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Chapter 23

On the second floor bleachers of the martial dojo, the Maple Leaf School headmaster and the others continued to talk.

The changes in the ring were instantaneous. At this point, Muyang and a disciple of Orin Temple named Wuting had burst out a powerful force. Both of them constantly attacked each other, and a series of blurred afterimages gradually appeared above the ring. Those movements had exceeded the limits of the ordinary human eye to capture.


Muyang and Wuting launched a counterattack, exchanging punches with a loud thud!

“Awesome!” Muyang gasped slightly, his body couldn’t help but back out a few steps, and then stomped on the ground. The stone slab beneath his feet was shattering into sinuous cracks in response to the sound. After that, his body rebounded with a powerful force that penetrated down from the soles of his shoes, causing the shattered stones to bounce heavily and splash out in all directions.

Muyang’s body flew out like a loaded cannonball swooping in.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!”

Muyang’s eyes narrowed, his right hand raised vainly, and his fingers turned into a sword. His whole body was surging with horrifying aura.

There was a cold light between his bright eyes, and dazzling blue light was generated from between his fingers, whirling, and shooting ki waves like lasers. He was like a beast from the ancient times, surrounded by several whirlwinds, and attacking towards Wuting with a ferocious and bloodthirsty aura.

Feeling the vigorous aura erupted from Muyang’s body and the powerful ki waves, the Maple Leaf School’s Elders and the others stood up abruptly. Their expressions were incredulous.

“That’s a ki wave. It’s good, but it’s not even close to the ki wave of the older generation of martial arts pract.i.tioners.”

“I didn’t expect he has reached this level at such a young age.”

Several seniors of the martial arts world looked at the scene happening before their eyes in shock.

“Muyang’s ki is already so strong!!!” Sith wiped his eyes in disbelief. Even he couldn’t release the Heavenly Sky Beam casually, and Muyang actually used it in the middle of the tournament. Seeing Muyang effortless look, Sith was actually a little envious.

Only then did Sith realized that his nephew’s power might have been above him.

At the same time, the audience was all boisterous.

“No… isn’t he, performing a ki wave?”

“A player who can use ki waves, and his opponent, Wuting. It’s really hard to predict who will win.”

Both the audience and the players all watched blankly.


“Take my strike!” Muyang shouted across the air towards Wuting. His breath gradually increased, and his powerful qi crushed over. His cold aura even made Wuting lose the ability to resist.


Facing Muyang’s extremely powerful attack, even the elite disciples of the Orin Temple couldn’t help but turn pale. This novel translated by System Translation. com. Now, Muyang’s attack was close enough that the slightest difference between a good player and a bad player could determine the result. Wuting had already lost the lead, and the only way to deal with it was to lose.

Peng! The ki wave’s enormous attack landed on Wuting’s body, leaving his face pale as his body flew like a kite with a broken string and landed heavily outside the ring.

“Heavenly Sky School Muyang, won and moved to the quarterfinals.”

As the dust settled with a whistle, Muyang defeated the Orin Temple’s strong candidate in a powerful manner to move forward to the quarterfinals.

“Understood.” Muyang bowed with a calm expression.

Wuting wiped off the bloodstains from the corner of his mouth and clapped his hands together to return the salute.

“Wuting has lost.” Thousand Crane School’s Elder Nally snorted and said silently.

“It’s normal, with the courage that person just showed, he might be able to reach our level in just a few years.”

“Is that possible? he’s still so young…”

“Well, the young generation has a lot of talent, and this failure is a good thing for Wuting.” Master Hulin silently mumbled the scriptures.

“Kane and Wuting both lost to that young man, I wonder how well Arlo and Liz can handle him…” the Maple Leaf School headmaster asked with interest.

“There’s not much hope.” Elder Nally shook her head, “Liz is no match for that guy.” Among the newcomers of the big schools, Wuting of the Oring Temple was considered one of the best. Now that he had lost to this person, the others might not have much hope of winning either.

The Maple School headmaster nodded.

Yes, to be able to release a powerful ki wave at a young age was considered very rare in today’s martial arts world. So he had roughly determined in his heart that the winner of this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament would be Muyang.

“Hahaha, Muyang, you’re awesome. If Brother Isaac knew that you had defeated the elite disciples of the Orin Temple, he would definitely be excited to come over. This novel translated by System Translation. com. Unfortunately, the Great Azure Mountain is a long way from Maple Island, and Brother Isaac won’t have the chance to see you sweep the world.”

As soon as Muyang stepped off the ring, Sith came over with an excited face and praised Muayang.

Muyang smiled in humility and said, “Uncle Sith, I’ve only made it to the quarterfinals. The tournament isn’t over yet.”

Sith shook his head repeatedly, “No, it’s different.”

Getting into the quarterfinals and beating Wuting, that’s an entirely different story.

Actually, for Sith, as long as Muyang was able to get into to quarterfinals in the World Martial Arts Tournament, he would already be considered to have completed his mission. Did you know how many of those schools could get into the quarterfinal? It had been very satisfying!

However, judging by his performance, it didn’t seem like he would stop there. Although both meant earning a spot in the quarterfinal, the feeling was completely different.

It had to be known that Wuting wasn’t only an elite disciple of the Orin Temple. He was also a popular candidate to win the tournament. So, if Mu Yang was able to defeat him, didn’t he also have a chance to take that winning position?

If Muyang were to win the tournament, then Heavenly Sky School would be a huge standout.

Even if Muyang immediately admitted defeat and didn’t partic.i.p.ate in the following matches. Sith, who had seen Muyang’s ki wave’s power, knew that Mu Yang’s name had definitely been proven through this tournament.

The number of martial arts pract.i.tioners in the entire martial arts world who could release ki waves was only a few, and Muyang was considered one of them, which was a glorious thing.

“You don’t need to worry too much about the next few matches and just take it easy. The quarterfinals spot had already reserved anyway, so every other win is just an improvement.” Sith excitedly patted Muyang’s shoulder, but then he saw that Muyang’s face was a bit pale and became concerned, “You’ve just released a ki wave, how does your body take it?”

Muyang shook his head, indicating that he was fine, “My body is fine. I just need to rest for a while.”

“Then you should have a good rest.” Sith nodded and said no more, staying aside to let him recover in peace.


While Muyang was resting and recovering quietly, there was still a dragon and tiger fight going on on top of several other rings.

All 315 players from all over the world had been fighting hard to win the tournament.

Crackling, the top of the ring flickered with unseen afterimages. From time to time, along with the sound of the players shouting, several holes suddenly appeared on the ground, and broken stones splashed everywhere, grazing the ground and exploding a spark.

“Thousand Cranes School, Liz wins and moves to the quarterfinals.”

“Maple Leaf School, Arlo wins and moves to the quarterfinals.”

“Cross Fist, Barney wins and moves to the quarterfinals.”

“Western Pulai Village, Gillo win and moves to the quarterfinals.”


As the compet.i.tion continued, all quarterfinals spots were taken up. Along with Muyang, the eight strongest players in tournament had all been determined.

Muyang took a glance at the list; none of the six other players who made it to the quarterfinals, other than himself and a player named Pry, were disciples from an ordinary school.

He had to admit that the big schools were really good at training disciples. No wonder that after these big schools chose to go into seclusion, the level of martial arts on Earth suddenly dropped.

After a short break to approve the validity of all the results, the gong’s sound was striking again, indicating that today’s tournament is over.

The quarterfinals were scheduled for the following day, with one night off.

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