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Chapter 22

Outside the arena, the audience watching the match in ring 13 was surprised when Kane walked out of the ring on his own will. “Kane from Maple Leaf School has actually lost; it looks like we need to pay attention to that player named Muyang.”

The game didn’t last long, but that was what made it rather a reflection of the gap between the two.

Muyang was the one who pressed Kane throughout the fight. In the limited number of strikes, Kane couldn’t get any opportunity from Muyang, which showed the gap was actually quite big. The incredible performance had allowed the audience and the other contestants to remember the player named Muyang.

He couldn’t be underestimated.

“I can’t believe Kane got eliminated so quickly…” People who knew Kane well were a little surprised when they heard the news. They thought he’d at least survive a few rounds, but he lost right from the start.

The other players who had witnessed the match were throwing glares at Muyang, adding his name to their list of people to watch out for.

“Brother Kane, what a shame!” A disciple came up. He saw that Kane’s face was a bit pale, “Brother, are you alright.”

Kane waved his hand and said, “I’m fine, just need some rest, the power of that punch was really unpleasant.”

“Ah, is that guy really that good?”

That junior brother was both startled and felt sorry for their Senior Brother Kane. He knew that Senior Brother Kane’s strength was absolutely outstanding among so many disciples of the Maple Leaf School. Even he couldn’t take a punch from him, so he was wondering if that person even stronger than their Maple Leaf School disciples?

“Don’t be careless. I’m afraid the person’s true strength is even greater than we thought!”

Kane said with a serious look on his face. Only by actually engaging in a fight would he know Muyang’s strength. During fight just now, he knew that Muyang definitely hadn’t used his greatest strength. “Maybe this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament is going to pop up a dark horse. Heavenly Sky School, why haven’t I heard of it before?”

At the same time, Kane was very frustrated and angry at his luck. But anyway, under the absolute power gap, he was convinced that he lost.

On the other side, after Muyang finished the match, he returned to take a break before having another few more matches, and it was clear that Muyang had won them all.

This also made the other players in the same area felt more threatened and paid attention to him.

Peng! Muyang’s attack was as swiftly as lightning; it threw his opponent off the ring.

In another match, Muyang defeated an elite disciple from the martial arts dojo, then returned to the bottom of the ring proudly.

“Uncle Sith, Now I know the levels of the World Martial Arts Tournament roughly.”

Sith’s face was a little red, and he was quite surprised, “Good job, you actually defeated those elite disciples of the big schools in a row, keep it up and strive for better results.”

Previously, Sith had been very optimistic about Muyang, believing that he had hopes of winning the quarterfinal. However, in reality, being in the quarterfinal was just a vision or a goal. Sith wasn’t sure if he could actually get it. But now, with Muyang’s current performance, the quarterfinal spot was basically reserved.

Looking at the opportunity, Sith was kind of looking forward to Muyang to achieve better results, hehe. If he could win the tournament, then it would definitely shock the entire martial arts world.

Ah, he was thinking too much about things that weren’t even in the picture. It was just that he couldn’t help but keep thinking about it.

If Brother Isaac knew how Muyang had performed at the World Martial Arts Tournament, he would be extremely happy.

Muyang smiled towards Sith. He felt confident that without the older generation of martial arts pract.i.tioners partic.i.p.ating, he wouldn’t find many opponents who were matched to him among the younger generation.

“The number of the partic.i.p.ants in this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament is the same as last year; it’s just that there are a few elites have emerged this year.”

The tournament was in full swing, and on the second-floor bleachers of the Martial Dojo, one of the female elders of Thousand Crane School spoke up.

“Hahaha, Elder Nally, I have heard that you have a good candidate in the younger generation of Thousand Crane School.” The Maple Leaf School headmaster smiled, then pointed to one of the rings on the side, “That’s the little girl on ring number 2, right…”

Elder Nally smiled and said pleasantly, “Liz is indeed a good candidate, but I think the Maple Leaf School, Arlo, is also very good.”

Vote me in for a real-life version of a mutual bragging business. This made the Maple Leaf School headmaster very pleased and nodded his head graciously. He then turned to look at Master Hulin of the Orin Temple only to see the man sitting there with his half-closed eyes.

“He is still Master Hulin, who sees broadly.” The Maple Leaf School headmaster laughed lightly.

“That’s because Master Hulin is sure of winning in his heart.” Elder Nally said.

At that moment, a scream came from the other side of the martial arts arena. Several seniors looked to see a stone-paved ring, where a young man in a white martial arts uniform was pressuring a monk with the attack. That monk was an elite disciple of the Orin Temple.

Master Hulin suddenly opened his eyes, and his face was no longer as calm as it was before. He was gloriously humiliated.

“Who is that white-robed young man that can actually beat Wuting?”

The staff member who accompanied him panicked and hurriedly flipped through the register, finding the matching number and said, “That person’s name is Muyang, from a school called the Heavenly Sky School…”

“Heavenly Sky School? It seems like I’ve heard of it somewhere…” Master Hulin’s frowned, and his grey beard was shaking, but he still couldn’t remember.

Elder Nally spoke up at the other side, “This Heavenly Sky School seems to be a very old school, but it has not been well known.”

“So he’s from an old school. Indeed there are many competent people in this world, Wuting has met his opponent this time.”

Master Hulin lowered his head, wondering what he was thinking. Then he suddenly smiled.

Even if an old school was not well-known, to hold the fight for such a long time, there must be something remarkable about it. It looks like this time, Wuting didn’t come in vain!

Master Hulin was actually looking at the results of the compet.i.tion openly. It didn’t matter whether he won or lost. It had been long since The Orin Temple lost its need to have this gilded fame. What he hoped that after this tournament, his disciples would be able to grow.

It was easy to encounter opponents, but to encounter a good opponent was quite difficult. Guessing what Master Hulin was thinking, the others nodded their heads.

“Hey, my disciple, Kane, had actually lost at the hands of that guy too.” The Maple Leaf School headmaster looked over the charts of the tournament. He was surprised to find that Muyang had actually beaten Kane.

Although Kane wasn’t the number one candidate of Maple Leaf School, he was also a disciple that the Maple Leaf School headmaster greatly admired. He thought that the opponent from the same area would be Wuting. It turned out he already got eliminated!

“It looks like we’ll have to keep an eye on that Muyang guy.”

Several seniors began to take this matter seriously and tease each other.

The martial world would only continue to prosper as young martial arts pract.i.tioners continued to emerge, and these seniors were undoubtedly happy to see this happen.

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