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Chapter 24

When Muyang and Sith returned to the hotel, they realized that they had become celebrities. Many disciples of medium and small schools, accompanied by their teacher, came up to greet them. The warm att.i.tude made Muyang feel the enthusiasm of this world for the first time.

“Haha, all of you young people can talk to each other alone, I won’t get involved.”

Sith laughed and went off to drink with the other teachers from the other schools with a satisfying look.

Staying behind, Muyang looked quite helpless, but it was good to take this opportunity to make some friends! Didn’t Son Goku, in the original story, also get to meet a whole bunch of friends through the World Martial Arts Tournament?

People grew from strangers to slowly get to know each other. In a cla.s.s, it may not be easy for an ordinary student to strike up a conversation with a top student, but it’s definitely not the same for a top student to take the initiative to lower his or her profile and strike up a conversation with an ordinary student. It was the same thing as a G.o.ddess chasing the boy.

Muyang didn’t expect that when he was chatting with a group of “ordinary disciple”, Wuting, an unexpected guest, actually joined in. Wuting’s figure was relatively big, somewhat like Jura, one of the “Ten Wizard Saint” in the Fairy Tail, but he was younger and a bit more handsome than Jura.

At first sight, the two discovered that their values and knowledge of the martial arts were surprisingly compatible with each other. If he couldn’t figure out whether or not the monks of the Orin Temple were allowed to drink alcohol, Muyang would want to have a drink with him.


Early the next morning, the quarterfinals of the World Martial Arts Tournament began.

If the previous eight tournaments were just appetizers, then the quarterfinals tournaments were the core that brought together the essence of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

In order to focus on each match, starting from quarterfinals, every match would be held in the big ring, because this time, each match was no longer parallel.

The opponents and the order of the matches were determined directly by lottery, just like in later generations.

After Muyang finished drawing straws, he came to the bleachers in the candidate’s zone, specially prepared for the quarterfinalist and their divisions to have an even wider view.

The first one to compete was Liz from the Thousand Cranes School against Barney from the Cross Fist School.

It was an even match, full of spectacle. This novel translated by System Translation. com. Barney from the Cross Fist school was a lean and strong man of 1.8 meters tall, good at cross fists, a wide and open move, and was very explosive. Liz from the Thousand Crane School, on the other hand, was a small, exquisite beauty, less than one meter tall, soft and agile, with long hair, good at dodging, and inching strength.

The two, one firm and one soft, one tall and one pet.i.te, performed a realistic Beauty and the Beast that everyone in the room applauded.

Muyang and Sith watched intently from the bleachers. As they commented, they didn’t forget to think seriously about how they would have responded if they were in their place?

Muyang was watching very carefully. Of course not because Liz’s player was pretty, but because he wanted to gradually absorb other people’s strengths and use them to perfect his martial arts skills.

Martial arts pract.i.tioners needed to constantly strive for progress; any complacency or laxity could leave them standing still, or even left behind.

Compared to the other earthlings, Muyang was more aware of how frightening this world really was. In the universe, there were quite a few ruthless characters who destroyed the world and even played with planets as marbles. Earthlings’ potential was not outstanding, so if they didn’t work hard to catch up, they would really be slaughtered in the future.

This was something that could only be experienced by crossing over into the Dragon Ball World. It was definitely not as exciting as what you see on TV or CDs.

In fact, if a person lived on a planet that could be destroyed at any moment, and he knew it, it was unlikely that he would find it interesting. Some would probably just sink under the pressure and practice even more vigorously.

There was nothing like the las.h.i.+ngs effect of a life-threatening situation.

One match after the other, later on, it was once again, Muyang’s turn to go up.

His opponent was Gillo from the Western Pulai Village. Gillo was a tanned teenager, perhaps not as old as Muyang. This novel translated by System Translation. com. It was said that he hadn’t received any formal martial arts training, but to make it to the World Martial Arts Tournament quarterfinals, he wasn’t weak.

After landing on the ring, Muyang looked at his opponent with a serious face, “Without receiving formal training, fumbling on his own yet being able to enter the quarterfinal. it seems that his talent is outstanding.”

This Gillo guy might be a Yajirobe-style character.

In fact, since his opponent was Gillo in the lottery, the others felt that Muyang was lucky and would basically win the match.

“The match begins.”

As the initial whistle sounded, Muyang and his opponent, Gillo, all looked straight, and both took their positions to attack.

It was a match with little suspense. Muyang’s power level was so much higher than Gillo’s. It hardly took long for Gillo to fall under Muyang’s attacks and eventually lose the match.

“Thank you. This match has taught me a lot.” After the game, there was a sincere voice came from Gillo.

Muyang unexpectedly looked at Gillo and felt a sudden affection towards him.

“You’re welcome. You can still become stronger if you receive proper training. Are you interested in joining one of the big martial arts schools?”

Gillo shook his head, “No, at least not yet, I want to fight through my own, I don’t want to be tied to the framework of my predecessors…”

Muyang was startled upon hearing the words and looked at him differently.

This Gillo guy seemed to be very much in his own type of pursuit. But without the guidance of those who had the experiences, the chances of going into misunderstandings were higher. Although you might be able to get out of them, you would be wasting a lot of time.

A good teacher could save you from many mistakes, and there were lessons you could learn from those who had experienced.

But then again, experiences depended on the person. If you met a low-level teacher, then that experience was harmful, and it would take you deeper into mistakes.

Seeing the unwavering conviction in Gillo’s eyes, Muyang nodded his head and jumped out of the ring without saying anything more.

Sith watched from the side of the ring with a very admiring face, “This Gillo guy is a good martial arts pract.i.tioner. and even though I don’t really agree with him, this persistence deserves respect.”

“Yeah, but it’s a path that’s destined to be difficult,” Muyang said with emotion. He was also saying those words to himself.

According to the memories from his “previous life,” Muyang could ensure that he wouldn’t take too many mistakes in his early training. However, once he reached the later stage, the earth’s level wouldn’t be able to keep up with his own development. At that time, he might have to be like Gillo, with his own comprehension to open up his own path.

That was also destined to be a steep path.

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