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Chapter 168

After killing Garlic’s group of demons, Muyang looked out over the area of the Mount Five Elements that was destroyed by the demons.

He was stunned and somewhat distracted until he heard the Old G.o.d Kami shout back.

Muyang gently shook his head, “Just in time, I had a breakthrough at a critical moment.”

Breaking through the second limit was certainly something worth celebrating. It was something he had been striving to achieve for so many years, but Mexia’s death made him feel no joy at this time.

The Old Kami looked at Muyang and didn’t say anything for a while. Actually, he could also see that the dimensions in Muyang were unusual, but everyone had their secrets, so the Old Kami simply didn’t ask.

“Luckily, you made a breakthrough at a critical time, so that Garlic’s ambition did not succeed. However, those demons that Garlic brought with him are still dangerous…”

Hearing the Old Kami say that, Muyang’s eyebrows furrowed, and he nodded slightly, “Yes, the disasters still need to be resolved!”

“I wonder where Gohan and Mr. Popo got beaten up to?” Annin ignored the interest of those demons.

She had been dealing with the Other-World for years, so whether the earthlings were dead or alive was just a different stage of the situation.

Korin moved his fat body out of the Mount Five Elements and said casually, “The two of them should be fine. I can still sense their ki.”

“Korin, please go get Gohan back for me.” Annin couldn’t leave the Mount Five Elements, so she asked Korin to help her find Gohan.

Korin blinked a bit. However, with Annin’s dimension above him, Korin was forced to do as he was told.

He summoned a golden Flying Nimbus with a distant point of the crutch in his hand and nodded towards Muyang. Korin jumped on it and went off to find Son Gohan and the others.

In a mountain cliff more than 20 kilometers away from the Mount Five Elements, Korin found the trace of Son Gohan.

He looked so miserable and was embedded in the broken rocks. The “big” figure carved into the rock, just enough to bury a person.

“Kai… Immortal Korin. Please hurry up and help me. My bones are broken, and I can’t move.” Son Gohan’s entire body was miserably stuck in a crack of a rock, unable to move. When he saw Korin, he was busy asking for help.

“Here!” Korin landed and put a Senzu Bean into Son Gohan’s mouth. As he chewed it, Son Gohan recovered from his injuries and jumped out of the stone with a loud rumbling sound.

“Ah… I almost died!” Son Gohan stretched his body, looking like he had been robbed of his life.

Thinking back on the battle just now, Son Gohan also felt wretched enough.

First of all, in the beginning, he wanted to block the Karov Brothers together with Mr. Popo, but he hadn’t even taken a single move before Mr. Popo pushed him to Garlic’s side.

Well, it was true that the Karov with Brothers 1500 power level wasn’t something he could deal with.

Son Gohan was self-aware enough to know that Garlic, who had a power level of 600, and the demons under him, who generally had a power level of 400-500, were the ones he could deal with.

Unfortunately, before he could finish off a few of them, Old Third of the Karov Brothers broke free from Mr. Popo and came running to deal with him.

Son Gohan was utterly helpless and was beaten like a sandbag in a bloodbath before being shot off into the rocky terrain here…

It was true that he managed to save a life, but he didn’t play much of a role.

With 700 power levels, he couldn’t keep up with the pace anymore as expected.

“Right, that powerful ki just now. It’s Muyang, isn’t it? How did he become so powerful?” Son Gohan reacted. He was surprised.

“Mexia’s dead, so Muyang broke through in a fit of rage, I guess!” Intense emotions can sometimes trigger powerful forces, and Korin believed that his wife’s death caused a breakthrough in Muyang.

Son Gohan opened his mouth, “Mexia… is dead?”

There was silence. Anyone could have died in that crisis, and if he hadn’t been lucky enough to be blown away, he might have died too.

On the way back, Son Gohan remained silent. By the time they returned to the Mount Five Elements, Mr. Popo had been brought back as well.

Mr. Popo had suffered a similar fate as Son Gohan. Also, because he was alone against the combined efforts of the Karov Brothers, he had been blown away before Son Gohan.

“What’s next?”

The Old Kami saw everyone back. After a moment of silence, he went straight to the point and asked.

The main villain, Garlic, and the demons had been ambushed, but there were still a large number of demons left on earth. There were strong and weak demons.

The weak ones Old Kami could deal with by himself, but the strong ones needed the help of Muyang, Son Gohan, or Mr. Popo.

“Gohan and Mr. Popo go deal with the remaining demons. I’m going to find the Dragon b.a.l.l.s to resurrect Mexia and everyone!”

Muyang didn’t think much about it, his voice firm and decisive.

The Old Kami frowned. He was confused, “The Dragon b.a.l.l.s were just used to close the Demon Gate, and they are still in the adjustment period. If you want to resurrect Mexia and the others, you need to wait a year.”

“No, there are other ways.”

Muyang didn’t want to wait for a moment. Waiting for another year meant a few more variables.

He looked at Kami and said, “I know a planet outside of earth called Planet Namek. There are also Dragon b.a.l.l.s there. As long as we can know the location of Planet Namek, Mexia, and the others can be resurrected immediately.”

The Old Kami was surprised, “Planet Namek. Where is that place? How do you know about it?”

Muyang replied, “I had left earth four years ago, so I know what’s going on outside. In fact, Kami, your real ident.i.ty is a Namekian who escaped to earth. A few hundred years ago, Namekian suffered a climate catastrophe, and some young Namekian were sent to other planets. The hut you lived in on earth was actually a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, which I told Mr. Popo about.”

“Yes, Muyang did leave earth.” Mr. Popo corroborated Muyang’s statement.

The Old Kami was startled at the words and suddenly said, “So I’m an alien. No wonder I don’t look the same as earthlings.”

“Does that mean… if we find Planet Namek and the Dragon b.a.l.l.s exist there, we will be able to recover here right away and won’t have to wait a year?” Son Gohan was a little excited.

“Yes, the only problem is that I don’t know the location of Planet Namek.”

The only way to find out the location of Planet Namek was to ask Kai, who was in charge of the entire North Area. However, Muyang’s previous request to go to meet Kai had yet to be answered.

At this time, Annin jumped out. Her red outfit shone brightly, “As long as Planet Namek is in the North Area, you can ask King Yemma. He surely knows.”

“King Yemma?”

After hearing Annin’s words, Muyang’s eyes suddenly lit up.

That was right. Muyang couldn’t see North Kai at the moment. However, if he wanted to know the location of Planet Namek, he didn’t have to go to the North Kai. Muyang could go to King Yemma; he definitely knew.

When he thought of this, Muyang’s mood calmed down, and said, “Annin is right. I can go ask King Yemma. He should know the location of Planet Namek.”

“But Muyang, King Yemma is in a lofty position. He’s not something you can meet just because you want to.” Old Kami had a natural fear of King Yemma. As a third level dimensional G.o.d on a planet, Old Kami appeared to s.h.i.+ver when facing the more advanced fourth level dimensional King Yemma.

Annin, however, was unconcerned and patted her chest, “Leave this to me. I’m the G.o.d who guards the pa.s.sage to the Other-World. I can take Muyang into the Other-World.”

Son Gohan whispered, “Is it fine to do that? Isn’t the Other-World where only the dead go?”

Annin’s pretty eyes glanced at Son Gohan. Her small lips were moving slightly, “It’s fine, Muyang is a great contributor who saved the earth, and King Yemma always looks at people with merit differently.”

This was the benefit of having an acquaintance. Annin knew the character of King Yemma and wasn’t wimpy at all.

So things were decided. After leaving the matters above the earth to Son Gohan and Mr. Popo, Annin and Muyang flew to the top of the Furnace of Eight Divisions, which was the pa.s.sage to the Other-World.

Afterward, they were greeted by the hazy rising yellow spring fog, as if they had entered another layer of s.p.a.ce.

When they came back to their senses, they were already in the Other-World.

The sky and ground of the Other-World were utterly different from the earth. This place was filled with golden light.

The sky was pink in color, and a golden cloud covered it. As he looked up, he could only see large expanses of auspicious golden clouds.

There were also golden clouds floating on the ground, suspended about a foot off the ground. It was like cotton candy, making people want to take a bite.

“This is the Other-World. It really is as peaceful as ever.” Annin pointed at the floating “soul” not far away and smiled.

Muyang gazed at the scene around him, agreeing with Annin’s statement.

Puffy clouds were floating by the roadside. There was also a series of auspicious clouds in the air, giving people a very peaceful feeling.

Not far away on the narrow pa.s.sage, rows of white air were arranged in an orderly fas.h.i.+on. These were the souls of mortals who had died and were lining up to await King Yemma’s p.r.o.nouncement.

Only those who were powerful to a certain degree or had done great good deeds in life were allowed to have a human or physical form. Otherwise, they were all just a cloud of gas after death.

“Muyang, follow me. Don’t disturb those souls; it will violate the rules of the Other-World.” Annin cautioned Muyang about the rules of the Other-World.

In the Other-World, King Yemma was the most authoritative. Above him were Kai and Grand Kai, who were in the higher dimensions.

Muyang knew roughly the pattern of the Other-World beforehand, so he nodded to follow Annin’s footsteps.

However, before he took a few steps, he saw a familiar figure in front of him. It was an old woman in a black witch’s uniform with wrinkled skin on her cheeks. She was sitting on top of a crystal ball and floating over.

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