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Chapter 167

In the Acceleration s.p.a.ce, the black clouds were no more than a hundred meters off the ground.

It was continually rolling and rotating, so deep that it was like a vast cauldron covering the barren Earth.

Suddenly, a violent flash of light appeared. Muyang arrived at the area a few meters below the dark cloud with the Karov Brothers’ shockwave.

With a huff, Muyang gazed with both eyes, perfectly staggered the path of the ki wave.

He whirled around to turn over in the ki, changing from facing down to facing up.

At that moment, the shockwave from the Karov Brothers had already rushed towards the dark clouds in the sky.

The rumbling, loud sound echoed in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce. Violent flashes of light appeared along with the wind; the dark clouds in the sky showed an inverted funnel-shaped bend.

Under the shockwave impact that was jointly cast by two 1500 power-level demons, the dark clouds seemed to be about to be broken through.

Muyang squinted his eyes slightly. His palms aimed at that core area to make up for it.

“Heavenly Sky Beam…”

“The power!!!”

As the last word was spat out, the Heavenly Sky Beam ki wave rose into the sky, and a bright white light pierced the eyes.

At this moment, all colors disappeared, and the entire Acceleration, s.p.a.ce became extremely silent…

Wow! After a brief moment of silence, the sky shattered!


At this moment, the sky collapsed, and everything was silent. As if the heavens had opened up, the entire s.p.a.ce shook violently.

The moment the dark clouds in the sky disappeared, the entire Acceleration s.p.a.ce seemed to plunge into chaos.

Everything in the Acceleration s.p.a.ce – except for Muyang – was dissolved by the chaotic ki. Bang bang bang, there were three blazing sounds. The bottle that sealed Karov Old Second, Karov Old Second Fourth, and Hawke shattered.

The three who thought they were free again were dissolved by the chaotic ki when they appeared, turning them into nourishment for the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.


The s.p.a.ce rupture fragments fell, and a piece of glittering fragments merged into Muyang’s body.

These fragments entered every cell and every bone in his body… As the world fragment entered, Muyang’s body stretched out.

Every cell and every bone in his body emitted a glowing white light, and the dimensional level rose once again.

Simultaneously, a heavy restraint on Muyang’s body disappeared, and his entire body was bathed in white light.

Amidst the blazing white flames, Muyang’s ki began to rise. The long settling and concealment that he had previously endured were released all at once, causing his power level to rise!




There was still no sign of stopping. 




It was finally set at 2600!

Muyang’s power level had suddenly hit 2600!

At this time, he felt that his body was completely different. Not only did he have an extra layer of white radiance, but more importantly, a great leap in his “Race Ident.i.ty.”

If the previous Muyang was still struggling within a Low-Level Race category because of his ident.i.ty as an earthling, now once he broke free, his ident.i.ty became completely different.

It wasn’t just a mere increase in power level like the Krillin had in the original story, but a real change in ident.i.ty.

Even though he was still an earthling, Muyang’s bloodline and potential had already undergone drastic changes.

The first and second limits that the Acceleration s.p.a.ce gave to Muyang were a physical transformation. A total change of life, dimension, lifespan, and potential.

The so-called carp leaps over the dragon gate, transforming into a dragon. That was it.

Although the dragon gate threshold was high, when the submerged dragon flew against the “waves” and chopped the waves, it would be unstoppable.

After completing this metamorphosis, Muyang’s body floated in a brand new Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

Silently watching the Acceleration s.p.a.ce grow into a huge s.p.a.ce of 100,000 square miles, Muyang felt the brand new power, and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

“Karov, Garlic, and those demons, your end has come.”

With this thought in his heart, Muyang flashed and left the Acceleration s.p.a.ce.

In the outside world, the Mount Five Elements were in a mess because of the previous battle.

The Old Kami and Annin were struggling, while Son Gohan and had been blown away to nowhere.

“Kami, it looks like the earth is really doomed.” Annin smiled bitterly. Her stunningly beautiful face was looking very worn.

The Old Kami nodded silently, his heart filled with bitterness.

“Hahaha, Ma Junior, behave and accept your death. No one can stop me now.” Looking at the Old Kami’s expression filled with bitterness and regret, Garlic was very relieved. His old face became a little more youthful.

There was nothing more physically and mentally pleasurable than watching an old enemy suffer.

However, at this very moment–

A white glow flickered, followed by overshadowing ki that swept away. The entire planet seemed to sense the powerful aura.

Annin looked on in amazement, her eyes suddenly widening.

“This ki, it’s Muyang. How did he become so powerful?”

The Old Kami was dazed and somewhat confused.

It wasn’t until Muyang’s upright figure appeared in front of them. Upon Looking at Muyang, wrapped in white flames, the Old Kami trembled, and his cloudy eyes glowed.

Deep within the Mount Five Element, next to the Furnace of Eight Divisions, Korin raised his head stonily.

“How did Muyang’s ki become so profound. Furthermore, this dimension has actually risen again. The third level dimension, it’s already the same as the Kami.”

“Annin, Kami, leave it to me now.”

Muyang said indifferently. A pair of icy eyes sweeping towards Garlic and the Karov brothers without a ripple.


Feeling the power crus.h.i.+ng over him like a mountain, Garlic couldn’t maintain his composure anymore and stumbled backward a few steps. His eyes were contracting abruptly.

“How come? How did his strength… increase so much!”

Ignoring the opponent’s horrified look, Muyang strolled forward. He thudded, and each step knocked on Garlic’s chest, making Garlic’s face pale and wretched.

Wow, the blurred figure suddenly appeared. When Muyang casually threw a punch, how could was Garlic, whose power level was just over 600, and was no match for Muyang, could resist?

The fist produced a fist wind that ran through Garlic’s chest. A terrifying explosive force swept away from the chest, spreading along his body towards various parts.

Garlic’s body was broken through in the blink of an eye, becoming fragmented under the tremendous force.

“Impossible…” In an extremely distorted face, Garlic looked incredulous, “There is no way… I’m not happy. It’s clear that the Earth is already mine.”

“Go, die!” It was a cold, indifferent cry.

With a hard thud, Muyang punched Garlic, blasting him into the air.


A bright light engulfed Garlic’s entire body and instantly blew him into powder.

After dealing with Garlic, Muyang turned to Karov Brothers’ Boss and Old Third.

Upon meeting Muyang’s gaze, the two brothers fell back a few steps in fear. In fact, when Muyang had exterminated Garlic with his thunderbolt, the Karov Brothers had already known that something terrible was going to happen and were ready to run away.

“It’s almost over!” The grumbling mouth said.

Ignoring the terrified gaze in the Karov Brothers’ eyes, Muyang took a step forward. At that moment, the distance in s.p.a.ce seemed insignificant.


Muyang’s hand wrung around Karov Brothers’ Boss’ neck. His voice was deep and cold, “If it weren’t for imprisoning you, Mexia wouldn’t have died!”

“What do you suggest I should do!”


The sound of his neck being snapped rang out. For the demon who killed his wife, Muyang would not show mercy at all.

The violent force was released from between his fingers, and Karov Brothers’ Boss’ neck was brutally snapped.

Under the opponent’s horrified look, Muyang struck out a wave of ki, directly destroying his body as well.

“Boss!” A trembling voice shrieked in alarm, and Karov Old Third felt chilled to the bone.

“You’re the only one left.”



In the next moment, the ki wave in Muyang’s hand was released. It was glittering and brilliant but carried terrifying energy.

The burning ki squeezed the Karov Old Third’s body in a huge mushroom cloud until it completely crushed him into pieces.

It all happened so fast that it was only a matter of seconds from killing Garlic to crus.h.i.+ng the Karov Brothers. However, the spiritual shock it caused to everyone was enormous.

“Oh, my G.o.d! Lord Garlic and several other lords have been killed.”

“Let’s run!”

Witnessing Muyang kill Garlic and the Karov Brothers easily with their own eyes, all of the demons who had followed Garlic to the Mount Five Elements were frightened out of their wits.

With a loud noise, this group of demons saw the situation and fled out in all directions.

“All of you, demons, don’t try to escape!”

As the ghostly voice sounded, the radiant ki was like moonlight s.h.i.+ning brightly.

The huge ki first rose to a height of ten thousand meters, then suddenly exploded into a slender ki ray, clattering, like rainfall.

The ki ray pattered down from the sky, annihilating countless demons in a matter of seconds.

After doing all of this, Muyang was somewhat stunned as he looked at the pale world, suddenly feeling incomparably lonely.

Now, the entire population of the Earth had been slaughtered by the demons brought by Garlic.

The only remaining earthlings were still lingering under the claws of the demons.

“Muyang, your power…”

The Old Kami, leaning on his crutches, looked on in disbelief as the vaguely flickering white flames shook him to the core. He had never seen such a powerful earthling before.

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