ring!”

As soon as the staff’s voice fell, under the ring, Muyang and Arlo were looking straight. Jumping into the ring with a light leap, and then staring at each other under everyone’s eyes.

This was the most exciting moment of this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament as the atmosphere seemed to be filled with a stalemate of confrontation.

At this point, both players and teachers in charge of the team all looked serious when they watched the match.

“The match begins!”

As the judge gave the order, both players straightened up, every muscle on their bodies trembled. With a swoosh, Muyang made the first strike. He instantly became an afterimage and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

As soon as he reappeared, the crackling and fierce sounds of the fight began to be heard.


Three days later, on the ferry boat, Sith was lying on the desk, writing a letter to inform the result of the World Martial Arts Tournament back to people in the Great Azure Mountain.

The nibs fell, and Sith still couldn’t hold back his excitement as he wrote the tournament’s final results.

Muyang was the winner of the 11th World Martial Arts Tournament.

Although the older generation of martial arts pract.i.tioners didn’t partic.i.p.ate, this tournament contained a certain amount of water. However, with this move, Muyang certainly became the leader of the young generation. Also, this could be considered as Muyang was officially made an appearance in the martial arts world.

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